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Top 10 Tips for Choosing Crockery to Click the Best Food Photos

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Crockery to Click the Best Food Photos


Food photography has certainly grown in demand among the youth, but to click the best food photos, you need to ensure that the  crockery  you are using looks good for the camera.  Browse for  a range of options available to select the best crockery that suits your requirements, available exclusively at  @home by Nilkamal.

When starting food photography, you need to be extra cautious while choosing  crockery plates  because a crockery plate personifies the appearance and adds to the ethereal visual appeal of lip-smacking food. Presentation of food becomes necessary as food photography requires using  crockery  efficiently, according to the type of food, portion size etc. Let’s look at the various tips for choosing crockery for the best food photos.

Go for White Plates and Keep Them Clean

Food which is prepared and presented artistically requires  crockery,  which adds to its visual appeal and brings out grandeur in the form of exciting food photographs. One tip to take good food photographs is to go for plain white crockery, as it is the safest option if you are looking for something creative. Being too creative might ruin your food photos, so going for plain white crockery is the best option in this scenario.

Furthermore, you should ensure that you keep the  crockery  items clean since no one would like lip-smacking food prepared with the finest intricacy being served on a  plate  which doesn’t look clean or is unhygienic.  Check out  a plethora of crockery options avail of different designs, available at different price ranges, exclusively at  @home by Nilkamal  Furniture.

Go for Plain Bowls and Crockery Small In Size

When you are looking to take some exciting food photographs, you want the detailing to be at its finest and crystal clear. Try out plain  bowls  as they can add an extra element of detailing to your food photographs, ensuring that the vibrance and the essence of the food being served are carefully captured. Also, a bowl takes up less space through which you can easily zoom in and redefine the detailing of the image to its absolute best.

Another important tip is to ensure you go for small  crockery  concerning the size. A small  plate  will be helpful as it can fill up a small food portion, leaving out some extra space and giving you ample opportunities to style your plate according to your preference.

Our Tip: Try using small  bowls  and  plates  for food with fewer portions and effectively ensure that food is scattered around the plant while plating, leaving no area left aside or empty.

Dark and Matte Crockery Is the Need of the Hour

Going for plain white  crockery  always is not a good idea. Sometimes the food being presented demands that you use some dark connotations in your plating, which is why dark crockery is essential for plating light-coloured food. Using Dark Crockery for food which is specifically light in colour, will add to the visual appeal of the food in the form of the photos being taken.

You can also use matte  crockery  or earthenware crockery, as light does not affect it. In situations of low light, you might be unable to capture the essence and the vibrance of the food, and this is where matte crockery comes in handy. Despite the low light, it ensures you can take scintillating food photos with crystal clear quality, as low light does not affect matte crockery while taking pictures.

Going for Square Plates With Low Ridges Is Also a Great Option

If you are tired of the same conventional style of using circular plates for presenting food, then trying square-shaped plates will give a fresh look to the food being presented. Taking photos of a square plate is quite hard because they tend to look a bit imbalanced at times, but once you get it right, it would turn out to be one of the best food photos in your album.

Crockery plates with low ridges also come in handy. Many people tend to shoot low to zoom in and get that perfect shot from a different angle to capture that extra essence of detailing for their food photos. Here,  plates  with low rides would certainly help as it would show the different layers of the food being presented, and it won’t obstruct you in any way from showing off different aspects of the food presented through your food photos.

Mix Things Up and Use Paper

Another important tip is to mix things up, which means using an extensive  crockery  collection made up of wood, metal, and iron is important. Don’t just include ceramics in your kitchen crockery items. Mixing things up with plates made of cast iron and wood would always give you a fresh experience in your food photos.

Last but not least, you have to ensure a paper is used somewhere or the other with crockery to add a fresh tone of clarity to your food photos. Extensively using parchment paper, tissue paper and brown paper bags wherever required creatively will lead to that perfect click of food you have been waiting to take for a long time.

Summing it up - Conclusion

These were the ten various tips for choosing kitchen  crockery  items to take the best food photos. Crockery, when used properly, with the type of food being presented, will bring out the best food pictures with sharp and crystal clear quality, detailing the food intricately.  Buy  various crockery sets of different designs and colours exclusively from  @home by Nilkamal.  You can order online in the comfort of your home and enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery within no time.

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