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Stunning Maintenance and Care Tips for Crockery and Dinnerware

Stunning Maintenance and Care Tips for Crockery and Dinnerware

Stunning Maintenance and Care Tips for Crockery and Dinnerware


Welcoming guests with the finest  crockery  is a part of our tradition, as it is an effective way to show your hospitality and add elegance to fine dining. Fine  crockery  includes  dinnerware  and other utensils crafted using high-quality ceramic or glass. When you have spent a lot of time selecting some of the perfect  crockery online,  it is equally important to spend some time taking care of and maintaining them. 

Whether it is a beautiful  dessert set  or a  dinner plate set,  taking care of these  kitchen crockery  items with love is essential to serve you well for several years. With proper maintenance, care, and storage, you need not be concerned about your  crockery set  chipping or cracking even when used for decades. Read on to learn more about the tips to take care of your  crockery  and  dinnerware to welcome guests in style. 

Top Tips to Take Care of Crockery

A well-arranged  crockery  enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Following simple cleaning and maintenance tips will help you maintain your  crockery set  as fresh as new. The  kitchen crockery  maintenance tips below will help you own some of the finest  dinnerware  that doesn't fade with time. 

General Care

While you buy  crockery online,  make sure that you read the label of the  dinner plate  or  snack bowl  to check whether any special care instructions are mentioned. Following such specific instructions will help in maintaining the  glass crockery  items safely. If you are handling  crockery  that has metallic bands in gold or gold tips, read the caring instructions to know whether it can be microwaved or not. 

Washing Kitchen Crockery

If you are using brand new pieces that you bought  crockery online,  ensure you wash them thoroughly before using them to eat or serve food. The stickers found at the backside of the  crockery  will be water-soluble. So, soak the  dinnerware  in a warm soapy solution for an hour to remove it quickly. Do not use steel scrubbers or abrasive sponges when washing your  crockery  items, as they will lead to scratches. Avoid using cleaning products with abrasives or harsh bleaching agents to clean glass or  ceramic crockery.  Switch to natural cleaning products like soda bicarbonate or white vinegar to clean your  crockery set

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Storing It Right

When storing your  crockery ensure it is dried with a soft cloth after washing to free it from all kinds of water spots and stains. Have a well-ventilated and dry  crockery cabinet  free from moisture build-up. Do not stack or pile up the  crockery  items like jugs,   glass tumblers,  serving  bowls,  and  trays,  as it will cause damage and scratches. Use kitchen tissues, paper plates, or coffee filters to separate each piece from the other and store it on the kitchen  buffet table.  If you own delicate  ceramic crockery,  set them as manageable stacks to prevent them from developing damages like cracks or chipping when weighed down by other pieces. 

Dealing with Stubborn Stains

If you have served many guests at home, you will be tempted to leave the dirty dinner plates and  coffee mugs  in the sink until the following day. But, it is essential to remember that certain food items and drinks have dark-colored pigments, which can leave stubborn stains on your  crockery.  If you serve foods or drinks like masala gravies, spicy curries, red wine, coffee, or tea, they can leave unsightly stains on your  crockery  items, making them unusable. 

If you have left the dirty dishes unattended for a long time and the  crockery set  has developed stains, then clean the traces of food and drinks using plain water first. Then, soak the  crockery  in soapy water for some time, clean well with a soft sponge, rinse, and dry using a microfiber cloth. If your  ceramic crockery  has developed stubborn stains, soak them in a bowl of water mixed with 4 tablespoons of bleach. Wash them with soap after some time. You can also find unique cleaning products to remove stubborn stains on your  glass crockery.

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Using Dishwasher for Crockery

If you have a dishwasher, check its product manual to know the required settings to wash your  crockery.  Do not stuff your dinner plates or bowls close to each other when loading them in the dishwasher. Choose the specific temperature to wash  kitchen crockery  based on the manual instructions to prevent damage. Avoid using more detergent than the suggested quantity for washing greasy  glassware  or ceramic ware, as it can blur its finish. Always use the specific type of detergent based on the type of  crockery set  you intend to wash to avoid spoiling its sheen and glaze. 

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Care Tips for Crockery Set

To achieve the most benefits from your  crockery,  which might have to ensure severe wear and tear due to regular use, follow the instructions listed below. 

Handling Your Crockery

Avoid using metal spoons, ladles, scrubbers, and pads with abrasive textures when cleaning the crockery. The abrasive nature of the metal and detergent powders will interact with the glazed surface of your ceramic crockery and will spoil its look. Removing the leftover food pieces off your plates and serving bowls will help you use less detergent and enhance the dishwasher's performance. 

Pay Attention to Water Temperature

When setting the wash cycle in your dishwasher, pay attention to the water temperature based on the type of  crockery.  Using very hot water for washing your ceramic or  glass crockery  will spoil its glaze and the designs painted on it. Plus, using extremely hot water will also affect the washing efficiency of your dishwashing machine. Stick to the water temperature your dishwasher manufacturer prescribes to keep your  crockery  items sparkling like new. 

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Summing Up

Crockery  items are integral elements of our everyday lives, as they help welcome guests with delicious foods served in style. So, taking good care of the  crockery  is essential for maintaining them in pristine condition and enhancing longevity. You can buy  crockery online  by visiting the website of  Athome  and choose from a wide range of ceramic dinnerware or glassware.


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