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Modern Wardrobe Designs To Make Your Bedroom Look Remarkable

Modern Wardrobe Designs To Make Your Bedroom Look Remarkable

Because it’s an important part of your bedroom, the focal point! An aesthetic wardrobe enhances your bedroom, keeping your belongings safe inside. Everything from clothes to accessories to important documents is kept inside the wardrobe. Wardrobes are a good idea to modify any way you want. 

Modern wardrobe designs come with enough space, which gives you a lot of areas to keep things like clothes, big bed sheets, and curtains organized. There are various wardrobes based on materials and the number of doors you choose for your bedroom, and they can fit anywhere and enhance the look of your bedroom. 

Before you know about modern wardrobe designs and purchases, there are a few things to remember. 

  • Understand what type of wardrobe designs will enhance your bedroom
  • Free-standing shelves are an excellent choice for your bedroom wardrobe design, but keeping them clean might be a little more work. 
  • The walk-in closets are also a hustle to keep them clean unless they are with dust-proof doors with no gaps. 
  • Due to environmental factors, if your walls are prone to mould or any leakages, you might have to keep your wardrobe separate or keep an eye and fix or repair them when needed.
  • This might also leave an odour in your wardrobe and may ruin your clothes. 
  • Add in some extra store-bought shelves or baskets to keep your wardrobe organised. 
  • If your apartment has already provided you with a fitted wardrobe, you can still be functional, add your storage racks, and get them polished to make them look more elegant. 

Explore @home to find amazing designs.

Luxury Bedroom Wardrobe Design Types 

  • Waxwing sliding door wardrobe

Waxwing sliding door comprises two sliding doors on both sides. It has a lot of shelves and drawers for putting up hangers, your clothes and other accessories like belts and bags. It’s a very stylish wardrobe design from the outside and the inside, and everything inside is kept properly and aesthetically. 

It even gives you enough space to arrange things in an organized way. For the best waxwing sliding door wardrobe, check out @home

  • Monal Wardrobe

It’s an amazing wardrobe look to make your bedroom look more incredible. It may sound like it must be very expensive then, but that’s not true. It’s available at an affordable price as well. At a very reasonable rate, this wardrobe is available. It has six doors with handles which are long and in square shape. The shelves are arranged in series, followed by the pull-out drawers. 

  • Elevated Cupboard 

It’s a great wardrobe design for a compact-sized bedroom with a trendy look. It’s a type of wardrobe you can create on top of the wardrobe frame in your bedroom. As it consumes less space, it gives you more storage space for keeping various things like books, bags, and other important items. It’s perfect for people who wish for larger beds and doesn’t have enough floor space. It’s easily accessible, and it defines a modern wardrobe design for your bedroom. 

  • Vinyl Doors

It’s a famous modern wardrobe design used in residential apartments. They are fitted on tracks, this wardrobe door has vinyl with aluminum frames, and they are lightweight and durable. This modern wardrobe looks beautiful and will make your bedroom even more attractive. 

  • Multi-panel Sliding Door. 

Its doors run on tracks, and this has silver frames. This wardrobe is available in different types of colours on these doors. It gives a cool and elegant look to your bedroom. It’s customisable, and you can choose your multi-panel sliding door wardrobes according to your style and colour.

  • Vintage Wardrobe 

If you are looking for a classy look for your bedroom, a vintage-designed wardrobe is an amazing choice for you. Keeping in mind the vintage design principles, you can build a modern vintage-designed wardrobe for your bedroom. This will give your bedroom a rich vintage and elegant look. It comes with hanging rails and drawers inside, and it’s beautiful and gives you enough space to keep your belongings safe. 

  • Laminated Doors And Cupboards. 

A laminated door cupboard is ideal to match your style to your wardrobe design. You can get your wardrobe laminated with timber or ply to give a finished look. You can add texture and patterns to the door of your cupboards. It brings out your bedroom look, and the layout is amazing. It’s available at a reasonable rate. Check out for more. 

  • Mirror wardrobe 

If you don’t have enough space to add a dressing table with a mirror in your room, a mirror wardrobe will stratify you. It gives your bedroom a spacious look. A mirror attached to your closet is popular among the younger generation, and it’s a great investment. 

Those were some common modern wardrobe designs that were trendy and beautiful. Other than that, a few more will make the room look pretty. 

  • Metal door – The metal door wardrobe has this metallic finish that gives your bedroom a lavishing look 
  • L-shaped – It’s wardrobe furniture that comes with safety lockers and drawers. They are l-shaped, giving you more space and look amazing in your bedroom. 
  • Opti-panel glass – It gives your bedroom a modern look that goes along with coloured and patterned curtains. It’s an antique wardroom for your bedroom. 
  • Free-standing or portable – It can be in the form of a wooden wardrobe or steel, and it’s a simple yet pretty wardroom. 
  • Sloped – It doesn’t take much space but gives you more storage space.
  • Hinge – this is an ordinary wardrobe design that has been used for many years. You can even turn this simple wardrobe into modern by adding a sliding door or any other preference you have. 


Wardrobes are an essential part of your bedroom. To make your bedroom look more stunning and aesthetic, buy your wardrobe style now! Various designs are available, and you customise them on your requirements. Buy modern wardrobe designs from @home!

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