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Tips to Choose Artificial Plants and Flowers

Tips to Choose Artificial Plants and Flowers

Artificial flowers and plants are an excellent way to spruce up your abode.

Having plants in the home is a good thing, and most people agree with this thought. Plants help enhance one's mood, especially in difficult times when movement is restricted, spirits are low, and certain things may not be in order. Plants help bring a lot of cheer to a house. However, maintaining and keeping things alive, even if it is just a pot of some green plants, is not easy. Reasons may be many, such as you may have taken ill for a while, may not be at home for a stretch, or things may be too stressful for you to look after your plants. Whatever the reason, do not worry, as you have multiple options.

One of the best options is faux flora or  artificial flowers. Artificial plants have improved to a massive extent over the past years, and you can even mix up faux and real greens to get a unique arrangement. Explore @home by Nilkamal's collection to add the perfect artificial flowers to your home.

Read on for some fantastic tips to choose  artificial flowers and plants.


Advantages of Artificial Flowers and Plants

Let us first read about the advantages of artificial flowers:

  • No changing required: Live plants sporadically shed their leaves and flowers, thus, keep changing in appearance. This does not add the ideal appeal of an indoor or outdoor design. Artificial flowers always stay as they are. Periodic washing is all that is needed to keep them looking as good as new.
  • Less maintenance: Artificial greenery requires less maintenance and care as compared to live plants. 
  • Are more durable: The materials utilized in making artificial flowers are of cutting-edge quality and also enduring.
  • More real appearance: Some counterfeit plants look similar and practically look the same as genuine plants. 
  • Not restricted to one spot: Fake plants are not confined to one spot. You can move them at whatever point you need and spot them any place you like.

Do check out  @home by Nilkamal for its gorgeous collection of decorative  artificial flowers.

Tips on Choosing Artificial Flowers for Your Home

Let us now look at what one needs to look at while purchasing artificial flowers and   plants. Read on.

Check if the plants look genuine

While one needs to capture a sightseers' interest in vertical nurseries, one would prefer to not obtain some improper type of consideration. Thus, it is essential to see if the plants in an artificial nursery are the right shades, extents, and structures as they take after the regular plants.

Choose the type you want

While purchasing fake or artificial plants, it is always best to think about the type of plant you would like to keep in your home. It is a lot easier to purchase when you are sure about the type of plants you like. Thus, it saves you a lot of time instead of being undecided on what to select. It also provides one with an idea of how to decorate it.

Research the material of the plants

The key to using artificial flowers for decoration is to make them look as real as possible. This is why it is crucial to understand and research the material that looks real before purchasing an artificial plant. Once you understand the material, you also get an idea about how to maintain the  artificial flowers for home decoration

  • Silk Plants: Silk flowers are the closest one can get to real flowers. They usually have quite a lot of detail that differentiates them from other types of artificial flowers and makes them look so realistic. 
  • Latex Plants: Latex flowers and plants are generally described as fresh-touch or real-touch as the feel of the material imitates the feel of a fleshy petal or stem. These types of  decorative artificial flowers are made using moulds of real, living plants in an effort to make them look like real plants.
  • Foam Plants: Foam plants are the ideal choice if you want flowers with dainty and small petals. While they may not look very realistic, they can be integrated with other real or artificial flowers to make them look nicer.
  • Plastic Flowers: Plastic plants and flowers are generally considered the worst quality out of every other material. However, that is not always true. If you can pay a little more, then you will find some realistic and beautiful  decorative artificial flowers.


Understand the colours of artificial flowers and plants

Knowledge of the exact materials and how one is going to arrange the artificial plants are excellent, but one needs to make sure that whatever you select will work with the existing colour scheme of your house.

  • If you have a typical monochromatic colour scheme and need artificial flowers to bring life into the room, then choose bold coloured  artificial flowers for home décor.
  • If you want to stick to the muted colour scheme, then we suggest either lots of green foliage with no flowers at all or white flowers. 
  • A great way to make the  artificial flower decorations exciting is to assign a specific flower colour to each different room.

    Prepare a Budget
    Artificial flowers are well known for their affordability, yet it makes sense to have a budget to select and purchase the artificial flowers you would want to have.  



In the end, it all boils down to the kind of interiors you wish to have for your place. If you prefer real flowers and feel that you can maintain them, then go for the real ones. However, artificial flowers are an ideal substitute for those who want a natural environment at home but find maintenance difficult.

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