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Recliner Sofa Designs For You To Choose From

Recliner Sofa Designs For You To Choose From

There’s something so inviting about a recliner sofa set, everybody wants it. But when you go recliner shopping, there are a lot of factors that you’d have to consider. From the size to the color to the mechanism, and more… So, let’s go through all the different types of recliners you can choose from and how to go about it.

Types of recliner sofas

Manual recliner

Manual recliners are operated by hand. They are available in different designs. They can be placed in any spot in any room. As they are operated manually and do not require any electric points near them, they can be freely placed anywhere, even in the center of a room.

Wondering how manual recliners work? Most commonly, manual recliners are adjusted by pushing the backrest when sitting on the recliner. At times, people operate with their hands when they’re not sitting on the recliner. Some manual recliners may have a lever to operate it.

Electric recliner

Electric recliner sofa is operated via electricity. Also called power recliners, they tend to be more bulky and heavy compared to manual recliners. These types of recliner sofas need to be placed close to a power supply point as they function on electricity. This makes it difficult to move them around the house.

When placed in a spot next to the power supply, electric recliners can be the most convenient spot for sitting in the house. You can easily make the sofa recline. It has a backrest, armrests, and footrest.

Swivel recliner

A swivel recliner has a circular motion. These types of recliner sofas are constructed on a circular base. This helps the sofa swivel left, right, and backwards. In a swivel recliner, the main body of the chair is designed to move forward and backward. Swivel recliners are most suitable for those who find the normal recliner sofa restrictive.

Single seater recliner

Recliners sofa, just like other sofas, are available in different sizes. A single seater recliner is meant to accommodate a single person. Single seater recliners are available in different designs, colors, etc. They are smaller than large recliners and hence are suitable for smaller spaces. It can be placed in the entertainment room in front of the television, in the study room for reading, in the living room for relaxing, or any other spot in the house.

Two seater recliner

Two seater recliners are designed to accommodate two people. Two seater recliners are bigger than one seater and hence may seem more bulky. They occupy more space and would require a spot that has enough space. They can be placed in the living room, in the entertainment room, in the study, etc. You can pair a two seater with a one seater and create a recliner sofa set for the living room.

Three seater recliner

Three seater recliners are most suitable for living rooms. They are large and hence occupy more space. They are available in different sizes and designs. They can easily accommodate three people. It’s a good option for families that want to relax and bond over watching television on the recliner. A three seater recliner can be paired with a single or two seater for a recliner sofa set.

Recliner sofa set

A recliner sofa set may have one two or three seater recliner, a single seater recliner or another combination. Recliner sofa sets go well with living rooms that have a lot of space, as recliners are bulky and can occupy a lot of space.

How to choose the perfect recliner sofa

Choose the right size – recliner sofas are available in many different sizes. You must choose the size based on your personal preference and the space available in your room to place the recliner.

Choose the right type – As we saw above, there are different types of recliners – manual, electric, swivel, etc. Choose the one that meets your requirements and needs.

Select the right upholstery material – Upholstery for recliners can be of leather, leatherette or fabric. Because there’s a lot of movement in recliners when you pull it back and forth, it is important to select an upholstery material that is strong and sturdy.

Select the mechanism – As we read above, recliners have different mechanisms. They can be manually operated, automatic, electric, some can be operated with remote controls, and others have both types of mechanism. You should select the mechanism based on your budget, and personal preference. If you’re getting the recliner for a senior citizen, it would be best to go for an electronic, automatic recliner sofa.

Benefits of recliner sofa

  • Recliners are large, cushy, and comfortable. They can help you relax. After a long day at work, everyone needs a place to sit with their feet up and unwind. The recliner sofa is one such option.
  • Recliners are good for health. Those who work on desks all day require to relax their muscles. Recliner sofas are designed to provide comfort to the spine and muscles and help the body destress.
  • Recliners can help people bond. When families and friends come together, they need a comfortable seating space. A comfortable and snug chair like a recliner sofa set can enhance the experience of family members and friends when bonding.
  • Recliner sofas are suitable for all age groups. Whether it’s a child, a senior citizen or anyone, everyone can enjoy themselves on the recliner sofa, including pets.
  • When one is looking to take a quick, short nap in the afternoon, the recliner sofa is the best option. One doesn’t need to go to the bedroom to take a nap if there’s a recliner sofa in the living room.


Now that you know what the different types of recliners are and how to choose the best recliner sofa set for your home, you’re ready to begin your search. Take a look at the wide variety of recliner sofa by At-Home online store.

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