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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wall Clock For Your Living Room

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wall Clock For Your Living Room

Whether you're trying to spruce up your living room or get ready to paint your walls, one thing you probably want to consider is your wall clock. Many wall clocks are available, making it difficult to determine which one would look best in your house and provide you with years of fun. 

Consider these tips for choosing the perfect wall clock for your living room

Think about what you want

There are many reasons to choose one clock over another, but they all relate to your needs and desires. If you want a functional way to tell time and look great doing it, we've got some tips that'll help point you in the right direction. 

Know your options

It's always good to know your alternatives. If you aren't sure what kind of clock you want, research and experiment with different types of clocks in person until you find the one that works best for your space. When deciding on an option, explore @home for style, design and functions; these factors will influence how appropriate a particular wall clock is for a given room.

Know how much you can spend

You want one that fits your interior design and style preferences. Before you rush out to buy a large designer wall clock or any other product, set a reasonable budget and make sure it's one you're comfortable spending on. If several products fit your taste and needs, consider how much they'll improve your quality of life before buying anything. Or, if all else fails, read some professional reviews online to help inform your decision. If you choose an expensive item that is not worth it, consider returning or exchanging it rather than holding onto something you don't like.

What kind of clock face do you want?

The first choice when choosing a wall clock is what kind of face you prefer. There are two main styles, analogue and digital, and each has pros and cons. 

  • The analogue is your classic round-the-clock, which works in nearly any setting. 
  • Digital design can be more attractive since it tends to be sleek and space-saving.

It can also seem cold and impersonal in comparison to a traditional clock. If you want a traditional feel in your living room, go with an analogue wall clock or go bigger if you’re willing to sacrifice some functionality.

Consider Size and Weight

The size and weight of a wall clock can be important factors. A large or heavy clock can damage your walls, so ensure that you have sturdy nails or hooks to secure it. For a fun twist on traditional wall clocks, try hanging one that rotates on its base; you'll never have to adjust it again. Another option is to hang four smaller clocks together in a square or rectangle pattern; if they're identical, no one will know they're all from different sets. So it's better to buy now!

Consider Style and Shape

Style and shape are the first things you should consider when choosing a wall clock. You must ensure that it complements your room's design without overpowering it. For example, if you have a space-themed décor, opt for something sleek and futuristic. If your living room feels rustic, pick a wall clock with at least one elegant element, such as etching or attractive wood inlay. The elements featured on your wall clock depend on what fits your home's decor best. Don't hesitate to try several styles before making a final decision. Check out @home!

Consider the Vibes You Want to Give Off

Before you run out and buy a wall clock for your living room, take a step back and consider what vibe you want to give your living room. A wall clock can be an excellent way to infuse personality into your living space; it's especially effective if it's unique or has interesting design elements. But you don't want it to clash or look like an afterthought. Consider what else is in your room or will be in your room before buying! 

How to Place a Wall Clock

It's past time for you to hang your clock! Following careful location selection, pursue these actions to ensure your clock is securely fastened to your living room wall. Note to enlist the assistance of a companion if you require it.

Step 1:

  • Use a fastener locator to discover the pair within your wall if you're trying to hang a large, massive clock.
  • If you don't have a pair, then anchor screws or nails to carry the weight of your clock.
  • Clocks weighing less than 20 pounds usually do not require anchors for help. 

Step 2:

  • Position your clock where you would like it to be hung.
  • After which, using a pencil, label the highest-ranked point of your clock.
  • When using a bulkier clock, have a friend carry it or start making the sign for you.

 Step 3:

  • The spacing between the top of the clock and the crossbar on the back of your clock must be measured.
  • Afterwards, using your pencil, put a mark with the same spacing down as your prior mark.
  • Start making your second mark 4 inches underneath the first if your hanger is 4 inches below your clock's.
  • When drilling, it's where your screw or nails will go.

 Step 4:

  • Safeguard your anchor(s) to the wall with a screwdriver or drill bits.
  • If your clock is lightweight and you aren't utilising anchors, you should be able to see about a third of the bolt.

 Step 5:

Finally, the clock is placed on the wall.


When it comes to decorating your living room, check out @home has a designer wall clock with a great addition. There are many types of wall clocks that you can use as well. However, if you're not careful enough when choosing one, you might end up with something that looks tacky or dated. These seven tips will help make your shopping experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

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