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The Perfect Dining Table For Your Home Is Easy To Find

The Perfect Dining Table For Your Home Is Easy To Find

Dining spaces have an unassuming presence in homes. They’re bustling with energy when there are people around. At other times, they’re the quietest spaces in the house. Everything in the dining area revolves around the dining table. It is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. But finding the perfect dining table is easier said than done. You have to keep many factors in mind when choosing a dining table. In this blog, we’ll take you through all the important aspects of choosing dining tables.

Factors to consider when choosing a dining table

What size should you choose?

The dining table size right for your home depends on a couple of factors such as:

The number of members in your family. Do you have a big family or a small one? If you have a small family of two to four, a 4 seater dining table would be perfect for you. But if you have a large family with more than four members, you should go for a 6 seater dining table.

Another factor to consider is the size of your dining space. If you have a small dining area, a four seater dining table would be more suitable compared to a six seater or an eight seater that are good for large spaces. First measure the space available for your dining table, then start your search.

Choose the material thoughtfully

You will find dining tables made from different materials - solid wood, MDF, engineered wood, plastic, metal, glass, and marble, among others. Choosing the right material for the dining table is important.

Consider the overall theme of your home decor. What is all the other furniture in your house made of? If it’s wood, a wooden dining table would be more appealing.

However, you don’t have to stick with wood. You can find beautiful 4 seater and 6 seater dining tables made of materials such as metal frames with glass or marble top. You should have the ability to imagine how a particular table would look in your house.

Consider mix and match if you’d like something unique and not a complete store-bought dining set. You can buy a wooden table and pair it with wrought iron chairs. Choose a table and chairs that complement each other well.

The design and style

An equally important factor is the design and style of the dining table. You’ll find a wide range of designs – minimal, decorative, antique, modern, contemporary, etc. Keep the following points in mind when you choose the design.

Look at the rest of your home decor style. What style is your furniture leaning on to? If it’s modern or contemporary, choose a dining table that would go with the theme.

Keep in mind if you’re planning to give a refresh to your home decor in the near future. If so, it’s better to go with a minimalistic style or something neutral that can mingle with all kinds of styles.

Always keep in mind functionality more than the style. Even though the design of a particular dining table might be attractive, is it going to meet your purpose? Look for details such as the finish, the durability, etc.

Consider the number of family members in your house, and how often you’d be having guests. If you would require a big dining table often, it’s best to go for a 6 seater dining table. Besides, choose a design that has a bench. That way you can accommodate one extra person.

When it comes to design, your personal style matters a lot. Give your dining space personality by choosing a dining table that matches your style. If you like bold and colorful, look for dining tables that have a bit of color or upholstery that has bold patterns and colors.

Some other factors to consider

If you already have a dining table that has good chairs that you’d like to retain, you could discard the table but keep the chairs. Then, based on the design, color, and style of the chairs, choose a suitable table.

Another way to revamp your dining space would be to retain the table but change the chairs. When you look for new chairs to create your dining table set, look for a matching dining bench as well. It will give an instant upgrade to your dining space. For example if you’re buying a 4 seater dining table, get a bench. This way you can squeeze in five people around the table.

Consider the angle or the exact spot where you’ll be placing your dining table. Some homes have smaller dining spaces and hence people have to place the table against the wall. Some homes have large and open spaces where the dining table can be placed diagonally as well.


A quick online search for dining tables will show you hundreds and thousands of options. But you’ll have to carefully sift through the best options. At-Home online store has made it easy for you. Here, you can find the best quality dining tables of all kinds of designs. Whether you want a 6 seater dining table or just dining chairs, you’ll surely find something you’ll love.

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