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Scented Candles - The 7 Best Ways to Make Your Bedroom Beautiful

Scented Candles - The 7 Best Ways to Make Your Bedroom Beautiful

cented candles are extremely popular at night, and that's no surprise. They smell delicious, warm up your home, and provide soft lighting. When used properly,  scented candles can help enhance your mood and make you feel better while they fill your space with their soothing scent. Adding these candles to your bedroom can help to make it an inviting place, especially when combined with other soothing elements like music and sleep-inducing scents. 

It’s common for people looking for ways to decorate their bedroom to buy new decor. However, it’s possible to get professional-looking results without spending a fortune on decorations and items you might not even love down the road. You can do that by using  scented candles, which are not only beautiful decor pieces but can be used to add some extra elegance to your evenings in your bedroom.   Explore Now!

Take advantage of these seven magical ways to use scented candles in your bedroom to be ready to relax and fall asleep once you finally get into bed at night. Let's start!

Create Moods by Grouping Scented Candles

Each scent has its properties that can transform any room. Create moods by mixing scents since each smell can bring about different feelings. For example, lavender is often said to soothe feelings of anxiety and stress. With that in mind, group candles by scent and place them in key areas of your bedroom, like your nightstand or dresser, to give you something relaxing to look at while you fall asleep and drift off into dreamland. In addition, using multiple  fragrance candles throughout your bedroom will help make it smell fresh all day long, adding comfort if you have allergies or irritants that impact your sleep.

Using Glass jars

Glass jars are perfect for all types of candles, whether they be votives, pillars, or jarred. Just ensure you check to make sure they are completely cool before storing your candles in them, especially if you are going to set them around easily flammable objects like  curtains  or  furniture. Avoid glass that has been treated with lead and opt for a clear jar when possible. It is also better to use light-coloured jars rather than dark ones; candlelight reflects off of dark jars and makes it harder for you to see when your candles need relighting. Make sure your candle will fit comfortably in its container before purchasing it, so you don’t have any loose wicks poking out.

Side Tables

When you’re in your bedroom, what’s one of the first things you do? Probably grab your phone to check for any notifications or updates, right? Now try adding  scented candles on each side table in your room. Scents that are known to inspire mental clarity and balance—such as jasmine and citrus—are ideal for bedrooms because they won’t distract you from sleeping but rather help guide a more calm and relaxed state of mind.

Using Large Glass Bowls

One way to turn your space into an inviting and soothing retreat is by using large glass bowls filled with water and different  scented candles. Different scents will help you achieve completely different effects, but in general, it's always best to mix various smells that blend harmoniously. For example, try combining lavender and mint for one bowl; sandalwood, rosemary, and cedarwood for another; eucalyptus and tea tree oil for another; orange zest and vanilla for yet another.  Check out these bowls that suit your taste!

Unique Candle Arrangements

You can make your own arrangement of  fragrance candles and hang them up in your bedroom. This not only gives you some great decor, but it also allows for a change in scent whenever you want to throw one of your candles out and replace it with another. For example, if you're tired of setting scented tea lights around your apartment, experiment by moving those tea lights into pretty jars and setting them atop windowsills, mantels, or other decorative surfaces. The effect is both artistic and interesting.

Colourful Tumblers

Tumblers, or flameless candles, can create just as much mood lighting as real candles. The best part about tumblers is that they give off a scent but no soot or smoke. If you’re looking for ways to create ambience in your bedroom, try out the colourful candle tumblers in bright colours of blue and yellow. Place them around your room and let their subtle glow add colour and warmth to any space.

Scented Candles on Tray 

Scents such as lavender are known for creating relaxation, while other candles may be more refreshing and help wake you up. Once you have your candles in place, make sure they’re properly placed; if possible, position them on an overhead candleholder or another piece of furniture (such as a dresser) about two feet from where you sleep. For added mood lighting, set a few tea lights on a decorative tray on top of your nightstand or dresser. You can also hang some Christmas lights around your room—they will provide ambient lighting without being distracting!


We've talked about the most important things that you can do to make your bedroom beautiful, and we've listed some of our favorite products to help you make your bedroom even more beautiful. There are many ways to create an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, and we have given you some excellent tips. 

Hopefully, you have some new ideas that you can use to make your bedroom the most beautiful it can be. If you would like to purchase the  scented candles, please visit our website on  @Home Nilkamal and Buy Now your preferred choice of scented candles online! Thank you for reading, and we hope you have a great day!

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