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King Size Bed- Perfect Solution To Any Kind Of Sleeping Woes

King Size Bed- Perfect Solution To Any Kind Of Sleeping Woes

On average, a human being spends about a third of their lives in bed. The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be undermined. The bed size can make a difference, and ergonomic studies have proven through research that couples sleep better when they have a bigger king bed. From a single bed to a king-size bed, it is worth spending time evaluating the options you have to buy a bed to make the perfect purchase. The king size bed price compared to the size and comfort is unmatched, and that itself is a good enough reason to consider the upgrade. The king-size bed is catching up in popularity and seems to be dominating the market.


If you are a couple, then a king-size bed is the right decision to make. The dimensions of a king-size bed are perfect to offer a couple the space they need and elegance to the bedroom décor. There are several models of king-size beds available today. Explore @home for a range of exquisite and durable king-size beds.

What led to the innovation of the King Size Bed

Whilst beds have seen a huge evolution curve over the years, and research has proven that the king-size bed is the winner of all. With its royal look and big size, the king-size bed has been the staple feature in contemporary bedrooms. With room sizes expanding and new homes making way for bedrooms to become a second living room, the king-size bed seems to be a piece of constant bedroom furniture that every manufacturer wants to sell. With its dimensions, 160 cm * 200 cms, the king size is a comfortable option for couples and also for singles who love to stretch, roll and spread while sleeping. The king size bed can appear to take up a lot of space. However, manufacturers have been clever enough to make variations like super king-size beds and deluxe king-size beds to fit larger spaces. The standard king-size bed is also a great choice for those with smaller bedrooms in apartments. It strikes the balance of comfort, functionality, and elegance.


What is the Need for a King-Size Bed?


If you consider the combination of comfort, convenience and style, then a king size bed is a great addition to any bedroom. Below are some obvious reasons for a shift to a king-size bed:

  • Merges style with price- The size of the bed makes it look like an impressionable piece of furniture in the bedroom whilst justifying the price that is paid. A king size bed price may not seem so exorbitant when you weigh the benefits.
  • A great choice for those who love space when sleeping- Couples need space in their beds without having to fight for it. A king-size bed definitely offers enough space for adults. The king-size bed offers the luxury of spreading and sleeping well for adults who are bigger in shape and size. Buy @home to find a perfect bed for your home.
  • Compact when it comes to frames: King-size beds have varying frame sizes, so one can choose the ones that are close to the mattress size and also the size of the room.

Benefits of a King Size Bed

You have measured your room and found that it can accommodate a king size bed. You have cleared the first test. However, if you are still unsure and sitting on the fence, there are a few reasons why the sway towards the king-size bed would be beneficial:


  • Extra width and length: One must be a basketball player to appreciate that extra space. Some of us may be tall, and some may be wide- extra space is always appreciated. This issue becomes more pronounced when a couple shares a bed, and a king bed is great for all sorts of shapes and sizes.
  • Room for the whole family: There is no greater fun than an entire family of mum, dad, and kids cuddling together on a bed. Read a story, watch TV or just laze around on a Sunday morning with a king-size that will make family times more fun.
  • Ideal for pet lovers- Whether you have a Great Dane or furry cats, they love cuddling up to you in bed. A king size bed gives them enough room and room for you without strangling them!
  • Luxury and Elegance- A king-size bed merges the look of elegance and luxury, making it a practical choice for those who can afford to make the splurge.


Dramatic Flair To The Modern Resting Space- King Size Bed 

Whether it is resting your tired legs after a hard day’s work or sleeping comfortably at night, the king-size bed is the future choice. From offering enough room to roll from the front to the back and not negatively affecting your partner’s sleep, a king size bed has that dramatic flair of brightening up a living space instantly. A king-size bed is the focal point of any room and enhances the décor with its size and comfort. Once done with the necessary upholstery- pillows, cushions, throws, and comforters- a king-size bed could get you curling up at the best of times. Larger bed sizes are considered to be the default option and a trend.



Bedtimes are special and equally important. A good night’s sleep ensures adequate brain blood flow and improves overall health. This is a good enough reason to invest in a great bed. The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, a king-size bed, can never be a bad investment. From watching TV in a bed with your partner to just reading a book alone, you will never regret the money you spent on a king-size bed. Check out @home to access the array of selection of furniture and click a button to get further details. Move into your new home or redecorate your bedroom with much ado!




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