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The Ultimate Guide on How to Effectively Take Care of Your Dining Table in This Monsoon Season

The Ultimate Guide on How to Effectively Take Care of Your Dining Table in This Monsoon Season

The Ultimate Guide on How to Effectively Take Care of Your Dining Table in This Monsoon Season

Monsoon is approaching, and we are ready to enjoy the soft drizzles. Watching rain with a cup of hot coffee is the cosiest feeling. Before we dwell deep in our dreamy land and lose track of time, we must remember that moist and humid weather doesn't suit the  dining table.  It is crucial to prepare the  table  to battle moisture. If the table is properly maintained for a longer duration, it will retain its shine and durability. 

Before starting a  dining table care  regime, it is crucial to note that the same method can not apply to all  dining sets.  The material of the  dining table  decides the regime to follow. Don't worry! We have carefully curated this guide to protect your  dining table  from the monsoon. Explore different  dining table online  before making any decision. The dining set is a valuable piece of furniture.


Ways To Protect Your Dining Table From a Moist and Humid Climate

The alluring rainy season has started, wrapping thirsty land and us in the cosy and pleasing breeze. But the pleasant breeze is accompanied by moisture, which could harm your  dining set.  Let's look at a few ways to keep your  dining table  in good condition for a long time.


Deep Clean and Paint Your Metal Dining Table

Metal dining tables  are robust and capable of handling adverse weather conditions, but neglecting them for a long time will deteriorate their life span. Poor maintenance and constant exposure to water and moisture will erode the surface. You would not fancy a rusted  dining set.  Generally, regular cleaning is sufficient, but preparing furniture before the arrival of monsoon will add to the appearance and quality. Furniture like  Fortica 4 seater dining table sets  are low maintenance. Take a damp cloth to wipe the surface and remove any dirt and dust and then wipe it with a dry cloth to make the surface moisture-free. Painting your iron  dining set  is another way to add an extra protective layer.

Special Care for the Glass Tabletop

The glass-top dining table is the epitome of elegance and luxury. So it requires special attention care. Generally, good quality toughened glass is used in dining tables. However, knowing the kind of glass used on your  dining table  before starting your  dining table care  regime is vital. 

Then, go through the manufacturer's precautions and cleaning guidelines. Do not use abrasive material to avoid scratching the glass surface. Scratches will destroy the overall aesthetics of the  6 seater dining table  and will make it look old and shabby. A liquid detergent with a sponge will do the trick. It will easily clean and shine the surface.


Keep It Away From the Rain

A  dining table  by the window or open terrace is a romantic delight. Nothing can beat the warmth and luxury of eating in nature. But this set-up in monsoon is unhealthy for your  dining table.  Irrespective of the material used, direct contact with water will fast deteriorate the quality. In the case of wooden furniture, it might develop moulds and fungs that might lead to fungal infection. 

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Paint and Polish the Wooden Dining Table Before the Start of the Monsoon

When you last polished your gigantic  6 seater dining table If not, it is the right time to do it. The polish or wooden paint creates a barrier between damp air and the  table.  It will also protect it from insects and termites. Moreover, it will give a healthy shine to the  dining table  and make it look new. You can either polish or paint your furniture. The legs are crucial, as they are in constant touch with the cold and moist floor, making them susceptible to fungus and moulds. 

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Maintenance of the Marble Dining Table

Marble dining tables are low-cost maintenance furniture. It can withstand adverse temperatures and doesn't get affected by moisture. But even if it requires minimal effort, pick a cleaning agent cautiously. Read the ingredients list. Dont, use any agent that has acid as a component. Acide damages the marble. It will ruin the glossy white marble top. Your  dining set  is a precious asset; accidentally damaging it will be the last thing you want. The  marble dining table  is an elegant and sophisticated choice, but its heaviness makes it cumbersome. You can check out the  dining table online  and select from a vast range of  4 seater dining tables  to  6 seater dining tables

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Protect the Tabletop With a Table Cover

Generally, tables can stand occasional water spills, but monsoon brings a lot of moisture and dampness. The regular wood dining table will absorb the moisture from the air and start to rot. In such scenarios, a table cover comes in handy. It covers the tabletop and protects it from dampness, dust and dirt. It also helps in enhancing the aesthetic aura of the room. You will find different designs and styles in  table covers;  choose a cover for a  4 seater dining table  or a  6 seater dining table,  depending on your preference. 


The Plastic Dining Set Is Best for Outdoor Seating

Out of all the  dining sets,  the plastic dining set is the most versatile and budget-friendly option. And it just needs a bar of soap and scrubs for cleaning and maintenance. It is foolproof from the monsoon weather. Its strength to withstand adverse weather conditions makes it ideal for garden furniture. So next time you plan to enjoy the rain, you can comfortably do so with your  dining set

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It is time to enjoy the lovely season of rain. As you prepare to welcome the fresh breeze, these  dining table care  tips will help prepare your dining table to combat moisture and bacteria. So you can enjoy the cosiness without worry. Shop  dining table online  from the comfort of your home from  Athome.

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