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Wardrobe Designs for a Stunning Makeover for your Bedroom

Wardrobe Designs for a Stunning Makeover for your Bedroom

The bedroom is not just about designing and decorating or fitting the right  bed  with the  mattress.  Bedroom furniture  like bedroom wardrobes,  dressers  and  side tables  add an aesthetic appeal to the room. Although we spend one-third of our day sleeping on our bed in the bedroom, a significant amount of time is spent scurrying through  wardrobes  looking for clothes and other essentials. A bedroom wardrobe is the perfect private storage solution for all your things, and a bedroom is practically incomplete without storage space. It makes no sense to just have an impressionable bed in the bedroom without storage for essentials.

There are a lot of designs for bedroom wardrobes available. But when you are about to design your bedroom or go for a makeover, you would want to choose  closets  with a contemporary and modern look. You can choose an elegant wardrobe design that has ample space, looks chic and also leaves enough room space for you to move. Wardrobes are a piece of furniture that can be built, modified and designed in any manner. A bedroom wardrobe could range from a sliding wardrobe and mirrored wardrobe to single-standing ones. Interior designers and furniture manufacturers have come up with several designs that you can select from to make your bedroom a paradise.  Explore  the different kinds of modern wardrobe designs from  @home collections.

Sliding door Wardrobes

Sliding door  wardrobes  are a treat for small bedrooms where space is a constraint. With sliding doors on both sides, it can accommodate shelves, drawers and an area with hangers for clothes, belts etc. It looks stylish from the outside and has ample storage space inside. With the doors available in different colours, you could easily pick one that matches the colour of your bedroom walls.

Monal wardrobe

Monal  wardrobes  are in trend for those with large spaces in the bedroom. The design is unique, with six doors and handles that are long and square in shape. All the drawers and shelves are arranged in a series with pull-out drawers. There is also a hanger space available, making it the perfect piece of  furniture.

Elevated Wardrobe

If you have a  wardrobe  space carved on your bedroom wall, then this one can easily fit inside your room. It consumes less space and offers more storage as the space is already created. Simple and easy to assemble, this kind of  wardrobe  requires less time to design and is a visual treat too.

Vinyl Dorr Wardrobe

A popular choice in apartments today, the doors of the  wardrobe  are made of vinyl with aluminium frames. Consumers today do not want too much of a wooden finish because of functionality and maintenance. Lightweight and durable, the doors look modern with a smooth finish and last longer as they do not need hinges which can become loose with wear and tear. They can also be wiped with a wet wipe or a damp cloth, making them easier to clean. 

Vintage Styled Wardrobe

Old is gold, and there is something mystical and inspiring about vintage themes. So if you like the old-world charm and want to incorporate it into your  bedroom,  then this style will be the best. With traditional doors that open outwards and drawers and shelves with compartments, this kind of wardrobe is ideal for any kind of storage. 

Laminated Doors Wardrobe

If you like to have a painted finish to your  wardrobe,  then pick the laminated door wardrobe. You can paint it any colour, texture or design, and it will amplify the look of your  bedroom  easily. The door can be laminated in ply or timber as per your liking, and it can change the room's layout completely. If you like decorating your room well at an affordable rate, this is the best pick for you.

Mirrored Wardrobe

A  wardrobe  with mirrored doors could be a boon if you do not have enough space in your bedroom for a mirror or a dresser. The mirrored wardrobe reflects the space around the room, making it look more spacious. Most mirrored wardrobes have sliding doors, making them space efficient too.

L-shaped Wardrobe

Most traditional and new homes prefer this kind of  wardrobe.  Normally attached to the corner of a room, the L-shaped wardrobe has a lot of space and can also accommodate an open shelf to fit the décor accessories. As it extends to a large part of the wall, it has the allowance for drawers, hangers and open shelves. Choose the best L-shaped wardrobe from the  @home collections  website.

Portable or Stand Alone wardrobe

Wooden, steel or plastic, this one is ideal for those who do not plan to stay in the same place for a long time. It is ideal for those who like to keep things simple. It can be placed in a  bedroom  of any size and moved to any other room as per one’s convenience.

Opti-panel Glass Wardrobe

With a frosted glass effect on the door, it lends a modern and contemporary look to the bedroom. It is perfect for those who like chic styles, and the  wardrobe  itself has ample space with hanger rails, drawers and shelves for storage.


Wardrobes  are essential to any bedroom nowadays. With demand for storage space increasing, consumers are looking for wardrobes with space, functionality and aesthetics. With research and constant innovation, bedroom furniture has evolved from being just storage to a piece of eye-catching décor. Consumers want the best for their bedroom, and the wardrobe is no exception. Browse through elegant  bedroom furniture  that includes wardrobes from the  @home collections  website that will fit seamlessly into your bedroom. Decorating or redesigning your bedroom is now a breeze with the options available at @home.

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