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Super King Bed vs Two Singles Bed. Which is best?

Super King Bed vs Two Singles Bed. Which is best?

Super King Bed or Two Singles Bed: Which Is The Best Option For You

Everyone loves to sleep as this is the only time of the day we relax without worrying about the world. A comfortable bed is essential for a good 8 hours of uninterrupted and quality sleep. It is very important to select the right bed size that is suitable for you. Many of them are not aware of what kind of bed is suitable for them and end up making the wrong choice. It is advisable to check out the various sizes available online and buy the right one depending on your requirement. Good beds are an investment for 7 to 8 years, and we cannot keep changing them often. Hence it is necessary to shop carefully so that you don’t regret it later. While  selecting the bed size, it is important to know if you want to combine  Two Singles Beds or go for a  Super King Size Bed. Below mentioned is a list of comparison parameters between  Super King Bed and  Two Singles Bed to enable you to make the best choice.

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Comparison parameters of Super King Size Bed and Two Singles Bed (H2)


The single-size bed is 90 cm or 3 feet in width and 6 feet, 3 inches in length. So, by combining two beds, you will get a 180 cm width bed of the same length. 

The  super king-size bed is slightly bigger in length as it is 180 cm or 3 feet in width and 200 cm, 6 feet, 6 inches in length.


Benefits of Super King Size beds


  • Advantageous for tall people – As the length is slightly higher compared to the single size bed, the length is roughly around 4 inches longer than a single size bed. It is preferred and comfortable for tall people who are looking for more leg space.


  • Style – Super-king beds are built to look luxurious with a lot of external styles. It offers a fabulous touch and royalty to the bedroom. They are highly suitable for large size bedrooms mainly because of their look and size.


  • Added storage – Super-king beds come with an ample amount of storage and high-tech options. Though they occupy a lot of space, a good amount of storage space in the form of side drawers or ottoman lifts is provided. Thus, what you find in a king-size bed is a decluttered and elegant bed frame.


  • Benefits of combining two Single Beds

As per the above points,  Super King Size Bed seems to be the right choice but combining two Single Beds equally has its own benefits. 

  • Cost-cutting – It has been seen that two single beds will cost cheaper compared to buying one  king size bed. The two beds can be linked together to have a look of a king-size bed.


  • Easy mobility – Moving the two single beds is easier compared to moving a large size bed. This is beneficial for people who frequently shift places. The two can be linked as per the necessity by just using the connector or the link bar. It is easy to maintain and dust two single beds in comparison with a king-size bed.


  • Suitable for different kinds of  mattress preferences -  Single beds are more suitable for singles and kids who prefer to sleep alone and for smaller bedrooms. Some people may also prefer to have different kinds of mattresses on the two single cots. Hence, they get the dual benefit of having the preferred mattress as well as the combination of two single beds.


How to link two single beds together

Bed link bars are provided on the sides of the single beds. The bars can be combined using the drill holes and connecting the screws.


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A good bed is significant for a night of sound sleep, and there are various factors to consider regarding which size bed is best for you. We need to consider how comfortable the couple is to have a sound sleep together. If one of the partners has the habit of tossing and turning around frequently, then it is better to go for two single beds so that the other partner can have an undisturbed sleep though this may affect the intimacy of sharing a single bed. Selecting either  King Size bed or  two single beds will be a personal choice, and the pros and cons of both need to be considered. Please make sure to check the measurement of the cot you have in your bedroom. Depending on the size and requirement, you can make an intelligent choice. Please visit   https://www.at-home.co.in/ to check for the wide range of size designs and types available and choose the one that suits your style, space, and budget.

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