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Make Your Home Ready For Ganesh Chaturthi With These Amazing Tips

Make Your Home Ready For Ganesh Chaturthi With These Amazing Tips

This year on August 31st, we will welcome Lord Ganesha to our homes, societies and cities. If you are planning to bring god to your home, you need to  Ganapati home decoration,  and there are various ways to add colour, lights, and creativity to your house. Depending on the celebration of 3 or 11 days, you can make the changes to your space. Beautify this festival with your imagination and bring joy to your loved ones' life. 

If you are looking for helpful tips, read along to witness unique ideas. Know how to make your  home decoration  easy with these fantastic tips. 

Tips For Ganesh Chaturti Decoration At Home

Below are six simple tips to make your home stunning this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Artificial Plant

Plants are an evergreen decor for any occasion. You can always opt for beautiful indoor plants that will charm your home and purify the air. But, if you don’t have time to take good care of the plants or don’t have the required place to have the plantation. Then you can always opt for  artificial plants.  These plants will help you decorate your prayer room, living room, kitchen and bedroom, giving your home a fresher and greener touch. Furthermore, you can get these plants with colourful leaves and flowers for uniqueness, and they can be reused as daily decor or keep them safely aside for the next celebration. Moreover, they can be placed anywhere and everywhere. 

Wall Decor

As the name suggests,  wall decor  is very well known for beautifying the walls of your home. In this festive time, decorate walls with  Ganesh paintings,  frames, clocks and more. Add vibrant colours with artistic wall decors. You can choose from ornamented frames with Lord Ganesh’s picture or simple ones according to your taste. You can even use different flowers and leafy vines for wall decoration. This will give an eco-friendly yet beautiful look to your home. The walls of your home will spread festive vibes and spirituality. You can even use colourful dupattas and make some diy hack to have creative wall art. Add artistic wall hangings if you wish for a traditional look.

Ganesh Idol

Ganesh Chaturthi without a Ganesh idol cannot be celebrated, so get a beautiful Ganesh idol of your choice. If you have brought the idol for immersion, try to use mud and other recyclable materials to make it. Nowadays, mud Idols with plant seeds are also available, which you can immerse in a flower pot and grow a plant in the memory of your beloved god. Even though they are reusable, they are available in different designs. You can get a beautiful  Ganesh Idol  for your home temple, which is unique, durable, and stunning. Moreover, you can opt for materials like metal, polyresin, and others. Add ornaments and clothes to beautify the idol.

Colourful Flowers

Flowers are known for beautifying the place. You tie them on strings as a wall hanging, place them in a bowl with water at the centre table or make a garland. Even if you spread the flowers randomly around the Idol or the temple area, you will get fantastic decor which will grab everybody’s attention. But if you want to keep your decor for three to eleven days, you can use  artificial flowers  instead. They will give the same feel and look as the original ones. Add them to a vase or stick them to the dupatta for creative decor. These flowers are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Even you can get an artificial replica of your favourite flowers. Moreover, you can make diy flowers using origami clothes or papers to give a handmade decor touch.

Candles, diya and string lights

A festival decoration without light is incomplete. Different lights will make the home temple and the space where you placed Ganapati look mesmerising. You can add diya for Ganesh Chaturti is the best option. Place the traditional mud diya or brass diya around the home temple. You must never forget to add an  Akhand diya  as it is an essential part of the puja during Ganesh Chaturti. The lights from diya are considered auspicious and will spread a spiritual vibe to your home. Candles have always been a part of  Ganpati home decoration,  and you can even use aromatic candles and beautiful candles. These candles can be placed around the house or near the idol.

Last but not least, you can always opt for  string lights.  They are the easiest to decorate, and you can place them around the temple. Add diya, candles and string lights to your decoration to make the celebration eye-pleasing.

Home Temple

You can have a permanent home temple or create one for Ganesh Chaturthi. Use wood, colourful dupatta, thermocol and more to make a small temple. You can then decorate it using flowers, lights, banana leaves and more. These will be a beautiful decoration for all days of the celebrations. Moreover, you can create structures like snowballs, animals and more according to your choices to add uniqueness. You can even opt for readymade home temples. If you have a small space at home, you can get a wall  temple shelf.  It will be a very convenient choice and easier to decorate. These shelves can be part of your everyday prayers. You will get space to keep flowers, a lamp and an incense stick holder.


Make your festival full of joy and togetherness. Boost your creativity by decorating your home with unique ideas. List the things required and checkout  @home  to make your imagination a reality. Your loved ones will appreciate your efforts. Happy Ganesh Chaturti. May Lord Ganesh bring prosperity and happiness to your life.

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