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Tips To Decorate Ganesh Chaturthi Bhog With Amazing Crockery

Tips To Decorate Ganesh Chaturthi Bhog With Amazing Crockery

During Ganesh Chaturthi, god is offered bhog, which is then distributed among the devotees. The bhog consists of various Indian deserts. The ten-day festival may have different dishes each day. The main aim of offering bhog to god is to keep him delighted. It is believed that during this festival, god visits our home as a guest for ten days, and we as hosts prepare various dishes to make him happy. 

Typically when guests arrive, we always serve various delicacies in a beautiful crockery set. Why not serve bhog in different crockery? It will not only decorate your offerings but also grab everybody's attention. Read along to learn how you utilise various crockery sets to decorate bhog dishes.

Excellent Tips To Decorate Bhog Dishes

Below are some tips for using different crockery for decorating bhog this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Wooden Plates For Modak

Modak is considered the favourite dessert of Lord Ganesha. It is a small dumpling traditionally made of flour, jaggery and coconut. So, devotees make various Modak like chocolate Modak, fried Modak, dried fruit Modak and rava Modak during Ganesh Chaturthi. While serving this delicacy, you can use  wooden plates.  To decorate, place banana leaves or a pan on the plate, then keep the Modak on the plate. Lastly, you can decorate with rose petals or saffron strands. You can even use grated coconut to decorate the sides of the vessel. Try out a special Modak this Ganesh Chaturthi and decorate the dessert with simplicity.

Square Plate For Sheera

Sheera is an easy-to-prepare sweet dish with ingredients like rava, dry fruits, ghee, milk and cardamom. It is a quickie recipe if you are in a hurry someday or want to make a simple dish. You can even try various Sheera like Badam Sheera, Cashew nut dry coconut Sheera recipe, Moong Dal Sheera, Rava Sheera recipe, Ragi Sheera and more for variety. This dish can be prepared quickly, and you can add your touch as you like. To serve Sheera, add the dessert into a bowl and then turn it upside down on a  square plate.  It will give your Sheera decoration the perfection of a five-star hotel. You can decorate Sheera with dry fruit. Moreover, keep a small wooden spoon on the plate. 

Dinner Set For Puranpoli

Puran Poli is a famous dish in Maharastra, Gujarat and South India. In Maharastra, the recipe for this sweet flatbread has chana dal (split chickpea lentils), jaggery, coconut, cardamom and ghee. Serve this tasty dish with warm milk or a spicy curry made with chana dal water. This dish has variations in different parts of India, and variety can be seen in the filling and the preparation of the flatbread. With variety, the taste of Puran Poli increases. Serve the Puran Poli, and it's deep, using a beautiful  dinner set.  Place two bowls on a plate, pour the dip, and place the Puran Poli in the dish. Arrange them properly for the serving; you can spread ghee or butter on the top. 

Deep Triangle Bowl For Basundi

Basundi is a rich dessert of India known as rabdi in North India. The main ingredients milk, sugar, saffron and cardamom. Nowadays, people have come up with a variety of flavours, which includes Pineapple Basundi, Orange Basundi, Basundi Pinakota and more. Basundi is even served with puri during bhog. The best way to serve Basundi is to use a  deep triangle bowl.  This bowl will give a unique styling to the dish. Add some saffron strands and dry fruits to give it a colourful look. You can even use a bowl set to distribute Basundi among devotees and loved ones. If you are planning to serve some puri with Basundi, you can bowl, plate and spoon from a beautiful dinner set.

Platter For Motichur Ladoo

Motichur Ladoo is also considered one of the favourite desserts of Lord Ganesha, and so, it is a must in a bhog. This Ladoo is made up of gram flour, ghee, baking soda, edible food colour, cardamom and sugar syrup. Firstly tiny balls called Bondi are prepared and then mixed with sugar syrup. After which, the mixture is kept on the palm to give the shape of Ladoo. Place Motichur Ladoos on the  platter.  Layer them up as a small mountain, keep them one after the other or create structures of your choice. You can even add dry fruits on the top of each Ladoo to make it eye-pleasing. This Ganesh Chaturthi, you can make a Motichur Ladoo Whipping Cream Parfait for a variety.

Round Plates For Gujiya

Gujiya, also known as Karanji in various parts of India, is a dumpling filled with grated coconut, khoya, dry fruits and cardamom. The outer layer of Gujiya is made with rava or maida. You can even experiment with Gujiya by preparing chocolate Gujiya, Walnut Brownie Gujiya, Gulkand Gujiya and Khas Gujiya (Poppy Seeds). To serve Gujiya, you can use  round plates.  Place the desert in a way that it creates a beautiful shape or keep them randomly. Add grated coconut, rose petals, crushed dry fruits or saffron strands. You can even use a small basket, bowl, or platter to serve this delicacy.


Serving a bhog can be a creative thing from today. Buy the best serving sets from  @home  to make your Ganesh Chaturthi special. Choose the plates, platter, bowls, glasses and dinner set according to your sweet dish and make the best use of them. Lay out your imagination on the mouth-watering dessert to draw everyone's attention. Try a new variation of your dessert and decorate it creatively to make the best Ganesh Chaturthi bhog. Even Lord Ganesha will love your hardwork and will surely make the god happy. Wishes of prosperity and happiness from the house of Nilkamal.

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