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Sure Shot Tips to Keep Your Wooden Dining Table Look Like New

Sure Shot Tips to Keep Your Wooden Dining Table Look Like New

Often considered the heart of any family home, a  dining table  is a vital furniture piece used multiple times daily. Even though dining choices and eating habits have evolved over the years, the unparalleled feeling of enjoying a meal on the wooden dining table and dining chairs has remained the same. 

You will agree that your  designer dining table  remains a hub of activity like playing Monopoly, building school projects, or sitting with loved ones and chatting, making it endure immense wear and tear. Sometimes, the  dining table 4 seater  might also have to endure relocating or shifting homes. If you have invested in a  dining table online  from a renowned seller, it will last a lifetime, provided you religiously follow the  dining table maintenance  care regime. The  dining table set prices  vary based on the number of chairs with each set. 

How to Clean Your Wooden Dining Table?

Clean the wooden  dining table  regularly, as it is the spot where you have meals with your family regularly. To clean the  dining table with bench  made of wood, choose furniture cleaning products that do not contain any complex chemicals or abrasive substances that might cause irreversible damage to the polished surface, no matter the  6 seater dining table   price.  This is why we have curated some of the best cleaning methods, which will not only combat germs but will also safeguard your  designer dining table.  So, eating from the  dining table 4 seater  is safe while staying assured that it withstands the test of time.

Use Vinegar to Clean Your Wooden Dining Table

If you own a  dining table  with lacquer, varnish, wax, or oil finish, follow the five-step process below to maintain it in the best condition.  

1. Take a bowl with a cup of warm water and mix about 3 tablespoons of white vinegar. Diluting white vinegar is essential for lowering its acidity. It is a powerful ingredient with disinfecting properties, making it ideal for cleaning wooden  tables
2. If you have a  dining table  with an oil or wax finish, use up to 2 tablespoons of vinegar with a cup of water to clean it with a diluted solution. To clean the  wooden dining table  with lacquer and varnish, use a robust solution mixed with 3 tablespoons of vinegar in a water bowl. 
3. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the wooden  dining table  if it has a smooth top surface. If you own an  antique dining table  with a textured top, use a tiny thistle brush with soft bristles to clean it before wiping it with vinegar solution. 
4. Squeeze the cloth well after dipping it in the vinegar solution to avoid dampening the wooden table, irrespective of the  6 seater dining table price.
5. Then use clean water to rinse this cloth, wring and wiping the  designer dining table  surface to remove the traces of vinegar and dirt. 
6. Then with a dry and soft cloth, dry the  dining table,  ensuring there is no trace of moisture to prevent all kinds of damage in the long run. 

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    Alleviating Scuff Marks On Your Wooden Table

    As you tend to use the  dining table  much more than other  home furniture,  it shows signs of wear and tear. Follow these tips to remove such marks from your wooden  dining table

    1. You can gently sand the affected area of your  dining table  using a coarse sanding block or sanding sponge, ensuring the sanding follows the grain’s direction. If you sand against the grain direction, it will become unsightly and stand out. 
    2. Use wonderful sandpaper for slight scratches to blend well; for deep scratches, use sandpaper with medium coarseness. 
    3. Do not combine coarser sandpaper and fine sandpaper to grain the area, as it will not offer the desired effect. 
    4. Now wipe all the sanding dust off the surface before applying a coat of wax or oil. 

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      Removing Scratches On Wooden Table Using Crayons

      If your  dining table  has a deep scratch, it can be easily covered using your kid’s crayon. As the crayon is made of different types of waxes, it has a solid texture. So, crayon is a perfect find to fill up small gaps and scratches on your  designer dining table.  Choose crayons with colours close to the  wooden dining table with 6 seaters  you own, like earth brown, light brown, dark brown, golden beige, and more, to blend well. If you are unsure of picking the right crayon colour, the trick is to choose one shade darker than the wood colour of your dining table to achieve a natural look. Always choose food-safe crayons made using non-toxic wax for your  solid wood dining table,  especially when you have kids around. 

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      Dealing with Water Stains On Your Wooden Dining Table

      Water stains can spoil the overall look of your  dining table.  These stains develop as white rings by keeping your hot tea mugs or cool drink glasses over the wooden table. These stains sometimes form when you spill hot food or drinks. For black or brown watermarks, you can sand the area and apply a protective coating layer on it. 

      The cloudy white marks on your  designer dining table  are also the result of water trapped on the surface when cold items condense or the steam from hot food items. For such watermarks, use a hair dryer with medium heat settings and hold it over the stain at a distance of about 10 cm. After a couple of minutes, the stains will fade and go away fully after 15 or 20 minutes. 

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      Ensure you diligently follow the  dining table maintenance  tips to prevent short-term and long-term damages. To prevent further damage to your  dining table,  don’t directly put hot or cool vessels on the wooden surface; instead, choose placemats. Wipe your table as soon as you spill something. Ensure you buy a  dining table online  from a well-known furniture maker like  Athome  to stay assured of its quality. Just check their website today for  dining table set prices.


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