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Trending Flowerpots: What’s Hot in the World of Container Gardening

Trending Flowerpots: What’s Hot in the World of Container Gardening

Gardening has been one of the world’s favorite hobbies. Far from being extinct, it seems to have caught on with the younger generation. With global warming becoming a major concern, people are now willing to go to any extent to make even a minuscule contribution to saving the Earth from its ill effects. So while some homeowners are proud pioneers of home gardening and vegetable cultivation, some are willing to have a small space that releases some oxygen to save the planet. Those homeowners who do not have enough space have taken to container gardening- using  planter pots, hanging planters and  planting stands with flowering plants help to contribute to enhanced greenery. The enthusiasm has paved the way for new ideas, concepts, and innovations in gardening. Read on to learn more about container gardening if you wish to create your own tiny greenhouse in your den.

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 What is container gardening?

As people moved to cities searching for a better life and better prospects, their gardening explorers dwindled. They struggled to find out how they could nurture green spaces within the confines of an apartment or a balcony. However, over time, people discovered that this was just a minor issue. With a handful of  planter pots, containers, little sunlight, and water, they could have an ornamental green space in the confines of their home. A hanging planter or a planting stand with some evergreen plants could serve as a sight for sore eyes at homes or offices.  There are different ways of practicing container gardening. Read on to find out more.

Outside container gardening

Using containers outside could be a great way to give vent to your gardening desires and also extend the architecture of your house. You do not have to use flower pots bought from stores. Use what you have. Used bottles, cans, or even used wheelbarrows that you pick from a sale could help you plant stuff that can be appealing to the eye. A few ideas for outside container gardening:

Pick up a can and let it rust

Plant your  greens in a can and leave it outside to rust. The oxidation of process will not affect the health of your plants, and when they can rust, it will lend your space a rustic and traditional look.

Avant grade or 3D planters

If you are willing to spend some money and like the contemporary style, then invest in a 3D planter pot that looks chic and suave in your front space. From inspired sculptures to figures that hold herbs and plants, these can definitely enhance the look of your patio or even your balcony.

Concrete planters

More suited for those who have a condominium, bungalow, penthouse, or garden apartment, concrete planters are robust containers for plants. They lend a trendy look to the large space, and if you fill them with plants in a riot of colours, it raises the look by several notches.

Indoor container gardening

With the trend of increasing high rises, indoor container gardening has caught on with homeowners. The  hanging plant, planter pots, and  planting stand are innovative ways to achieve style and functionality. A few ideas for indoor container gardening:

Fiberglass planters or ceramic planters

With this trend of planter pots, homeowners can arrange, add and subtract plants within their living spaces to spruce up the look. From cacti to bonsai plants, these planters can enhance the look of your space.

Glass containers

Glass containers can be pretty pots to display plants from top to bottom. Plants like English Ivy that are well-equipped to live without soil look wonderful in glass containers. In glass containers, you can watch the plant grow, and the roots sprout. The beauty of glass containers is that they can hang from the ceiling, making them look elegant.

Hanging planters

If you do not have enough floor space,  hanging planters in a range of materials could hold plants that flower and bloom. Nowadays, you get hanging planters in a rattan cachepot hanging with a rope for a boho look.

Planting pot stands

An excellent innovation by designers and engineers to elevate the look of flowering pots to eye-catching positions. Planting pot stands use the vertical space in homes, and plant pots address the marriage between desire and style. From bohemian style to sassy copper, planting pot come in different sizes and styles.

Commercial container gardening

Planter pots and flowering pots are a major trend towards a greener future. Plants are mood enhances and also help to relax. Why not grow your own vegetables in a tiny space? It could help you with consuming fresh food and also help make your contribution to the environment.

Allotment planting

You could make a concrete rectangular container or source a spacious spot to grow herbs, vegetables, and spices. It could help to reduce variable costs and also complement your display.


When it comes to container gardening, variety is the key. Mix and match the type of plants and the kind of gardening techniques to create a versatile look. If you have the space, you can have your own vegetable garden, large plants, and hanging planters to create a vibrant style. A combination of container arrangements lends a cool and fresh look to your garden. Pick your type and hop on to the container gardening bandwagon. Simple, budget-friendly and exciting, container gardening is a hobby that one can easily pursue. It just takes a little bit of time and effort and some basic knowledge to own your own exemplary green space. Get your hands on home decor and other essentials from  @home by Nilkamal.

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