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Tips to Choose the Ideal Crockery Set for Your Dining Table

Tips to Choose the Ideal Crockery Set for Your Dining Table

We all go to the trouble of researching tasty recipes online when we have some guests over for dinner. Investing a considerable amount of time in preparing food for family or friends when we have them over is what we do out of love. 

Fine dining calls for the best crockery in your stock on the dining table. Dining opportunities are some memorable moments we spend now and again. So it is time to consider whether the right crockery sets are in your fine dining collection. Besides adding a superior class to your dining experience, it also adds a hint of glamour to the sumptuous meal prepared.

Experience Fine Dining in Different Styles

A range of available dinner sets can be procured for sensational dining experiences. Varying styles, materials used to craft them, size options and the class, whether formal, semi-formal or casual. One may buy a  crockery set  based on the type of set-up in the dining room. An everyday dining set can be purchased for daily use, whilst an exotic variety for formal dinners with guests. Sorting out the varieties of  crockery  items in your kitchen is essential to distinguish between formal and casual types. 

Different Materials Available in Crafting Dinner Sets

Depending on the materials used in making dinner sets, they may be classified as formal, semi-formal and casual. Read on to learn about the different types available. 

1) Formal dining sets

  • Stoneware  

As the name suggests, this  dinnerware  is crafted from opaque, non-porous and well-baked stoneware. The ceramic ware is quite heavy and well vitrified. Since the basic material is ceramic, it is breakable when dropped from a short distance and must be handled with care. The expensive material is resistant to liquids and is therefore used in making water jugs. 

These dining sets are apt for formal fine dining. The lovely-looking dining sets are available in different pastel colours and intricate detail. They do not get chipped easily and can last long if handled delicately.

  • Bone China

These dining sets are very smooth and have a shiny appearance as they are crafted from bone ash. They are baked carefully at high heat and are, therefore, resistant to high temperatures. The cutlery is available in fine thickness and is not so heavy to handle. 

The classy sets are available in remarkable patterns and designs engraved on them. Hence they are pretty expensive and ought to be carefully handled. They make elegant dining sets and are long-lasting when used delicately. 

  • Crystal

Crystal is a type of lead glass which is solid and fine. The molten lead heated up to very high temperatures is blown into desired shapes with the help of a glass blower. Ultra-thin cutlery is made using such fine material. They are available in delicate shapes and are expensive but very durable. 

2) Semi-formal dining sets

  • Porcelain

These dining sets are made from porcelain and are very delicate to handle. They are easily breakable and do not tolerate high temperatures, so the foods must be added to them at warm temperatures. They also retain colour and scratches easily. Whilst soda is a suitable method of removing the stains, scratching the surface of the porcelain ware is a big no as it can render it without shine. These items are best maintained with hand washing, as loading them into the dishwasher may lead to cracks and faster breakage. The porcelain ware is available in many trendy designs and colours.

3) Casual dining sets

  • Bamboo

These are wood-based dining sets that are crafted from Bamboo grass. They are all natural products and are entirely biodegradable. Hence they make excellent dining sets for outdoor and informal dining. Since they do not break easily, they are easy to maintain and can be handled roughly. The  Bamboo cutlery  is cheap and may be washed in dishwashers.

  • Melamine

These  dining sets  are crafted from unbreakable melamine resin, and they may be cleaned very quickly and are thus easy to maintain. Since they look like porcelain, they make suitable substitutes for formal dining sets. They are lightweight and easily tolerate hot food and may be cleaned in dishwashers or hand washed. Free from BPA, they make excellent cutlery for kids' parties. They are readily available in beautiful designs and shapes and are inexpensive in the pocket. 

  • Stainless steel

These dining sets are made using metal stainless steel. The hardy metal is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and is thus used to keep food warm. They are now available with insulating material on the exterior, which adds a class to them. They are unbreakable and therefore last for long periods. Suitable for kids and adults, the dining sets are available in varying sizes, thicknesses and shapes. Choose the steel dining sets for daily use as they do not react with the food and are very healthy. They are not very expensive and can be directly kept on the stove to warm up the food if needed.

  • Terracotta

Clay is baked in the kiln to craft  earthenware dining sets.  They are shaped into different forms and available in several sizes too. They are resistant to high heat and are non-porous by nature. Also, they are excellent for heating the food in a microwave oven as the clay does react with the food. They are highly prone to chipping and must be handled with care. The cutlery sets are inexpensive and, therefore, excellent for daily use.

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One of the best ways to care for cutlery is to soak them in water before washing them, which allows any scratches to be formed on the surface and retain their sheen. It is also essential to know the number of items available in a dining set when you want to buy them. Most dining sets are available either in 48 items, 36 items or 24 different items.  Check out the vast range of  crockery  items available @home by Nilkamal online and buy the appropriate varieties at the soonest.

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