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Preparing for Festival Season? : Here Is the Best Sofa Furniture to Buy on Athome

Preparing for Festival Season? : Here Is the Best Sofa Furniture to Buy on Athome

Sofa  in the living room is akin to beds in the bedrooms and a dining set in the dining room. This is because these are primary pieces of furniture within these rooms in a home. The home looks like something is amiss without distinguished seating facilities. A welcoming seating arrangement can go a long way in adding a decorating touch to the living room.  

Types of Sofas to Choose From

There are different types of  sofa  to choose from based on the number of seating arrangements, materials used for manufacturing, size and comfort. The sofa set  includes a set of at least 3 separate pieces of sofas with different seating arrangements. 

  • 1 seater sofa

These have the capacity of seating just one person comfortably. They are available in a range of patterns and construction materials.  1 seater sofa  is an excellent add-ons to increase the ability to exist sofas to make sofa sets. 

  • 2 seater sofa

The  2 seater sofa  can accommodate two persons comfortably and are ideal for larger spaces in the living room. There are modern contemporary designs as well as conventional varieties. The colour of the sofas and the material you want can be chosen before you buy a specific piece. 

  • 3 seater sofa

The  3 seater sofa  is typically used in bigger living rooms with larger seating capacities. 3 persons can comfortably sit on these sofas. These are excellent varieties to improve the decorative ambience of the home, too, as there are more designs and pretty concepts to choose from. The sofas get a distinguished design and look depending on the material used, like wood, metal or fabric. The comfort also varies depending on the type of finishing material used. 

  • Recliner sofas
  • These are those sofas that may be extended with the help of a lever. They have an extendable base that is useful for putting your feet up and resting comfortably. The back portion can also be adjusted to a desired angle according to one's comfort. The side arms are nice and fluffy to relax one's arms in the most welcoming manner. There is sufficient space on the side arms to keep any magazines and reading books too. A  recliner sofa  can be the most comfortable to lie down after a long and tiring day. Due to the extreme comfort offered, some people prefer to situate a recliner in their bedrooms. 

    There are manual recliners and electric recliners to choose from in the available recliner varieties. Electric recliners can be adjusted easily at the push of a button, and one does not have to struggle manually. The back and the footrest can be conveniently angled as desired by the person using it. Thick foam cushioning in heavy settings and plush fillings can give long-lasting comfort. Check the base materials used for the construction and support of the recliners before buying them. 

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    • Sofa sets 

    Sofa sets are a combination of sofas having different seating arrangements. A  sofa set  typically has a 3 seater studio couch and a single seater placed along either side. The single-seaters are typically bought in a matching design to the 3 seaters in between. 

    • Adjustable headrest sofa 

     Adjustable headrest sofas  have adjustable headrests that can be adjusted at different angles. The adjustment can be done according to one's comfort level and height. Since every person has a different height, the headrest in these sofas can be effectively angled to support the neck and shoulders for added comfort. The plush foam cushioning used within gives excellent support at all times. Scroll through the type of upholstery available before you  buy sofa online.           

    Materials Used to Design Sofas

    Materials like engineered wood, pine wood, leatherette, pure leather, foam, metal, etc., are commonly used to design sofas. Every couch has a unique feel and texture depending on the materials used to make it, and the durability of the sofas also depends on the materials used for construction. 

    Price of the Sofas

    The sofas typically cost between Rs. 6000/- INR to over 1,00,000/- INR. The cost of the sofas depends on the size and seating capacity, like  1 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa,  3 seater sofa,  etc. The price is also influenced by the materials used to manufacture them. Like pure leather sofas will cost more than polypropylene plastic sofas and so on. The cost also varies with the design of the sofas recliners normally cost more than simple one-seater sofas. 

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    Factors to Consider Before Buying Sofas

    Some practical factors to consider before buying the sofas have been listed below.

    • Colour

    The colour of the sofas influences the aesthetics of the home immensely. The colour you choose for the sofas has to blend in with the other furniture within the living room and complement the wall paint and the furniture's theme, whether conventional or contemporary.

    • Sofa arm style

    The kind of sofa arm, whether rounded or square though a minor detail must also match the home's theme. There are wooden as well as cushioned armrests to consider before buying sofas. 

    • Shape

    The shape of the sofas has to be chosen according to the other  furniture  within the home. Like wooden sofas correspond well with conventional themes, and heavily cushioned sofas go well with contemporary designs. 

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    Comfort is essential to consider before buying sofas for your home. After all, we all want to be comfortable to lounge and watching our favourite TV shows or sports channels at the end of the day. One can be assured of the utmost comfort from the sofas available Athome in whatever capacity you choose. Consider the price of the sofas before buying the desired variety. A  recliner sofa  can be one of the most modern furnishings to add to your stylish living room.  Buy sofa online  at-home in a desired capacity, size, material and shape.

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