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Monsoon Home Makeover - Liven Up Your Home With Stylish Home Décor Ideas

Monsoon Home Makeover - Liven Up Your Home With Stylish Home Décor Ideas

 Monsoons are universally associated with romance and beauty. The advent of grey clouds, wind and rain is a blessing for farmers. Kids look forward to splashing in the rainwater. You await the petrichor and warm cups of coffee as you watch the raindrops drench the trees and everything else. But, along with all these beautiful feelings, monsoon also brings in some dampeners. With continuous days of wetness and grey skies outside, you are couped inside your home for long periods. And, then, you feel your  home décor  is dull and gloomy. To combat these monsoon blues, you need some  best home décor ideas  to brighten your home. Redoing your  home décor  will rejuvenate your ambience and make you happy. Explore different furniture and  home décor ideas.  To help you revamp your  décor,  here are some easy and effective  home décor ideas.  Read on!!!

Home Décor Ideas: Your Monsoon Home Beautification 

Redecorating your home for monsoon needn’t be a massive undertaking. Nor do you need to hire and pay a big amount to an interior decorator for it. You can redo your  home déco with a few  décor  changes. All you need are some effective and easy  home décor ideas.  Here are some of the  best home décor ideas  to uplift the appeal of your home this monsoon:

Warm It Up With Lights  

Monsoons can cast a gloomy light over your home interiors. With an absconding sun and cloudy skies, the outside is dark. With the absence of natural light, your home feels gloomy and dim. With adequate  lighting you can improve the  décor  and brighten your home. All you need to ensure is a well-lit home.  Lighting  is one of the simplest yet most effective  home décor ideas.  You can add some beautiful  floor lamps  or ceiling lamps to your home. To purchase stylish ceiling or  floor lamps,  understand your needs. Yellow  lighting  can add a warm glow to your rooms. However, don’t change all your  lighting  fixtures with yellow bulbs. Too much yellow  lighting  can add to the dimness instead of brightening your interiors. A touch of yellow  lighting  will do the trick. Add one statement floor lamp to your  living room  or a stylish wall lamp to your  bedroom


Add Colour With Cushions/Cushion Covers

Don’t want to use many  home décor ideas  to change your interiors? Well, you can use one of the simplest ideas and give an instant makeover to your  decor.  You only need to get vibrant and colourful  cushions and  cushion covers . Use bright and lively colours and patterns to add glitz to your  décor.  With the introduction of a colourful palette, your gloomy interior will immediately perk up, banishing those monsoon blues. 

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Freshen Up With Fragrance 

One of the most irritating aspects of monsoon is the musty and moist smell. And to ward off the moist and musty smell, you don’t need some heavy-duty  home décor ideas.  Just employ the  best home décor ideas  followed through decades to freshen up spaces- fragrance. You can use  scented candles,  potpourris,  diffusers  or if you like room fresheners. Scented candles will give a warm glow to your room plus add a  fragrance  dispelling the musty odour. Keep pouches of potpourris in various corners or on your tables and feel the freshness throughout the day. You can use your favourite fragrance to ward off those nasty monsoon smells with diffusers. You can freshen your home with any of these fragrant.

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Add In Wall Décor 

One of the sure-shot  home décor ideas  to uplift your home aesthetics is adding  wall decor.   Wall decor  can range from beautiful  paintings,  pictures,  mirrors  in elegant frames or glamourous  wall clocks.  Use any  wall decor  piece to act as the statement piece for the room, enhancing the appeal. The choices for  wall decor  are endless. You can go for a quirky wall clock, an embossed painting, an abstract art or an intricate mirror frame.


Bring in Greenery 

Adding greenery is one of the  best home décor ideas  that freshen up your  decor  and uplift your mood. You can go for fresh flowers in beautiful  vases,  choose indoor live plants, or use  artificial plants.  Whatever you prefer and choose out of these green  home décor ideas  will be great. Remember to change the water for fresh flowers and water as required for indoor plants.  


Lighten It With Curtain

Monsoons are when there is less sunlight, and the indoors feel stuffy and dowdy. One of the best monsoon  home décor ideas  is to swap to light or sheer  curtains.  Lightweight or sheer curtains are more breathable and allow maximum light and fresh air to enter your home. Whereas heavy draperies block the musty smell inside and make your room look darker. 

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Rug It Up

During monsoons, your home interior feels gloomy, not just by the outcast sky. Your floors are cold, so they, too, add to your feelings of dampness and gloom. By adding  colourful rugs  in your rooms, you can ensure you feel warm and cosy. Colourful rugs also help to liven up your aesthetics. So, whether sitting on your couch or enjoying your meals, a cosy rug increases the feeling of warmth inside you, making you joyful and warm. 


Trap Dirt At The Door

One of the biggest headaches of monsoons is dirty footwear. Your footwear leaves wet and dirty marks on your floor whenever you come in. One of the most effective  home décor ideas  to combat this is  doormats.  Use doormats at every door to wipe your shoes and keep your inside clean. 

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With these easy-to-implement and  best home décor ideas you can effectively liven up your home this monsoon. Make your home warm and cosy to fully enjoy the monsoon season. Head to  Athome  to purchase any décor item without leaving your home!!!

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