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Stunning Dining Sets that are Ideal for Gifting

Stunning Dining Sets that are Ideal for Gifting

Do you get flooded with gifting options but don’t know what can be ideal for anybody? The straight-cut answer is a dining set. Various crockery materials include glass, ceramic, porcelain, melamine, etc. Whether a housewarming party or a wedding, you can never go wrong with dinnerware as a present for your loved ones. It enhances your dining space and makes meal times enjoyable and memorable. 

However, when gifting a crockery set, you may take some hints about their decor, or you can go safe with classic or minimalistic patterns in china bone, glass, porcelain, or terracotta sets. You can never go wrong with this gifting option; there are many options to choose from. Whether you like a classic, traditional, modern, or minimalism style- the market is brimming with designs. Explore the range of styles and materials in dinnerware sets in  @home  from Nilkamal. 

Why are Gifting Dinner Sets Ideal?

Dinnerware is an ideal gifting option for any event or occasion. It makes meals appetising and sets the ambience for exquisite and luxurious meal time with your family and guests. You can display your style to complete your decor and exude a certain aura. You can go for modern minimalist designs or traditional crockery. Since it is one of the main attractions in your food presentation, it adds a feel-good factor to your everyday routine. As a gift, you send your love and best wishes to mark an auspicious occasion like house warming or a party gift. It never goes out of fashion and could also be a hobby for someone to collect numerous styles of dinnerware. Thus, if you are planning to get something for your friend or a relative, explore the exquisite range of unique and elegant  dining table set  today in different colours, patterns, materials, and crafts. 

Types of Crockery Materials


It is a durable material that can withstand hot temperatures. You can microwave food in porcelain crockery as it is highly durable from the firing temperatures it sustains. You can also use it to gift your loved ones on special occasions, and they can wash it in their dishwasher without the fear of breaking it. Porcelain also looks immensely elegant, complementing the subtle tints and aroma of the food in it. Explore the incredible patterns and styles in porcelain crockery sets @home from Nilkamal.


It is a type of dinnerware used to serve your meals. It adds a rustic aura that complements your room’s decor. It is usually durable and sturdy. It is  ceramic  that has been glazed and then fired. It has been one of the earliest creations in industrial materials, which makes it one of the oldest materials.


It is a very popular and high-technology  German glass  that is thick and sustains high temperatures. These are scratch and chip-resistant options that are ideal for regular use. 


Try melamine if you are looking for crack-proof and long-lasting or durable options. Melamine crockery is dishwasher-friendly, and you can use it outdoors as it is durable and lightweight.  Melamine  is a popular choice for casual or regular use for its convenience. 

China Bone

Bone China is light, elegant, and durable option, and it is a perfect gift that your loved one can use regularly. These are available in exquisite patterns and shapes and are  extremely strong and resistant to heat  from microwave or dishwasher. It does not get chipped, making it one of the ideal options readily available online. 


Stoneware dinnerware is glazy with a smooth finish that is suitable for regular use. The impermeable material is ideal for serving your meals. These are durable and look sophisticated in every way. However, it is wise not to expose your stoneware to extreme temperatures. Thus, don’t put them in the dishwasher. 

Types of Dinnerware

  • Casual Dinnerware- These include earthenware and melamine crockery sets that last long and don’t shatter easily. You can get these in several styles like hand-painted, patterned, solid, etc. These can complement your regular day-to-day life while adding a touch of charisma to your home decor. 

  • Formal Dinnerware- ideally, you can choose  white  crockery or solids that look immensely sophisticated. The standard crockery set includes options like China bone, porcelain, stoneware, etc. Thus, you can switch up with these options to make time more memorable and impress your guests.

How to Choose Dinnerware Set

  • Most dinnerware sets include a twenty-piece collection - dinner plate, bread plate, teacup and saucer, dessert plate, salad plate, and sometimes you can get a soup bowl added. Choose your set based on your preferences. 
  • You can get them for yourself, your loved ones, etc., based on the number of people. The best way forward is to check the number of seats on your dining table and get a set accordingly. However, getting a set of six for a four-seater dining table is never wrong. 
  • You can purchase  dinner sets  based on their colour, pattern, and design. White crockery looks like the safest choice as you can add accents and patterns with the help of other accessories like placemats, runners, linens, etc. Or, you can choose bold tints to accentuate your dinner table. A dash of colour that complements the vibrant shades of your food makes your food look appetising to others. 


Gift someone crockery that is stellar and fancy enough to make having meals luxurious. Add some flavour and spice to your decor with these sets. It is an excellent addition to your collection, and you can whip out any set to serve a warm and sumptuous meal to your guests while they get impressed. Explore the vast range of crockery and other dinnerware item  @home  from Nilkamal to get the best options. Get access to doorstep delivery and get your items to furnish your home at an affordable rate.

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