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Update Your Living Room with Stylish Sofas to Welcome Guests On Ganapati Festival

Update Your Living Room with Stylish Sofas to Welcome Guests On Ganapati Festival

A home with a comfortable seating arrangement and a welcoming vibe helps achieve a perfect visual balance when having guests celebrate the Ganapati festival together. Having guests celebrate any traditional occasion together sounds fun, but paying attention to the seating arrangements is essential to keep your loved ones comfortable. The rightly placed  sofa  will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your abode while allowing free movement, which is essential for creating a relaxing ambience. 

Sofa,  being the focal point of your living room, should be a thoughtful decision, as it should foster relaxation and comfort and encourage socialising to make your living room look lively. Whether it is a  modern sofa design  or a simple traditional  sofa,  you can choose any one based on the living room décor that you wish to refurbish. Whether you have a spacious apartment or a compact home, you can find an  L shaped sofa,  3 seater sofa  or  2 seater sofa  to cater to your specific seating requirements. Check out the latest  sofa  styles to give your guests the best first impression as soon as they enter your home. 


Latest Sofa Designs to Captivate Your Guests On Ganapati Festival 


Elegant Sectional Sofa With A Simple Design

Sectional sofas have been grabbing the onlooker’s attention since the Victorian era. However, its modern avatar debuted in the furniture industry during the 1950s. The unique design of the  L shape sofa  is a stunning amalgamation of different sofa pieces. Generally, the  L shape sofa  arrangement comprises five or three pieces that bond together to form a spacious sofa with an attractive ‘L’ shape. 

Most homeowners prefer to invest in a  modern sofa design  as they can accommodate many guests simultaneously without making them sit tightly in cramped spaces. Sectional sofas or  L shape sofa  are the epitome of space-saving style and comfort, making the  Corbin Corner Sofa  a straightforward choice to fit well in a spacious corner in your living room. The  sofa  is a practical choice to use up the nook and corner to save space and give room for other furniture pieces like a  recliner sofa  or  chairs


Stylish Curved Sofas with Unique Look

The sleek and stylish  sofa  designed with a distinct curve has recently attracted attention in the interior world. You might have spotted some of these beautiful furniture pieces when browsing an upscale lifestyle magazine. But the good news is, you can bring one home by shopping online at a well-known furniture seller specializing in  modern sofa design.

This curvy-edged  3 seater sofa  can be a great addition to minimalist and modern homes, as the  Giorgio 3-seater sofa  can make an impressive yet subtle statement. With an exceptional design, this  sofa  can be placed as a centrepiece in chic apartments, accent pieces in palatial homes, and a  recliner sofa

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Comfy Chaise Lounge for a Relaxed Ambience

Sporting a unique design and style influenced by the French and Egyptian styles, this comfortable  sofa  has been decorating homes since the 16th century. These  2 seater sofa  sofas called Chaise Lounge are plush furniture pieces crafted using upscale upholstery material and wood. It has a compact dimension with a  modern sofa design  and is an apt choice for small living rooms, studio apartments, and offices. 

The  Lorenza lounger sofa  is spacious enough to accommodate more than five individuals, making it a perfect choice to have hearty conversations with your friends during the Ganapati festival celebration. The  Giorgio lounger chaise  has comfortable and stylish contours, allowing guests to put their feet up while relaxing while sitting back. This stylish  sofa  is a durable addition to your living room and requires minimal maintenance. This  3 seater sofa  is also a great choice to enjoy an outdoor party with your loved ones when celebrating festivals and special occasions. 

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Compact Sofa with Storage for a Mess-Free Look

Magazines, toys, and bags strewn across the floor can be unsightly when welcoming guests to your abode on a particular day like the Ganapati festival. How about choosing a  sofa  that meets your seating demands and storage woes? Yes, you heard it right. The  2 seater sofa  is an excellent addition to homes with limited spaces, as it has a special compartment for storage incorporated into its structure. 

Equipped with a  modern sofa design,  this  L shape sofa  with storage is an apt choice to have clutter-free floors and mess-free rooms when you have small kids at home. The storage compartment of the  Shirley lounger sofa  is concealed to double up as a seat for your guests, which can be pulled up to store your stuff to look organised and clean. This  sofa  has premium upholstery and flaunts an ergonomic design to provide ample back support even when seated for a long time. 

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Tufted Sofas to Lend a Sophisticated Look

You can easily spot a tufted  sofa,  as it flaunts a sleek and distinct design featuring elegant stitches or self-covered buttons forming an interesting geometric pattern. It flaunts a  modern sofa design  and a fantastic square or diamond-shaped tufting with uniformly spaced indentations across the upholstery. 

This  sofa  design is based on the Victorian style and can be a royal addition to modern homes with artistic decor. The  Roslin Sofa  is an excellent addition to your home with trendy decor, as it looks stylish and sophisticated with its classy design featuring tufted patterns running across the fabric upholstery. It is a sturdy choice for your home as it has strong pine wood legs and needs a simple maintenance routine. 

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Parting Thoughts

Sofas can be a great choice to cater to your guests’ seating requirements, as they are soft, cushiony, and ergonomically designed to keep them comfortable for a long time. They are the focal point of every living room, so choosing the perfect sofa mustn’t be taken lightly. Whether you love Victorian, French or Egyptian-influenced furniture, find all types of sofas when shopping at  Athome  at different price ranges.

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