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Stylish and Comfy L Shape Sofa Designs to Bring Home This IPL

Stylish and Comfy L Shape Sofa Designs to Bring Home This IPL

Stylish and Comfy L Shape Sofa Designs to Bring Home This IPL

As the IPL season approaches, cricket lovers get into a frenzy to make their homes comfy and inviting. After all, cricket is the best watched with family and friends. If you are a cricket lover, you will be making your home IPL-ready with an  L shape sofa.  L shape sofas are the most preferred and comfortable sofas these days. They optimise your living space and provide additional space with the same or extra seating capacity. With their functionaL shape, these sofas are space-saving and extremely useful compared to other  sofa  styles. Depending on the  L shape sofa  design, they can double your seating capacity using the same space as other  sofa designs

L shape sofas are not just for space-saving and extra seating. They are also stylish and comfortable.  L shape sofa designs  enhance the beauty and aesthetics of any living room they are placed in. Therefore, one reason for their purchase is their ability to enrich the appeal of the overall décor. Therefore, when you  buy L shape sofa online  you have to be extremely considerate. From the design to the size and material, you can't overlook any aspect of the  sofa.  It will set the tone for your whole living rooms décor. Read along to learn about the top L shape  sofa designs  that will help you choose the best L shape sofa for your home.


Why Buy A L shape Sofa

You may have wondered why there is so much hype about L shaped sofas. So, before you read about the trending styles of L shape sofas, let's quickly know why to  buy L shape sofas  and not  buy sofa  of other designs:

  • L shaped sofas offer more seating capacity than other sofa styles.
  • They exude more appeal and comfort than traditional  sofa designs,  making your space look more relaxed and cosy.
  • Due to their style, shape, and configuration, L shaped sofas will fit into the smallest spaces. Even in a small living room, they work well as  corner sofa,  leaving ample floor space for movement.
  • L shaped sofas come in sections. So, they can be easily assembled by simply pushing or joining the parts in the place you want to keep them.
  • They can work as extra  bedding  options due to their design and shape.


Best L shape Sofa Designs

Selecting the sofa design best suited for your home is paramount. Otherwise, however comfortable or stylish your sofa is, if it doesn’t blend with your décor and other furniture, it will look out of place. So, you need to choose the right one. Furthermore, your L shaped sofa will last for many years of usage. Therefore, you need to choose a design and style that are trendy and timeless. Here are the top L shaped sofa designs to choose from:

Sectional L shape Sofas

Sectional style L shaped sofas are also known as family couches. They are a perfect choice when you have a large family. They are multipurpose couches. Therefore, it is a great choice to amp up the  living room  décor. These sectional sofas usually come in 3 to 5 sections or pieces that can be arranged in diverse styles. These popular designs are arranged in L shaped and U-shaped. Sectional sofas come with an armrest on their drawn-out sides. This makes them perfect for lounging and sitting comfortably. Their  cushions  can be taken off to modify or change the seating arrangements.


Arabic L shape Sofas

As the name suggests, Arabic L shaped sofas take inspiration from camelbacks. With a hump-like design in the middle or throughout the sofa, their design is heavily inspired by Arabic interior design. The plush cushioning offers extreme comfort in a stylish design. For a luxurious-looking living room, Arabic-style L shaped sofas are the best. For a lavish and sheikh-style living room, pair your Arabic L shaped sofa with an ornate centre table in metallic tones with a glass top. Keep your living room décor minimalistic and neutral for understated elegance, and let your Arabic sofa be the showpiece.

Indian-Style L shape Sofas

L shaped sofas made from wood are called Indian-style L shaped sofas. Their frame is made from wood, with cushions on the back and seats. Made with high-quality wood, these are not heavy and are comfortable, with stylish designs. Indian-style L shaped sofas are available in various sizes and colours and are ideal for small living rooms. So, if you prefer traditional Indian décor and aesthetics with contemporary functionality, then Indian-style L shaped sofas are suitable for you. Pair them with a solid wood centre table with a glass top, and your living room décor is complete.


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French Style L shape Sofas

French style L shaped sofas, known as Chesterfield style sofas, are the epitome of style. Their sturdy structure is perfect for seating many people. With a high back and arms, they offer incredible comfort for sitting and lounging. Their wraparound arrangement provides ample seating space. Their single-structure back has plush cushioning. The exposed parts of the back and armrest feature attractive carvings inspired by French designs. However, these styles of L shaped sofas require more space than other L shaped sofa styles. They are perfect when you prefer your interior to have a timeless elegance.


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Low Height L shape Sofas

These are comfortable, low-height L shaped sofas in moderate design. With extra-wide padding and a minimalistic design, they are elegant and modern. As per your requirements, you can vary the sofa layout. These L shaped sofas are more comfortable and affordable than the other L shaped sofas.



Purchasing a stylish L shaped sofa for your living room can add comfort to your living room. These sofas are synonymous with comfortable lounging and enhance your décor manifold. Pair them with colourful throw cushions to enjoy the chaise lounge feel. Explore the stylish  L shape sofa designs  collection at  Athome  to  buy L shape sofa online.

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