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Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Dining Table for A Small Space

Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Dining Table for A Small Space

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear 'dining room'? Images of laughing faces over a cup of tea, delicious food served on a beautiful table, and the peace when your loved ones surround you. If you also love lip-smacking food and gossip, the dining room must be your favorite spot in your entire house. 

Whether you have a spacious dining room or space crunch, you ought to have a dining set. Choose the right dining table according to your area. A large dining table swallows space if you have little dining space. Consider every aspect to have the perfect dining set for your house. Check out the dining sets at @home for great deals.

Tips To Select The Perfect Dining Table

  • Right Material For Your Dream Table

With varied options available at the market, it is choosing the right material for your dining table set. B can be difficult. It is the one aspect that you cannot overlook. Do not consider buying stone table tops. They are heavy and will create a more crowded look. Instead, you can go with: 

Solid wood dining tables

If you are a fan of wooden tables, then you can go with solid wood dining tables. They are sturdy, durable, and in rich dark brown colours that look exquisite. However, they can make your little space look more crunched. You can go with small, light-weighted wooden tables with four chairs. 

Dining tables with glass tabletops

Dining tables with glass tops can create an illusion of extra space in the room and serve your purpose without spoiling the room's overall look. Glass tops are the perfect combination of modern and contemporary looks. To add elegance and luxuriousness to your interiors, you can go with clear and frosted versions of glass tops.

  • Choose Dining Set As Per The Requirement

Before buying the dining set, figure out how many people will be using the table.

If you have a small family, then go for a four-seater. There are many trendy options available in this category. If you want to accommodate more people, you can replace two chairs with a bench. Adding a bench to your regular four-seater arrangement will increase the space around the table and make the room more refreshed and newer.

dining table set of table design, four chairs, and a stylish bench is your ideal option for accommodating a large family. Many traditional dining set designs come with a bench that makes the whole set look trendier and more modern. 

  • Check For Space Available For Your Dining Table
  • Remember to consider enough space around the dining table. Otherwise, adding the dining table to your little space would make your room even more petite. It is suggested to leave at least three feet around the dining set, even when chairs are pulled out, to allow free movement around the table. You can then tape the area and measure to choose the right dining set.

    • Right Shape To Create More Space

    Shape matters, and it just does. The right shape of your dining table and chairs can leave enough space to give you a perfect dining experience. Consider the shape of your room and decors for a perfectly balanced look.

    Square-Shaped Dining Table Set 

    Generally, in apartments, the living area is combined with the dining space leaving very little room for your dining table. In case of a similar situation, go for a square-shaped dining set. It includes a dining table design with four sturdy chairs. You can move the chairs under the table to give your room a clean look. The geometry of these designs creates a sense of symmetry in your room. Ideal for smaller spaces, they can be placed in the corner or at the centre of the room as per the room décor.

    Round-Shaped Dining Table Set 

    If you are looking for a table set that will give your room a classic and high-end finish, then go for round-shaped dining tables. It adds a different vibe to your space and added cosiness allows people on the table to converse better. After all, that is what you want. With no corners, you can add chairs as per your guest numbers. These dining tables can fit in any corner allowing the maximum number of people. Buy @home to get the perfect dining table set.

  • Dining Sets That Do Not Spoil The Room Aesthetics
  • Before investing your hard-earned money in a dining set, make sure you know about your sense of style and aesthetics. In simple words, you must be aware of your taste in furniture to match the vibe of your whole house. Choose a suitable dining set that serves the style and vibe of your room. Mixing and matching can only work when you are playing carefully. You cannot add industry-styled dining set to your traditionally decorated room. Choose the right dining table set that creates space and does not kill the vibe of your room.

    For your little space, choose smaller chairs. The ones with slender legs are perfect for accommodating more chairs, and their maximum functionality allows a maximum number of people to be seated around the table. Small chairs with heavy cushions and slender legs are best for little spaces and add a minimal look to your room. The inviting vibe from these chairs will make guests feel comfortable and indulge in delicacies served on the table.

    Every year the palate changes. Choose the ones that are timeless and go well with your interiors. Trending contemporary and rustic looks are perfect to go with any décor. Use the tips above to avoid blunders when searching for a dining set.


    Explore @home for the latest deals and check out new collections of dining table sets. Choose what feels right for your house. After all, the end decision will be yours.

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