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Sofa Set Designs You’ll Fall In Love With At First Sight

Sofa Set Designs You’ll Fall In Love With At First Sight

The sofa set for the living room is the most important piece of furniture. There’s no doubt about it. Not only is it one of the largest in size compared to other living room furniture, it is also the most utilized.

People use it to watch television, read the newspaper, when guests arrive and to have important family conversations. So, when choosing a sofa, you’ll have to explore all options before you zero-in on the one you’ll bring home.

To make your selection process easy, we’ve put together a handy list of sofa set designs.

Sofa designs to help you choose one for your home

1. Loveseat

Small, cozy, and compact enough to fit in smaller spaces, the two seater loveseats add an instant charm to any space. Bigger than a sofa chair and smaller than a full-fledged sofa, it’s perfect for two people to sit comfortably. The two seater sofa can be paired with a three seater sofa or single seater sofas. Or, pair it up with complementing chairs.

2. Recliner sofa

Recliner sofas are a great match for any home that requires a comfortable couch to sink in for movie nights or to read a book. Usually made with a combination of wood, cushioning and leatherette, recliner sofa set designs can be easily enhanced by adding pillows and throws on it. They come with advanced automatic, electric settings, which makes it easy to turn them to different reclining positions.

3. Sectional sofa

A sectional sofa is made of multiple pieces - two, three or more. These pieces are joined together to make the complete sofa. For example a 3 seater sofa joined with two chaise lounge seats on either end. Or a sofa with a movable ottoman or side tables. They make for a perfect sofa set for the living room. They look attractive, can accommodate more people as they are large, and come in various shapes and types. For example, you’ll find sectional sofas with a chaise lounge, with ottoman, with a corner table, etc.

4. Lounge sofa

Lounge sofas or lounge sofa chairs are also called as sofa-cum-bed. They have extensions that open up and almost take the shape of beds. These sofas can be used for lounging as well as sleeping. They are available in single, two seater or three seater options.

Lounge sofas, like sectional sofas, are made up of multiple parts that join together to form the sofa. Such a sofa works as a sofa and can be converted into a bed whenever needed. This makes it perfect for homes where there are more people. Lounge sofa set designs are perfect for small houses, for those who like lounging a lot, and if you have a lot of overnight guests.

5. Futon sofa

Stylish and functional, futon sofas come handy when there are extra guests in the house. These are sofas that are convertible into a sofa chair to sit on and open up flat to take the shape and role of a bed. Futon sofas are made of wood. Some futons are made of soft mattress material. They require minimal effort.

6. Minimal sofa design

Minimal sofa design or Nordic/ Scandinavian style sofas have simple, basic, minimal structures. Mostly made of wood of one tone, they carry a timeless element to them. As they are simple, they easily mingle with other furniture pieces, whether it’s home furniture or office furniture. For those who believe in ‘less is more’, minimal sofa set designs are the best match. It’s a must-have in all contemporary living rooms.

7. Luxury sofa

What comes to your mind when you think of luxury? Let’s see – grandeur, curvy designs, gloss and shine, leather, rich velvet fabric, sheer, etc. Now think of all these elements in your sofa for the living room and you’ll have your luxury sofa. Luxury sofas go well with ultra glamorous homes, and spaces with rich, opulent decor styles. They give a more festive and celebratory look to living rooms.

8. Bamboo sofa

Bamboo or cane sofas are made of cane. These are natural materials and carry a more earthy look and feel. It is an environmentally friendly material and hence, perfect for those who prefer to live a green and environmentally conscious life. Also known as rattan sofa, you can choose from a single seater sofa chair, two seater sofa or three seater sofas. Besides these, you’ll also find bamboo stools, ottomans, and lounge chairs.

9. Outdoor sofa

Lucky are those who have outdoor spaces in their homes such as a balcony, a terrace or a garden. But the key is to make these spaces look equally appealing and inviting as the interior of the homes. That’s where outdoor sofas come into the picture. You can find outdoor sofas made of different materials such as metal, cane, wood, plastic, etc. Outdoor sofas should be selected with care as they’d be exposed to conditions such as sunlight, dust, rain, moisture, etc. So it’s best to consider the material based on the type of climate in your region. Whether you want a single sofa chair or a three seater sofa for your balcony, you’ll find all options.

10. Timeless classic sofa

Some sofa designs are timeless – you can use these sofas for years without them looking or feeling old. If you’re the kind of person who likes to take care of things and keep them for years, possibly decades, the classic sofa design is for your home. These types of sofa set designs are mainly characterized by simple structures, monochromatic colors, classic colors such as black, brown, beige, etc.

Over to you

Now you know at least 10 sofa set designs that you can choose from. You also know how to choose the style for your living room. The next step? Head to At-Home online furniture store to select your living room sofa from hundreds of options. We’re sure you’ll take home something you fall in love with.

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