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Living Room Furniture You Absolutely Must Have

Living Room Furniture You Absolutely Must Have

While decorating your living room might sound easy, it is far from it. From the right kind of furniture to the right colors to what furniture pieces to have, there are many factors to consider when you’re setting up your living room. In this blog, we’ll look at the different types of furniture that you must consider for your living room.

Furniture for sitting in the living room


One of the most important furniture pieces for the living room is the sofa. The sofa is where friends and family members gather to have a good time, to chat, and relax. Depending on the size of your living room, the space available for a sofa, and your requirements, you should choose between a three seater sofa or a smaller one - a two seater. For most people, the sofa is the centerpiece of the living room, around which they arrange the other furniture. You could even have a sofa cum bed in the living room, which can double up as a bed when you have guests at home.


A sofa, even if it’s a three seater sofa, isn’t enough by itself. You will need chairs to pair up with the sofa. You could either get chairs matching with the sofa or contrast chairs that complement the sofa. A single seater recliner sofa can also work as a chair. You can arrange the chairs however you like around the center table and the sofa. Chairs make the living room seating more comfortable.

Sofa cum bed

A sofa cum bed is an extremely useful and functional piece of furniture. Especially for small living rooms and small homes. If you have a small home and you wish to have an extra bed, a sofa cum bed is an excellent option for your home. A sofa cum bed comes handy when there are guests at home. Some types of lightweight sofa cum beds can also be easily moved to other rooms in the house.

Tables and display racks


If you thought the living room requires only a center table, you’re wrong. There are a lot of different types of tables that can enhance your living room. Take for example, the corner table. Oftentimes, corners are left empty. Corner tables can act as fillers as well as provide space for display and storage. Small tables on the sides of the sofa, next to the recliner sofa, or lounge chairs, can make your living room more comfortable.

Center table

As the name suggests, the center table is, most often, the centerpiece in the living room. All other furniture such as sofa, chairs, etc, is surrounded around the center table. The center table can also work as a storage option if the table is designed to store things. The center table also has aesthetic value as it is used to display decorative objects such as candles, figurines, coffee table books, etc.

Display racks

Another essential type of furniture for the living room is display racks and display units. You can choose the display racks based on the things you want to keep and store in the living room. Think books, electronic gadgets such as a television, music system, speakers, etc. The ideal way to determine the type of racks you’d want to buy is to know what are the most important things that you absolutely want to have in your living room.


For those who love books, a bookshelf is a must in the living room. Keep one by the side of your recliner sofa or your three seater sofa. This way, you can easily have a dedicated spot for reading in your living room. Bookshelves are available in various sizes, designs, colors, etc. You can select one based on the space available in your living room.

Other furniture for the living room

Depending on the space available in your living room and your requirements, there are some more furniture pieces that you can add to your living room.

Console table: A console table is a small, lean table that is mostly placed against a wall. It is used to keep decorative objects such as candle stands, lamps, etc. Console tables are available in different materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc.

Swing: A swing is a common element in living rooms of Indian homes. You could either have a traditional Indian swing made of wood, or a single seater swing made of cane or rope. Other than adding aesthetic value, a swing is also a spot that provides relaxation.

Pouf / ottoman: Poufs and ottomans are small stools with upholstery. They are used as extra seating. You can have a couple of them in the living room. They are also used to rest feet.


Are you in the process of revamping your living room decor? Or are you looking to set up your living room in a new home? If you’re looking for furniture for your living room such as a sofa cum bed, center table, TV unit, bookshelf, etc., there’s only one place you should be headed to — At-Home online store.

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