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Six Things To Take Care Of While Buying A Sofa Online

Six Things To Take Care Of While Buying A Sofa Online

A sofa set is a group of seating furniture meant for your living room, and it, along with a centre/coffee, completes the room's look. People generally purchase because they like them rather than looking at the various nuances associated with buying a sofa. In some homes, a couch is a part of the living room and is used when guests are entertained. In some other houses, it is a piece of furniture used daily for lounging, watching television, reading, sleeping, and performing similar other activities. For those who have already had a sofa in their home, their next buy can be a little easier since they know what they want, be it something different or exactly the same in their next sofa. For first-time buyers, it can be a challenge. Yet, it can be a challenge for anyone to buy @home without actually touching it, seeing it at close quarters, and sitting in it to know how comfortable it can be. To that effect, we need to put together a list of things you can check before you buy sofa online.

Things To Check Before Buying A Sofa

Policy for Exchange and Return

So, if you are standing in a shop, you can see whether or not you wish to purchase a particular piece of furniture in its current form. But when you buy online, things become different, and you do not have the first-hand look, touch, and feel experience. What happens if you buy the piece, but it is not what it appears in the pictures? What if it does not suit your requirement? What if it does not look nice in the room? This is where the return and exchange policies of the seller come in. Check out how easy or difficult it will be for you to return/exchange the sofa. Is there even a possibility of return, or is only an exchange allowed?

You must carefully look at the company's return policy before even browsing the website for a sofa. Generally, furniture retailers have strict guidelines on returns and will not budge from them. Mostly, for the more expensive items, the seller would require the purchaser to ship back the item at the purchaser's expense. Further, the seller will also charge the purchaser a huge fee for restocking the item. But do not be worried. You will not need to return your purchase piece if you carefully research. 

Room Worthy

Foremost, check if the sofa you are looking at will appropriately fit into the already existing décor, furniture, drapes, carpets, flooring, lighting, and shape and size of your room. For example, if you have all the wooden furniture in your room, you will look for a wooden sofa design. Will the sofa add to or remove from the room's current setup. For example, if you currently have furniture with straight lines in the room, do not go in for a bulky sofa as it will only look out of place with the rest of the furniture. Try to match your new purchase with the existing furniture to make it blend in seamlessly. If your room is small, then never go in for a set of sofas like a three-seater, a two-seater, and two single-seaters. Instead, look for an L-shaped corner sofa, such as this one from Nilkamal, that will allow ample seating but still not take all of the centre stage space in the room. Websites also generally have the provision to do an online virtual placing of the sofa in an image of your room and let you visualize how it will appear. This is a good facility that you must use as it will eliminate doubts and help you decide.


How you want to use the sofa should be a key factor when selecting the couch. Do you wish to use it in the more sophisticated sitting style, or would you sit cross-legged?   In the first case, you would not want a deep sofa since your back should be easily able to rest on the sofa back. In the second case, a deep sofa seat would be required to accommodate you as you sit with your legs on the sofa. Then again, do you wish to use the couch also to lie down and rest? Make sure its length will be right for you. Some of us like to read a book as we prop ourselves on the sofa's armrest.   If you are one of them, ensure the armrest of the couch you want to buy is sufficient height to support you. Explore @home to find the perfect one for you. All the dimensions of the furniture will be specified on the web page of the item. Make sure you understand the sizes, check them against your requirement and only then buy the product.

Material and Colour

When you check out sofas to purchase, you will also have to look at the right colour to match the rest of your room, the right material and texture to fit in with your decor and drapes, and the right stuff to be easily cleaned and maintained the sofa. Well, how will you see all this online? No worries. If there is an option for you to choose which material you wish to use for the upholstery, then the seller will be willing, generally, to send you a swatch of the same. So, you can now know what you will get.

Options, Options, Options

It is highly recommended that you check out lots and lots of options before narrowing down the one you finally purchase. Look at wooden sofa design in faux leather and steel, single-seater, double-seater, three-seaters, etc. Check out the various pros and cons of each and list them down. This will help you ensure that your finalist is the one you want.


We hope that armed with all the information about how to buy sofa online. You will check out @home, making this a successful project for yourself. Happy purchasing!

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