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Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Perfect Dining Table for Your Home

Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Perfect Dining Table for Your Home

The dining area is the part of the home that stands out the most being the focal area. And the centre of the dining area is the dining table set comprised of a dining table and matching chairs. These dining sets are available in a range of patterns, sizes and shapes. To have the perfect dining table for your home, know the different points to consider, like size, shape, material and overall design. Read the detailed guide that will enable you to select the perfect dining table for your home. 

Detailed Guide on How to Choose Dining Sets

Know about how to go about selecting the most suitable dining table for your dining area. 

1) Space within the dining area

The quantity of space within the dining area is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing dining sets. Since the dining set has to fit the dining area, the exact dimensions of the dining area have to be measured. The distance between the dining table and the wall of the dining area has to be a minimum of three feet. This gives enough space to move the chairs around and around the dining table. Clearing the dining table is also easier when there is sufficient space around it. 

2) Design of the dining table

The pattern of the dining table has to suit the design of the dining room. Whether the room has a traditional, contemporary or Scandinavian look, the pattern of the dining table set must match the surroundings. 

Some concepts to consider in the design of dining tables are as follows.

  • Vintage style: these sets are intricately made with carved woodwork on the border and legs of the dining table. Also, curved legs on the table and chairs with cariole designs give a vintage look to the entire set. 
  • Country style: Such dining furniture varieties have a farmhouse design with rustic patterns and open looks. They are primarily made in heavy wood patterns with exposed wooden surfaces. 
  • Contemporary style: These diner sets have a sleek and modern design with straightened trimmed edges and smooth finishing. Different types of materials may be used to design modern diner sets, such as glass, metal or wood varieties. 
  • Industrial style: These have a firm design that is made either from metal or wooden materials.
  • Scandinavian style: These sets have a sleek and slim design with angled chairs that give a smooth look overall. The dining table may be wall mounted, too, for cleaner maintenance purposes.  

3) Shape of the dining table

Different shapes to consider when choosing the shape of the dining table are square, circular, rectangle, triangle, oval, etc. Ultimately, the size of the dining table influences the shape of the table you can choose. Whilst compact rectangular and triangular shapes are more suitable for smaller spaces, oval and circular shapes suit larger dining areas better. The shape you want in the dining table can be customised to a size that fits the dining area. The seating arrangement around the dining table varies with the shape too. Whilst a rectangular table calls for a seating of either 6, 8 or 10 people; circular tables usually accommodate a maximum of six people.

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4) Material of the dining table

The durability of the dining set is dependent on the material used to construct it. Wooden sets like oak, teak, mahogany, etc., are hardy, strong, and long-lasting. Especially when covered with a glass cover top, these dining tables can last for generations and need very little maintenance. The glass top also reflects light and enhances the brightness within the room. 

Granite tops on dining tables are also relatively easy to clean and maintain. Metallic tables must be carefully used to avoid scratches and rusting possibilities. 

The material chosen for the tables has also to match the design of the room. For example, a dining table with a quartz top looks elegant in a traditional setting. 

Whilst a damp cloth is ideal for cleaning a glass top; a wooden top needs more care with minimum exposure to dampness. 

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5) Seating arrangement

The type of chairs selected are influenced by the seating arrangement that suits the table size and shape. Whilst chairs have always been the traditional seating arrangement for most dining set varieties. There are modern benches available too. These benches have changed the entire seating concept with their spacious yet compact sizes. More number of people can be accommodated on a dining bench as compared to a dining chair. So a mix and match concept that involves dining chairs and dining benches is the modern approach to accommodate more people. 

Also, the design of the chairs has to suit the dining table design along with the material used for construction. When you need to buy dining set online either 6 seater or a 4 seater dining set, choose a suitable seating arrangement based on the size of the dining area. 


Dining furniture includes a suitable dining table and dining chairs that are meant to be kept within the dining area of the home. The exact area of the dining room has to be measured before selecting the desired dining set. The number of seatings desired, whether 4 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater or 10 seater has to be decided upon too. Based on the preferred material used for the construction of the dining table, whether metal, wood, glass, granite, etc., one may choose a desired variety. Make the best of the detailed guide provided above in selecting the best dining table set. Scroll through the varied collection available at_home and buy dining set online for your dining room. Different colours are available on the dining tables according to the type of material used to construct them. The cost of the dining set varieties varies with the seating arrangement and the material used. 

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