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Pros and Cons of Having Night stand in Bedroom

Pros and Cons of Having Night stand in Bedroom

Even though the bed is the focus of the bedroom, having some complimentary furniture within helps to enhance the overall look of the room. Not only does a piece of furniture help decorate a bedroom or a home, but it is also the function of the furniture piece that actually needs to be taken into account. A night stand is one such furniture piece that helps to elevate the décor of a bedroom besides being convenient in placing the required items when one is in bed. Whether it is a cup of water you need whilst in bed or a suitable bedtime lotion, a night table is an ideal way to accommodate the items.  

Pros of Using Night Stands

Certain items like cell phones, spectacles, medicines, water, etc. that are sometimes needed when in bed can be accessible when kept on a bedside table. Let us look at some pros of having a night stand in the bedroom.

Storage area for items needed in bed

Bedroom night stands are essential storage spaces for specific items that have to be present in proximity to the bed. These include items like a table lamp which may be used for reading to provide sufficient light. The lamp may be conveniently switched off before sleeping without getting up from the bed. Storing books that may be used to read in bed is essentially done within a bedside table. This is because the books may be accessed anytime during the night. Also, electronics such as personal cell phones may be accessed in bed if they are kept at hand, such as on a bedside table. Spectacles are another essential personal item that may be kept on the bedside table to be used at any time during any emergency. 

Enhances bedroom aesthetics

Beautiful bedroom night stands can amp up the bedroom's look in an instant. Especially if the design of the bedside table is similar to the design of the bed, then the bedroom aesthetics are improved considerably. If the other furniture is vintage, then a vintage-style bedside table will suit the bedroom better than a contemporary design table. Hence it is essential to choose a night stand with a matching concept. 

Decorative charm to the sombre bedroom ambience

Having a nigh stand on which there is a decorative bedside lamp can boost the ambience within the bedroom. The table may be used to keep decorative items in the bedroom, such as vases, glow lights, candles and showpieces. Photographs of family members and memorable times are a fond sight for most people. Some people who have difficulty sleeping and need aroma therapy instruments can also accommodate these items on the bedside table. These aroma-releasing instruments close to the bed are also essential to induce sleep. These may be kept conveniently on the night table

Convenience for Essential items

Some essential items, such as medicines to be taken before bedtime, may be kept conveniently on the bedside table. A lamp, torchlight or emergency light can also be handy at night without travelling in the dark searching for the light switch. Some persons who thirst at night and need water can also keep a glass of water beside the bed on the night stand conveniently. Whether a short night stand or a wood night stand one chooses, the essential items may be easily accessed whenever required during the night. 

Cons of a night stand 

Expensive addition

Night stands can be an expensive addition to bedroom furniture for those who are not keen to spend much on furniture. Also, if the material of the night stand is costly, such as a wood night stand, then the cost is higher than the others. Especially a night stand with drawers is more expensive than one without any drawers. 

Hassle when moving out

Night stands can be a hassle for people who tend to keep moving due to transferable jobs. Especially if the night stand is of heavy material, such as a solid wood night stand, shifting is a hassle. 

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Types of night stands Available

Night stand with drawers

These night stands look like a chest of drawers and can be used to store several personal items. The different drawers can be used as storage for various categories such as medicines, reading material, wallets, etc. 

Stands with cabinets

These cabinets help store several personal items that free the bedroom from clutter. The bedside table thus helps in organising personal materials. 

Classic bedside tables with legs

These are suitable for bedrooms that are small and have restricted space. With a simple design with or without any drawers, they are lighter and easy to handle and shift whenever needed to. 

Floating night stands

These stands consist of a single drawer and are attached to the bedroom wall. They do not use any floor space and are thus great space-saver concepts within the bedroom. They are cost-efficient, too, being much smaller than regular night stands. 

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Whether you choose a night stand of wood or metal, personal preference has to go hand in hand with the space available within the bedroom. Some bedrooms may have only a corner space to accommodate the bedside table, so a night stand with a triangular design has to be bought. Also, the furniture concept of the bedroom, whether modern, vintage, contemporary or artistic, has to be considered before selecting a suitable bedside table. A solid wood night stand, for example, will not look the best when kept beside a metallic bed. Hence a matching night stand that matches the other furniture within the bedroom, like the bed and the wardrobe, has to be bought. Choose a suitable night stand from the classic collection available exclusively at_home online and buy  night stand at the earliest.  


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