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Upgrade your bedroom wardrobe with @Home styling

Upgrade your bedroom wardrobe with @Home styling

Be it the kid's room, your private bedroom, or your main bedroom, a well-decorated wardrobe can become the room's focal point. Also, it is a static fixture compared to other pieces of furniture that you may replace if you become bored with them.

There is a lot of clutter in the average wardrobe, and you rarely think to update it (unlike the clothes that hang inside). Your daily routine begins and ends with its design. Getting dressed in the morning doesn't have to be a struggle. This article provides information on how to update your bedroom  wardrobes  today.

Choosing the Right Hangers

Get rid of 20 per cent of your clothes that you will never wear again before you do anything else. You have already increased your  wardrobe's  size. The right hangers can help you create even more space. For example, make use of thin wire hangers instead of thick wood hangers, for example. On the other hand, a velvet hanger is incredibly thin and does not slide off clothes while freeing up a lot of space.

Check for some wonderful  hanger collections from @home.

Consider a Rail Extender

It is a great way to double the storage space in your wardrobe if yours is tall enough to accommodate a rail extender. You can position the extension to prevent your clothes from rubbing against the floor, and you will have complete control over where it is placed. Rail extenders that don't extend the entire length of a wardrobe are also available. This way, you will be able to hang full-length suits and dresses.

Install Hanging Shelf Organisers

It is essential to have hanging  shelf organisers in wardrobes  that provide you with de facto shelves without having to purchase other pieces of furniture or renovate the closet. They are perfect for storing accessories like shoes and socks. You can also add hanging organisers if you want to organise specific items, such as scarves or ties.

Setup a Storage Unit Behind the Door 

In most wardrobes, the backs of doors are wanted space, but you can use them to store items like ties, shoes, and random beauty products. You could even hang purses, ties, and jackets on the door using storage rails or hooks, depending on the size of your wardrobe. Try some such  collections of cabinets at @home  today!

Think About Having Drawer Unit

Depending on size, a chest of drawers might be an excellent addition to your wardrobe, depending on its size. You can use this to store delicate undergarments and supplement the limited storage space in your dresser. In addition, you can find racks that extend to store shelves. This way, shelves are created in the closet where you can place shirts, folded skirts, and other items. On them, you can also put light storage baskets and jewellery organisers. A lot of drawer unit storage wardrobes are available at @home online. Explore those huge varieties of collections now to get an idea about this pattern.

Some Decoration Ideas for Your Wardrobe

Try Some Checkers

You will surely win compliments from your friends and visitors with a check-patterned wardrobe. It is possible to achieve this look with two different types of laminates or by creatively applying self-adhesive easy-to-remove wallpaper to the wardrobe doors. Don’t forget to match the colours of your checker wardrobe with the interior of your bedroom.

Animate the Doors

Your little girl can decorate her wardrobe with this easy DIY project. You can instantly liven up wardrobe doors with animated stickers or paintings without spending much.

A Door Knob Can also Make a Statement

Choose funky door knobs/handles to complement your  plain white wardrobe.  It throws a bright colour and a fun atmosphere into the room without being too bold or overwhelming.

Try Decorative Laminates

Instead of solid colours, use decorative laminates to create interesting patterns in your wardrobe as an alternative to wooden wardrobe doors.

Check out some decorative  laminate wardrobe collections at @home  today!

A Mirror Reflects a Mirror

By adding crystal clear decorative mirror panels to the wardrobe, the decoration maximises the bedroom space and exudes elegance and sophistication. In addition to reflecting the light, the panels make the room look brighter and more spacious.

Slide Away Design

It adds a luxurious ambience to the bedroom with a black and silver sliding door wardrobe. It's a great idea to install sliding doors in small bedrooms since they don't take up a lot of floor space and can be easily operated daily. Explore more sliding wardrobe designs at @home now!

It's Neater with Trims

 A combination of textures and patterns is possible when using architectural wooden trims on  standard wardrobe  doors. As well as enhancing the wardrobe's exterior, they mimic the room's interior and mimic the royal look.

Bedroom Wardrobe Can also Hold Secret

Have a secret side compartment in your wardrobe. It is to store all the items that are small and not frequently used. The inside can even be mirrored to create a space-saving dressing area.

Opt for a His and Her Wardrobe Design

A separate wardrobe for him and her will maximise your space and enable you to store items according to your lifestyle and needs. Or, you can split some shelves in your wardrobe for him and her. So, it provides the additional benefit of getting dressed up quickly. While splitting, you can use some symmetrical by adding some patterned/etched glass to the doors.


By using lighting, you can  make your wardrobe look more attractive  rather than plain. The use of LED bulbs can add light to dark interiors. In addition to saving wall space, a four-door wardrobe with a mirror will allow you to eliminate the need for a separate dressing table and mirror. There may be unnecessary items on a shelf or table if the wardrobe has extra storage, either with drawers beneath or a loft above. Before choosing or upgrading your wardrobe, consider these steps and ideas.

It is possible to transform your bedroom into a style statement by decorating the wardrobe in your bedroom. Decorate your bedroom with a space-saving and stylish wardrobe from  @home.

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