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Wardrobe Designs To Match Every Modern Home

Wardrobe Designs To Match Every Modern Home

Bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe is a must in every home. It helps us keep our home organized. It allows us to find essential items when we require them. Imagine what it would be to look for a pen, a needle, or that overnight travel bag if you didn’t have a wardrobe to organize these different items. Our homes would be in a big mess!

But choosing the right kind of modern bedroom wardrobe is no easy task. With so many options available in furniture stores, you can get easily confused. And that is why, we’ve put together this curation of the best wardrobe designs for your home.

Two door wardrobes

Two door wardrobes have two doors. These are among the most popular types of wardrobes.  Two door wardrobes  have enough space for storage. It includes space for hanging clothes, racks and drawers for storing other clothes and accessories. The two door cupboard is also useful in other rooms, apart from the bedroom. The two door wardrobe can also be used to keep home linen such as bedsheets, blankets, etc.

Three door wardrobes

Three door wardrobes are sort of a combination of a two-door and a single door wardrobe. These modern bedroom wardrobes have three doors. It is bigger than the two door wardrobe, which means it has more storage space, too. Since it is larger in size, a  three door wardrobe  requires more space in whichever room it is kept. One must also consider breathing space of a few feet around the wardrobe.

The doors of the three door wardrobe would open on the outside. This would also require space. Hence, the wardrobe should be kept in such a way that it is easy to open and access.

Four door wardrobes

Four door wardrobes  are sort of a combination of two double door wardrobes. This wardrobe size is the largest, and hence, requires the most amount of space. Four door cupboards have ample space for keeping things. 

While 4 door wardrobes have a lot of pros such as more space for storage, it has some cons, too. If a room is small, a four door wardrobe might not leave space for other furniture in the room such as a  dressing tablelounge chair, etc.

Sliding door wardrobes

Wardrobes have two types of doors — those that open on the outside or sliding doors. Sliding doors open sideways and not on the outside.  Sliding wardrobes  look neat. Most sliding door cupboards have a minimalist look and vibe.

Sliding door wardrobes are suitable in small rooms which do not have enough space for doors to open on the outside. It is difficult to have a mirror on a sliding door. Some sliding door wardrobes have mirrors on the side of the cupboard.

Wardrobe with mirror

Many wardrobes have a mirror on the door. Some wardrobes have more than one mirror. This makes it easy to avoid having a dressing table in the same room because the mirror on the wardrobe can double up as a mirror which can be used to dress up as well.

The mirror could be either full length or half length. One should consider some factors before buying a  wardrobe with a mirror  such as the quality of the mirror, the sides of the mirror should be sealed so that it won’t hurt anyone. Usually sliding wardrobes do not have mirrors on the front of the doors.

Wardrobe for different rooms

Wardrobes can be kept in different rooms such as the bedroom, washroom, walking closet area, store room, study room, kids’ room and guest room. You can choose a wardrobe design based on the room in which you are going to place it.

It goes without saying that a modern bedroom wardrobe design and the storage facilities should be chosen based on the purpose of the wardrobe. If you’re going to store more home linen and less clothes and accessories, you could choose a wardrobe that has adjustable storage space.

Factors to consider when buying a wardrobe

  • Consider your storage needs. This will depend on the amount of things you have and need to organize in the wardrobe.
  • Another important aspect to factor in is the space available in the room to keep the wardrobe. Smaller rooms might not be able to accommodate large wardrobes such as three door or four door wardrobes.
  • If you do not have enough space, you could consider a sliding wardrobe.
  • Consider the interior of the wardrobe. It should have ample space to keep different items such as clothes, shoes, accessories, valuables, etc.
  • The design of the wardrobe should match the other bedroom furniture in your room.

Your turn to choose the best wardrobe

Now that you know the different wardrobe options, you should make a note of the key factors such as space available, your storage requirements, the room in which you’d be placing the wardrobe, etc. and then zero in on a good design. Head to  At-Home online furniture store  to look for a modern bedroom wardrobe and  bedroom furniture

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