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Wardrobe Designs- Types and Styles

Wardrobe Designs- Types and Styles

Wardrobes are just not about storage. The correct wardrobe is not only spacious but it also   the theme, style and aesthetics of a room. The wardrobe is no longer a storage accessory rather it is a powerful tool to express your style statement. Wardrobes are also getting multifunctional.

 As the wardrobes are getting their due as a decor furniture, they are also revamping themselves by gaining many forms like a sliding wardrobe, hinged wardrobe, 3 door wardrobe amongst others.

Before we get into the types of wardrobe designs, remember the salient factors that should aid your quest for finding the perfect wardrobe.


  • Measure the room. Measure the area where the wardrobe has to be installed. Find out the exact depth, width, height of the area.
  • What is the best exterior layout that would match with the interior of your room- for eg- a 3 door wardrobe, glass sliding wardrobe, traditional wardrobe.
  • The structure of the wardrobe- whether it is free to form, whether you need an inbuild wardrobe, a floor to cieling wardrobe.
  • The functionality required. How many drawers, storage demarcations do you need? Do you need a multifunctional wardrobe?
  • Material of construct- whether wood, MDF, laminate, steel or other.
  • The door mechanism required.
  • The budget you have.
  • The load bearing capacity of your wardrobe.


Here are different wardrobe design ideas


  1. Traditional Hinged Door Wardrobe- This wardrobe design has been there for time immemorial. Traditionally all homes had wardrobes with doors attached to the body of the wardrobe with hinges. The doors open wide at 90 degrees. This is one of the major advantages of these design of wardrobes. It enables the entire contents of the wardrobe to be visible at once. There are some fabulous designs available

    The other advantage of this wardrobe design is that the door can be used to hang slim things like scarves, ties, multiorganiser. The drawback is that it needs space in the front to open and close.
  2. Sliding Wardrobe- The current choice of most urban homes, this wardrobe is where the doors slide to the right or left and open. They don’t open in front of the wardrobe. The doors slide side to side on a channel track created. This is one beautiful piece available

    The biggest advantage of bedroom sliding wardrobe is that they take no room in front of the wardrobe, neither does it obstruct the traffic in the room. They are often designed for large rooms or longer rooms that can have larger wardrobes. Though they also work well for small and confined areas.

    The only disadvantage is visibility. The entire contents can’t be viewed at once and it conceals one side of the wardrobe.
  3. Walk In Wardrobe design- They are the most coveted kind of wardrobes. Possible only for those who have large spaces. Not only are these sophisticated, they are also a slice of life. They have sufficient storage for just about everything. Not only does this require space, but also a huge cost as investment to outfit the closet. But otherwise walkin closets are dreams.
  4. Free Standing wardrobe- If you are in a transferrable job or you need to shift or change your furniture often, then this is the most perfect wardrobe for you. The wardrobe is free standing, which means that it can be moved around. It is generally made of steel or other lightweight material that helps it being moved.

The other advantage of this kind of wardrobe is that you can keep things on top and make use of the vertical space.

  1. Customised wardrobe- Nowadays wardrobe designs have become more fluid. You can have a three door design, a study table built in a wardrobe, shelves, dressing table all built in a wardrobe. These are the kinds that help you save space and are multifunctional.


The wardrobe decor is also becoming intrinsically important. Choosing a mirrored finish door, or a solid wood finished door, the options are endless. The sliding door wardrobes don’t need support of hinges, therefore, can be made of steel,  mirror. They also have scope for murals to be made on them or be decorated with wall paper.


Hinged door wardrobes on the other hand look great with coloured panel options and wooden finishes.


This blog has been designed to help you choose the best wardrobe that looks great in the interiors of your room. With newage options coming up, it is extremely important to select the one that has the right fit and look for your room. Check out some of the trendy and designer wardrobes here at-home.


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