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Wall clocks to complete the decor of your living room

Wall clocks to complete the decor of your living room

Among all functional decor items for homes, there’s one that’s a must-have. Without it, you cannot really function. We’re talking about the wall clock

Wall clocks are available in different designs. Some clocks are almost a combination of  wall art  and clocks. From quirky to minimalistic to decorative to vintage – choosing a wall clock for the living room can get confusing. 

Let’s look at the different options of wall clocks and how you should select one for your home.

Different types of wall clocks

Decorative wall clocks

Wall clocks  can be decorative or simple. Decorative wall clocks lend well to homes that have a decorative theme and elaborate furniture and decor pieces. Decorative wall clocks can be made of different materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, or a combination of a few different types of materials.

Minimalist wall clocks

Some people prefer a minimalistic decor style in their homes. Simple lines, neat structures, and just the basics. For these kinds of homes, minimalistic wall clocks are the best options. Neutral colors such as black, white, beige, gray, or light shades such as blue, and brown would gel well with minimalistic decor style.

Vintage wall clocks

There’s a lot of difference between modern, contemporary and vintage designs. Clocks too, are available in all these design styles. Vintage wall clocks for the living room lend well to modern and vintage style homes with antique furniture. They have a timeless quality that can go well with many modern decor styles, as well. 

Nature inspired wall art 

You must’ve seen the classic cuckoo clock. Inspired by nature, it has a small cuckoo bird that coos when the clock strikes time. This is just one type of nature inspired clock. There are many others that are more like wall art. A clock in the shape of a  bird cage with birds  around it,  clocks with flowers  and floral patterns, or  animal themed wall clocks  – the options are many.

Abstract wall clocks

Another  wall clock design  style is the abstract design. Think abstract shapes, or a coming together of different geometric shapes that combine to become a clock. Abstract wall clock designs go well with modern and contemporary home decor styles. Whether you want to place the wall clock in the living room or the study room or the home office, abstract designs can mingle well with different rooms. 

Factors to consider when buying a wall clock

Best place to hang a wall clock

While choosing a good wall clock is important, it is equally important to choose the right spot to hang the wall clock. The wall clock should be hung in a spot where it is easy to see it. It should be in a place that is common to all family members, for example, in the living room or the dining room. 

Choose the best color wall clock

Wall clocks are available in many different colors as well. Think red, yellow, blue, brown, white, and the entire color spectrum. But which color should you choose? The answer is, a color that matches the overall color theme of your house or the room. For example, if you’re buying a wall clock for the living room, consider the color of the living room walls, curtains, the sofa upholstery, etc. And then narrow down the color for the wall clock. 

Hang the wall clock on a textured wall

Another way to create an eye-catching effect with and around your wall clock is to paint your wall in a special texture. Then, hang your wall clock on the wall. This way, you can have stunning wall art as well as your timepiece. Another way to make your wall clock stand out is to make it a part of a painting on the wall. Place it off-center to create a more dramatic look.

Create a cozy spot around your wall clock

Your wall clock isn’t just another functional decor item in your living room. If you put in some effort, you can easily enhance the space around the wall clock with other elements. Think photo frames, and other wall art such as dream catches, scrolls, etc. 

Go bold with your wall clock choice

If you want to add character to your living room decor, you can choose a bold and unusual wall clock. For example, you could choose a large wall clock that covers an entire wall. Or you could create an installation with a couple of wall clocks on one wall, each showing time of a different time zone. Let your imagination soar and you can create your own personalized, bold wall clock wall. 

Consider the wall clock price

While the options for wall clock designs are many, so are the prices. You can choose wall clocks from a wide price range. If you’re on a budget, the best way to select a wall clock is to narrow down your search based on your budget preference. Buying wall clocks online makes this process easy.

Over to you

So, have  you made up your mind about what kind of wall clock you want for your living room? If yes, the next thing you should do is head to  At-Home online furniture store  to choose the best wall clock for the living room in your home.

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