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Queen Size Bed- The Answer to Contemporary Bedrooms

Queen Size Bed- The Answer to Contemporary Bedrooms

A queen size bed reigns supreme when it comes to the bedroom furniture market. Research has proven that around 60% of people prefer a queen size bed in their bedrooms, given the comfort of the dimensions and the way it seamlessly fits into any layout. Thanks to its comfortable size, the queen size bed with the queen mattress and the bed frame have become the accepted fit for every bedroom. Couples love it as it leaves leg room and is a perfect upgrade when moving in together. The queen size bed price and dimensions have recently been very popular. With a comfortable dimension, they are larger than a double bed but smaller than king-size ones. It offers more room than a large one and is ideal for couples and adults who like to have extra room to lounge around. With the reducing sizes of homes, bedroom furniture is seeing new trends and the demand for a queen size bed is on the rise. Retailers and manufacturers are coming up with new designs and features for the queen size bed to fit changing customer requirements.


It was not always that the queen size bed was so high in popularity. The double bed dominated the market in the 1940s. But a shift in bedroom trends and size of bedrooms saw people wanting an upgrade to the double bed for a good night’s sleep. The queen size bed is the answer and solution to space constraints and more bed space. Explore @home a range of exquisite and durable queen size bed.

The History Behind The Queen Size Bed

Beds and mattresses have traversed a long course in history. Whilst our ancestors slept on the bare floor, Romans introduced mattresses filled with hay and feathers for a comfortable sleep. It was only during Renaissance that beds and mattresses took the form of what we see now. Cotton and wool became popular materials to make mattresses, while wood was used to make bed frames. With people growing in height and size over the years, bed frames have metamorphosed from just a frame to different-sized beds. From single beds, queen size bed and king size beds, now customers have the luxury of choosing the bed size that will fit their requirements.


Why Does One Need a Queen Size Bed?


There are a few reasons to consider the shift to a queen size bed. Listed below are some popular ones:

  • Improve room décor- Gone are the days when just a bed would make your bedroom look good. Queen size bed in various designs and headrests add that zing to your bedroom décor.
  • Ideal for a couple: Just a size smaller than king-size beds, the queen size bed comes with a dimension of 60 inches(width) * 80 inches (length) and gives the right amount of space to a couple for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • A compact piece of furniture: Queen size bed address the issue of storage with hydraulic facilities to store items that can be hidden away and are not needed daily. Rich in design, they have fewer frills and offer more leg room.


Why Is A Queen Size Bed Easier To Use?

  • Easy to assemble- With box-type homes trending now, the queen size bed is manufactured in a manner that can be assembled and dismantled easily without any additional support.
  • Light in weight and reasonably priced- The queen size bed is light in weight and far more compact than a king-size bed. The queen size bed price is also lesser in comparison to a double bed or a king size bed
  • Easy to find upholstery- The queen size bed is the most popular, and it is easy to find upholstery for it. Mattresses, pillows, bedspreads and sheets are easy to find, and there are more options than king size beds.


Why Do Indians Opt For A Queen Size Bed?

  • Price- Reasonably priced with the allure of splendid designs, queen size bed are very popular in Indian homes. Buy @home!
  • Perfect fit for smaller bedrooms- Queen size bed offer the balance of fitting a comfortable bed and some other pieces of bedroom décor like a dresser or a chest of drawers.
  • Storage facility- The storage facility in a queen size bed is just what every Indian home wants. From heirlooms to rarely used items, one can store just about anything.


Future of the modern bedroom- Queen Size Bed

Contemporary lives and modern living are changing the status of bedrooms. Living spaces are shrinking, yet people spend a quarter of their day in their bedroom. People want to decorate their bedrooms and still have space to lounge around. The bedroom has now become the second living room. With space being a constraint, a queen size bed is popular owing to their ability to fit into a layout without taking up too much floor space. A queen size bed is a perfect answer for Indian homes and Indian families who wish to merge aesthetics with functionality. There is no doubt that this bed is the way of the future for Indian homes and is set to reform living spaces and change the way people live in their bedrooms.


Night times are special. Bedrooms are the place where one seeks peace, tranquillity and comfort. The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. You and your family deserve the bed when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Spend your cold winter nights or hot summer curling up in a queen size bed in your bedroom with your loved ones. From watching a Netflix series to sleeping a restful sleep, the queen size bed could be the solution to your problems.

Nilkamal wishes to bring you an elegant and durable range of furniture that will last you a lifetime. Buying furniture is now an easy task that you can do within the confines of your home. Check out @home to access the entire collection of furniture and décor accessories for your home. Just click a button to get further details and get started before you move into your new home!

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