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Trending Designer Wall Clocks - Get Inspired To Create Your Timeless Masterpiece

Trending Designer Wall Clocks - Get Inspired To Create Your Timeless Masterpiece

Designer wall clocks are gaining popularity in interior design projects; for a good reason, and they are both practical and beautifully decorative. These timepieces can help you keep track of time without taking up valuable counter space in your kitchen or bathroom and can add a charming focal point to any room in your home or office that could use some extra visual interest.

Why buy a designer clock?

Designer Wall clocks come in different sizes, colours, materials, patterns, shapes, and designs, but most importantly, they look great on a wall! There's nothing like having an accessory serving a purpose and can become an important part of interior decoration or adding character to any space at home, in your office, or living room! Choosing a proper clock is very important. Now you should stop searching for an instrument that tells us what time it is. Check out one of these amazing art pieces @home and find out how you can include some great vintage pieces into your interior design creations.

Always buy a designer wall clock for living room because there's no better way to express yourself through colour, pattern, and texture than with a piece of art that also tells time. Many options are available when shopping for designer clocks, from modern minimalist styles to rustic antiques. Add them to your walls or use them as centrepieces on coffee tables. The possibilities are endless when you access such an array of style choices. 

So buy @home and take advantage of all our special offers while supplies last!

How did designers influence the modern lifestyle?

Each era had its innovative designers who defined a certain lifestyle; for instance, Alexander McQueen for his morbid creations, Christian Dior for his New Look, etc. They greatly influenced how we dress up today and how we feel wearing something new daily. The fashion world is always developing recent trends each season that define what will be worn next year or ten years from now. Influential designers mark our hearts by giving us something new to check every time they design their collection; they capture our emotions with their talent, imagination, and creativity through worn clothes, loved, and admired. Artwork may be lost over time, but clothing lasts for generations even if you wear it just once.

What is the best way to display the clock on the walls?

Some people prefer to hang their clock on a large piece of art, some need one simple hook that's installed at eye level, and others install them right above their mantelpiece where they can see it easily when sitting down in front of their fireplace or reading a book on one of their comfy chairs while enjoying a hot cup of tea after a long day at work.

5 Proven Ways to Use Wall Clock Decor

Items once prevalent and useful often become trendy, classic, and exquisite as technological advancements. The big goal is to combine mechanical watches into our interior decoration in a way that appears deliberate and well-curated, instead of obsolete or out of date. Keep reading for professional guidance on incorporating clocks and other time-telling patterns into your home in novel and eye-catching aspects.

The Measure Is Everything

The measure is critical when deciding where to place a clock for decoration. Understand the dimensions of the wall and the room's remaining decoration to help you determine what measure you demand. A large clock will look fantastic on a big open wall. Consider using a tabletop clock to adorn a smaller space, such as an office or a bedroom, by placing it on a rack or a desk.

Consider Alternatives to Wall Clocks

When trying to add a timer to your room, you likely think of a wall clock somewhere for your desk or shelves. But there is an alternative! Don't neglect standing clocks! There seem to be a lot of cool trying-to-stand floor clocks that can fit into any home décor style if you have a little open floor space. 

Include Clocks in Gallery Walls

That doesn't imply wall clocks are obsolete. Large-scale wall clock that serves as the central focus of a room have their place and time, but relatively small wall clock can be integrated into bigger screens. Since of their common circle form, wall clock for living room are ideal for breaking up the rectangular shape and large square shapes of photo frames on a gallery wall. Clocks in more abstract and natural shapes are also available and are perfect for adding aspects, so buy now.

Avoid These Locations

If you have in mind attempting to include more clocks into your home décor, the experts recommend avoiding a few rooms while experimenting with the chronograph movement trend. One should skip the bathroom in exchange for a wall clock or any timeout for that issue. Even though clocks are great for layout, they also serve a useful purpose, and having one in the restroom is unnecessary.

With Caution, Chop, and Change

Suppose you're thinking about putting numerous clocks in one room. If you're willing to use various clocks in the same room, keep all the clocks' locations and weights in thought. You should not have two or more clocks of the same level in the same room if they are showcased as a sort of artistic statement next to each other on a bigger wall. Based on its feature, homes, for instance, are ideal locations for numerous clocks, such as one tabletop clock and one wall clock.


Wall clocks play a fundamental role in our homes. They have been around for many centuries, starting with sundials, water clocks, hourglasses, and, more recently, the digital ones that we know today. But they all remain an important part of our home design; not only because they provide us with a sense of time but also because they're visual art pieces. Explore now @home.

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