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Simple steps to give your dining table ready look

Simple steps to give your dining table ready look

Whether it is the holiday season coming near or a general cleaning session, you do want to switch things up in your house to give your dining room a touch of newness. You have to host several parties and dinners to entertain your guests and have a grand gala to save them as your cherishing memories. You can take your decor to the next level by adding some elements to your dining table. Setting the dining room with a suitable dinner table set requires some amount of experience and knowledge. You can try adding elements like cutlery and crockery. However, they should go in sync with the decor of your interiors. Thus, you can try these creative tips to set the inner table like a professional. 

  1. Set a Theme for the Dinner Table Decor 

You must exhibit the theme in terms of the occasion, season, as well as your home decor. Set up the dining room table with a dining table set that is synonymous with the celebration. The theme for Diwali must be different from the decor for Christmas. 

  1. Add a Spin with Greenery and Flowers

You can add a glimpse of nature to your table with simple yet organic elements that soothe the mind. Greenery is associated with bringing a positive effect on your mood. Thus, blend flowers like white roses with ferns and leaves to add a touch of elegance to your dining room decor. You can try the dining set with floral patterns too. 

  1. Add Normal Candles or Lightly Scented Candles 

You have to be careful with this point. Lightly scented candles are appropriate for rejuvenating the guest. It makes them feel fresh and comfortable. However, do not get strongly scented candles that will supersede the aromatic and flavourful food you will serve. You can go for regular candles with a wide base and a variety of carvings. 

  1. Add a Twist with Quirky Crockery Set 

If you like to keep things interesting, you can add quirky colours to a crockery set. It adds a fun element and attracts your guests to the food you bring to them. It makes the meals look and feel delicious. Bright colours are appetising and give off a boho chic look. It gives off an aura of confidence and openness to all domains. You can try patterned plates and bowls in various colours. You can also experiment with the tint of the glasses you serve your guests. Shades of blue contrasting with other bright colours add a lot of energy to your dining room. Experiment with the centre plates, bowls, serving spoons, and other cutlery to give your guests a riot of colours in contrast to neutral tints in your dining room. 

  1. Blend Various Colours and Patterns

If you have neutral colours dominating the dining space, you can add a zing with stylish and bold patterned elements. You can add these elements to your dining table with bright and patterned runners, table mats, napkins, candles, serving bowls, etc. This creates a contrast to the plain white crockery. The table sheet can also experiment with bold tints and big patterns. 

Tips to Keep in Mind while Decorating Dining Table 

  • Consider the shape of your dining furniture- It is often overlooked by most. The shape of your dining furniture can be a defining criterion for laying an ideal tablescape for the guests. It is the centrepiece of your home that must have leg room and not be too cramped. It is better to keep things spacious in the dining room instead of trying to fit a big 8-seater without enough space to move about. Experiment with the shapes like oval, triangle, circle, square, rectangle, etc. 

  • Focus on table arrangement- You can experiment with a mixture of tinted glassware, crockery, appropriate table linens with patterns or prints, and many more. You can add contrasts and include a lot more with these elements to give your dining space a new look today.

  • Vases can draw a lot of attention- You can add a touch of modern art with contemporary vase designs. These vases can have engravings or be carved into beautiful delicate pieces that attract the eyes of onlookers. It could also be regal and be rimmed with a thin band of gold. The choice is yours. 

  • Add Runners- You can elongate the space by adding a runner. It is one of the oldest tricks that makes a square table look long by connecting one table with another. However, fabric runners are an elegant addition to your dining space. These could have a hint of traditional or alternative materials that are waterproof. 

  • Experiment with contrasting themes- If your dining space has several modern elements and needs a touch of softness or warmth, bring a balance. Add vibrant cutlery with the sleek metal decor to make the space look more appealing. 

  • Add tablecloth or keep it bare- Keep switching between bare table and tablecloth for newness. It keeps things interesting for the guests and is the quickest way to bring a change. Contrasting crockery with the fabric will change once you remove the tablecloth. The wooden dining furniture will require a different set of crockery compared to a glass-top table. Thus, the probabilities are open to all. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned the ways to add elements to your dining room decor, you can experiment with your own ideas and implement them to impress your guests. You can check out @home for wonderful dining table set designs. Treat your dining room as a spot to create and experiment with. Get started with these ideas to create an exciting tablescape. For more ideas, check our blogs. 

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