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Sliding Door Wardrobe- the why’s and how’s of it

Sliding Door Wardrobe- the why’s and how’s of it

The homes these days are getting smaller, the space tighter. There is a massive woe before adding storage solutions like wardrobes. The doors take up space. The contemporary solution to space crunch in rooms is using sliding door wardrobes. Sliding door wardrobes are literal. The doors of the wardrobe slide open, that is, they move along the channels on the floor and move right or left, instead of opening in an L shape on the hinges. 


Not only are bedroom wardrobe sliding doors a solution to storage woes, they also add to the design appeal of a bedroom. They are in vogue, are sleek and make a great style statement.


Why choose a sliding door wardrobe?

  • The major advantage is saving space in the front. A sliding door helps save the space in front of the wardrobe. This gives you more space to sit and arrange your wardrobe and also for your room decor.
  • The sliding door wardrobe price has come down. Therefore, they are affordable and can be a boon in smaller homes.
  • Increase in hanging space- The sliding doors provide more space on the sides. This enables the rod to be longer and thus gives you more hanging space. It makes organising a wardrobe much easier and neater.
  • The bedroom wardrobe sliding doors are not dependent on hinges, therefore, they are more stable. The stability affords them to be made up of materials like mirror, metal etc. Therefore, there is ample scope in designs and a variety to match the interiors.


What are the disadvantages of a bedroom wardrobe sliding doors?

  • Decreased visibility- With the bedroom wardrobe sliding doors not opening completely, there is decreased visibility and helps you not be able to see things on the closed side. A hinged wardrobe on the other hand shows the entire wardrobe.
  • Requires maintenance- The doors may get misaligned, it requires the bearings to be changed often. A misalignment may not shut properly. The dirt stuck in the channels might prevent the smooth opening and closing of the sliding door wardrobe.

How to design bedroom wardrobe sliding doors?

Hinged wardrobes are easier to design and install. For a sliding door wardrobe, it is important to understand:-


  • The space and the size of the room. One needs to have accurate measurements of the floor, the ceiling height and the depth of the wardrobe possible. The height needs to be measured accurately. The measurement must include the door jambs etc.
  • The floor where the wardrobe is to be installed has to be level.
  • It is important to know what storage is needed.
  • Make sure there are no gaps or open spaces between the sliding doors.


Bedroom Wardrobe Sliding doors cleaning hacks-

  • Always keep the channel clean. There are times when dirt and grime get accumulated in the channels and the doors then get stuck. They don’t open or close with ease. To prevent this, the channel must always be kept clean.
  • One should keep greasing the rollers with a lubricant or aerosol-based sprays designed for sliding doors.
  • Clean the surface of the doors well. The doors can get stuck if the surface isn’t clean.

Sliding Door wardrobe trends to note-


  • Patterned or stained glass sliding door wardrobe- This is a mirror cum decorative wardrobe. They act as a mirror for the room, saving space for wall art. The design also looks great and complements most modern room decor.
  • Mixed material doors- A mix of materials using plastic, wood in geometric patterns.
  • Using mirror paneling on raw and wooden doors. They are minimalist and make a room look bigger. They make the clean looking interiors stand out.
  • Glass door of black or grey in color- this looks fantastic for bachelors room, travel rooms.
  • White sliding doors- White ingrained sliding door wardrobe complement every kind of interior. Using bold wall art in contrast with a simple wardrobe is a fantastic match. Try some of the best designs here.
  • Coloured bedroom wardrobe sliding doors are fun, creative and vibrant. They can be muraled and used in children's room.



A sliding door wardrobe price point is affordable. Nowadays you can get readymade and ready to be outfitted in almost all budgets. What is important to note is the functional aspects of sliding doors. Once that has been well understood, the real and full advantage of a sliding door wardrobe can be reaped.


It is effortless to style a wardrobe. You can be creative and even use 3D wallpaper, murals on the door, you can go stark and minimalist and just have a wardrobe sliding door of black glass. If you understand the engineering requirements and have a level floor, go ahead and check out the diverse range of sliding door wardrobe at at-home website and decor!


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