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Wardrobes - A Storage Solution and More

Wardrobes - A Storage Solution and More

Cupboards  hold significant importance in our lives. It would not be true if you say that you never spend much time with your cupboard. Every person spends about 15 minutes of their day rummaging through their cupboard to find what they need. The lack of time, urgency and many other factors bar you from organising. A  wardrobe  is not just a specific storage space for clothes and other accessories but also an important part of your productivity during the day. One of the main reasons people spend a lot of time looking at their cupboards is their functionality. A  wardrobe  could be replete with drawers, chests, and hanger rails- but is it about just that. They are places of social engagement that speak volumes about your identities and values. 

Owning a full and diverse  cupboard  is a delight, providing you great excitement and joy when you dress! Still, finding the space to store your collection will always present a challenge, especially when you have delicate pieces of clothing, accessories, jewellery and more. Regardless of the size of your room, you will sometimes find yourself craving more room for all your belongings. You cannot have a bedroom where things are scattered around or left in different places, and you want one common storage for all your things so that you can reach out to them conveniently. Take a step back and consider how you could work with your existing space. Explore  cabinets,  sliding door cupboards, or a  3-door wardrobe  that could be a storage lover’s dream from the  @home collections  website. A cupboard could become your source of joy, ensuring that there is room for everything you possess. You could easily harness a storage solution like a  3-door wardrobe  into a functional space reducing your stress on space. Explore how you can transform your storage space into heaven!

Stop Treating Cupboards like a Storage Space

You might be a victim of the “hoarding syndrome”. Be it a sweater, bag, pencil case from school, or a dress you bought impulsively and ended up storing. You might think that you would need those items sometime in the future. Well, it has been proved that if you do not use something for over six months, you may never end up using it. Declutter your  cupboard.  Upcycle, recycle, donate and see the miracle that follows more space, less clutter and loads of time.

Categorise- It is Crucial

Be it daily essentials, occasion-based, precious things- classification is key. Sort out your cupboard into sections to make it easy to access. This saves time every day as you know exactly where to look for what. Looking for things takes most of your time whilst you are close to your  wardrobe.  So try to invest and look for a cupboard with compartments that will make it easier to segment things.

Segment according to what you need every day

Typically, one would get dressed in a particular order- clothes, accessories like belts, earrings, make-up, socks, shoes, jacket, and coat. Arrange your  cupboard  in sections so that you don’t walk across rooms to find the things. Every minute you waste accumulates, but you can prevent this by organising your clothes and items. Why not save time and snooze a bit longer in the morning?

A Wardrobe With a Mirror Can Be a Good Choice

Modern design trends incorporate mirrors on doors so that you can dress yourself up quickly. Mirror  cupboards  are designed to help you expand your living space and also help your room look larger. They add an interesting element to your bedroom apart from helping you groom yourself. Buy a mirror cupboard now by visiting the  @home  website.

User-friendly closet

A  closet  that opens and shuts easily is everyone’s favorite, and sliding doors are the answer to this. If you have the space to create a cupboard with sliding doors, then it will only add efficiency to your actions apart from saving time.

Shelves, drawers, and chests

If you have a  closet  replete with shelves, drawers, chests, hanger rails and more, then it becomes easier for you to segment your things. Make sure you have a small section where you can keep things ready for the next day. It will be extremely helpful if you are an extremely organised person. Minimise chaos with this personalised segment in your cupboard.

Reserved shelf

You might often have things that you need to transfer from the  closet  to bags or carry with you constantly. But these things could be of great importance. Your phone, wallet, cardholder, keys etc. Keep a shelf in your cupboard that will store these things so that you can always look for them when you are in a hurry and in a panic.


A  wardrobe  is not just a piece of furniture in your bedroom. Defining a cupboard as just a piece of furniture or a collection of things specific to someone is also only a partial definition. Remember, a cupboard is an integral part of your bedroom furniture. It is not just a piece of storage where you can shovel things. It needs to be a place that calms you, just like your bed. A cupboard should never put you in distress, especially when you have to leave early in the morning. Storage may be your aim, but organising should be your priority. Thanks to the evolution of design and changing trends, manufacturers now innovate cupboards and try to customise them as much as possible. @home is no different. Check out a wide variety of designs and collections at  @home by Nilkamal  that are built to suit the demands of consumers. Visit the @home website to order a cupboard online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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