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Side table decor ideas to change the look of your living room on the festive moment

Side table decor ideas to change the look of your living room on the festive moment

Festivals have always been revered and celebrated in our country with great pomp and show. They unite people who all celebrate together and embrace happiness. Apart from that, festivals also help us adore our culture and religion, and they are beneficial in breaking the monotony of life. In addition, people look forward to festivals all year round. During these critical times of the year, we love to dress well. Besides decking ourselves up, we also love decorating our freshly cleaned homes. During these festivities, the whole environment is adorned with different decorations.  Explore  some decor ideas that will amp up your living space during these special times. 


Generic Side Table Decoration At Home

The extra table plays a vital role in every home. Let it set the tone of your space with these simple decor ideas. Cherish setting up a cheerful ambience with your corner table. 

Refreshing Planters

Adding a little greenery to the corners of your home can brighten up the atmosphere and create a sense of peace and tranquillity. Plants not only enhance your home's aesthetic mood but also purify the air and add beauty to your life. Having some potted greens on the coffee table can be a source of joy. They reduce stress, increase creativity, productivity, and focus, and promote relaxation. There is evidence that houseplants also positively impact the air quality in your home. You can pick up  beautiful planters  from the website of At Home for these rejuvenating greens. 

Illuminating Table Lamps

Table lamps  play a significant role at home. Light up a gorgeous lamp on a  wooden side table  and let it liven up the space and spread positivity. You can use it every day and also on days of special festivities. The soft light glowing from under the shades adds warmth to the space. Besides being a decor idea that enhances positivity, enjoy reading your favourite novel sitting by the lamp. 

Exquisite Showpieces

Enhance the decor of your space with striking  showpieces  from At Home. Little centrepieces on your fancy table are perfect home decorations, polite and elegant, and brighten the atmosphere. They are sensitive, dignified, and of cultural and emotional significance. Artefacts are ideal display pieces that tell beautiful stories. 

The Coffee Table Decoration Ideas for Navratri

The  Navratri festival  has always been close to Indians. As the nation celebrates the victory of good over evil, the homes also deck up with the essence of the festival to welcome Goddess Durga. Let us quickly look at a few ways to decorate your extra table on Navratri. 

Decorative Vases

Flowers are an essential decorative element for any happy occasion, and their delicacy and purity make them ideal for prayer and worship. Due to their aromatherapeutic properties, flowers also help remove odours from the air, heighten emotions, and create a relaxing environment. A bunch of fresh blossoms in a vase on the coffee table completes the essence of auspicious Navratri. You can check out some  elegant vases  on the website of At Home. 

Stunning Urli Decorations

Urlis, filled with water and flowers, is considered sacred in our country. It gives you a feeling of calmness and coolness. A traditional way of life holds a special place in our hearts. Enhance your home decor during Navratri by placing a gorgeous  gold-toned urli,  matching the festive note, on the fancy table. Complete the set by sprinkling rose petals and placing floating candles.

Exquisite Platters

Traditionally, Navratri decoration features marigolds, considered symbols of energy and beauty. The flowers represent holiness and affection and are widely used by devotees over the nine days. Your extra table can play a significant role in tuning in with the festive note. Blend with the celebration by spreading fresh marigold flowers on a  gorgeous platter  from At Home.  

Coffee Table Decoration Ideas for Diwali

As the nation decks up during the Festival of Lights, let us help you add the essence of Diwali to your living space by adorning your  wooden side table. 


Shimmering Candles

Diwali decoration can never be complete without the brilliance of candles and diyas. Bring a sparkle to your space by lighting up candles all across. You can light candles in beautiful candle holders. Match up with the festive note by choosing a majestic gold-toned  candle stand  from At Home. You can also select special lotus-themed- candle holders to light up candles. Lotus is a sacred flower in India. Let the shimmer of candles exude from a spectacular gold-toned lotus-themed  candle holder  on your corner table. 

Glittering Diyas 

A diya symbolizes goodness and chastity, and illuminating them means dispelling darkness and ushering in the light. Let the whole house sparkle like golden balls with diyas all around. Light up this  gorgeous gold-toned diya  on your coffee table and give your space a special festive touch. 

Sparkling Fairy Lights in Majestic Lanterns

Have you marvelled at the thought of a glass jar filled with glowing fireflies? You indeed have to open the lid and let them fly home. You can have the safe mesmerizing effect of glowing fireflies in a glass jar by putting  fairy lights  in a  magnificent lantern.  Place the glittering lantern on the fancy table and soak in the ambience. Let your corner at home be in sync with the festivities. This decor will impress your guests while the whole neighbourhood lights up during the Festival of Lights. 


We hope the above blog will help you take the festival decor to a different level. Warm up your space and add a lively touch of celebrations to your corner by following the simple and ravishing decor ideas discussed above. You can  browse  @home  and hit the  buy  button to get the order delivered to your doorstep without any hassles

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