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Pros And Cons Of Mirror Wardrobes

Pros And Cons Of Mirror Wardrobes

Since wardrobes are a requisite of any bedroom, whether large or small, one must contemplate the required design with or without suitable mirrors. Although wardrobes with mirrors are more popular than those without, there are pros and cons of mirrored wardrobes that must be considered before opting for one. 

The  best wardrobe design  includes the mirror concept for heightened aesthetics. Not only does a wardrobe with a mirror enhance the brightness within the bedroom, but it also makes it look stylish and complete. There is no need for a separate dressing table as the  wardrobe  with a mirror serves both purposes. Read on to learn the additional benefits of having a mirrored wardrobe within your bedroom and make an informed decision. Whether you select a  3 door wardrobe with mirror  or a  single mirrored wardrobe,  there are many choices to take your pick. Since the bedroom size usually determines the wardrobe's size, the height and width of the  wardrobe  may be chosen accordingly. Choose a desired wardrobe in the desired material, whether wooden, metallic, synthetic fibre, melamine, etc. 

Advantages of Mirrored Wardrobes

Whether it is a 2-door mirrored wardrobe or a  3 door wardrobe with mirror and drawers,  there are certain advantages available in the varieties. Some common pros are discussed below.

  • Enhances the small size of the bedroom
  • The mirrors in a  wardrobe  make the size of the bedroom appear larger. This is due to the power of the reflective illusion created by the mirror surfaces. Mirrors can enhance the virtual space within the room, and wardrobes with mirrors do it successfully. A small bedroom can seem much larger due to the illusion created that shows depth within. 

  • Two-in-one concept
  • The mirror and the wardrobe can be used simultaneously when the wardrobe has an attached mirror. The wardrobe is where all the clothing is stored, and a mirror helps one to dress up before heading out. Whether you wish to dry your hair, apply makeup, try out different clothing options, etc., you can do all this when there is a mirror available in the wardrobe. Having a separate mirror will occupy extra space within the bedroom. And if the room is small, having a mirror and storage wardrobe can be space-saving. Having more than one mirror in a  cupboard with mirror  can enable the partner to get dressed at the same time, too, due to the ample mirror facility provided. 

  • Sliding door wardrobes can save space within the bedroom
  • If the size of the bedroom is restricted, having a wardrobe with the concept of a sliding door can help resolve two issues at a time. The sliding doors help save space that would otherwise be needed to open and close the doors inwards and outwards. Also, the need for an additional  dresser with a mirror  is no longer an issue as the wardrobe with a mirror on sliding doors serves as both. This way, you can have a  sliding door wardrobe  with a mirror situated at the foot of the  bed  if the bedroom is tiny.

  • Helps choose garments
  • Having a mirror on the wardrobe helps you choose garments before heading out of the home to the office or leisure activities. Instead of having the mirror separately on a  dressing table,  one may select clothing right away in a jiffy without going to the dresser every time. This concept of a wardrobe with a mirror thus saves time and energy. Also, the dressing essentials like makeup and other accessories may be stored in the wardrobe drawer. This can save the extra space, which will be used by the dressing table and save money. Having a  3 door wardrobe with mirror and drawers  thus helps in saving space and money simultaneously. 

  • Enhance the light effect within the bedroom
  • The light within the bedroom is reflected well when there is a mirror in the wardrobe. Whether one chooses  melamine wardrobes  or  wooden wardrobes with mirrors,  the same effect is produced. The room appears well-lit due to the reflected light. 

  • Improves bedroom aesthetics
  • The  best wardrobe design  includes one with a mirror, as it serves multiple purposes. Besides the practical use, these wardrobes enhance bedroom aesthetics considerably. The room's overall look can be taken from a dull and sombre environment to a bright and stunning appearance. With the different designs available in mirrored wardrobes, such as sliding panels, multipanel, laminated wardrobes, vintage wardrobes, etc., are all available with mirrored concepts. 

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    Cons of Mirrored Wardrobes 

    Whilst there are many valuable points about a mirrored wardrobe, some minor disadvantages should be considered too. 

  • Care against mirror damage
  • Any damage to the mirror on the wardrobe may cause the entire mirror to break apart. Mirrors on wardrobes must be cared for as broken glass can be dangerous. Cuts and bruises may result from a broken mirror any time it breaks. The added expenditure to replace the mirror is another minor disadvantage. Especially those wardrobes with a mirror along its entire length right down to the door's base need special care to prevent breakage. 

  • More maintenance
  •  A  cupboard with mirror  needs more maintenance than one without. Whether it is a  single mirrored wardrobe  or a double-mirrored wardrobe, the mirror calls for regular cleaning. Wiping the mirror with a glass cleaner and a dry cloth is a must when you have a mirrored wardrobe. 

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    Having a mirrored wardrobe can be a real boon within the bedroom. Whether you select a wooden wardrobe or a  melamine wardrobes,  having a mirror on the wardrobe surface can actually save space. No longer is there a need for a separate dresser with a mirror, as wardrobes with mirrors are readily available. Check out the varied collection available  at_home  and  buy wardrobes  according to the size of the bedroom. Select a  double-mirrored wardrobe  or a  3 door wardrobe with mirror  to accentuate the room's overall look. 

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