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Which Type of Bedsheets Is Ideal for Winter: Polyester or Cotton?

Which Type of Bedsheets Is Ideal for Winter: Polyester or Cotton?

Good quality sheets for bedding are normally made from the two basic fabrics, cotton and polyester, that dominate the market. Both types of materials are commonly found and preferred by most people. Which fabric is best for different weather conditions based on its weave pattern? And which will offer the most breathable option? Which material is better and the reasons for selecting a particular type are discussed below in detail. 

Know more about which are the ideal  bedsheets for the upcoming winter season.  Bed linen normally consists of comfortable sheets that ought to be suitable for every person. Whether one wants a  cotton bedsheet or a  polyester bedsheet, find the  best bed sheets available at-home has a range of  luxury bed sheets that you may check out. Read on to learn the basic differences between the two fabrics and their pros and cons. 

What is Special About Polyester Sheets?

Polyester sheets, as the name suggests, are manufactured from Polyester fabric. The fabric is completely synthetic, and the sheets do not require a lot of processing due to the manufacturing process of the fabric. Therefore, these sheets are available at a cheaper cost. Polyester is soft and lightweight in design, and the sheets tend to be static because of the manufacturing process. Sometimes the material is mistaken for silk due to the tight woven design. 

Types of Polyester Sheets

Some of the common polyester blends in polyester  bed sheets are listed below.

  • Microfiber bed sheets: They are made completely from polyester fibres and are lightweight with a smooth feel. 
  • Blends of nylon with polyester: They are an integration of nylon with polyester fibres and almost feel like microfiber sheets.
  • Blends of cotton with polyester: The  bedsheets  are combinations of cotton fibres with synthetic polyester threads. Since cotton fibres are heavier, polycotton fabric is quite thick and softer than the other varieties of  bed sheets.


Advantages of Polyester Bed Sheets

  • Since the Polyester fabric is highly durable, the sheets designed from the fabric are also durable. 
  • The sheets need a simple laundering process and dry quickly.
  • Being cheap, they are easily affordable.
  • The sheets are resistant to wrinkling and thus easy to handle and use. 

Disadvantages of Polyester Bed Sheets

  • The sheets do not have much breathable quality.
  • The feel of the fabric gets rough with prolonged use and is therefore not suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • The fabric produces a static effect. 

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What is Special About Cotton Bed Sheets?

The bed sheets are made from cotton fabric made from natural cotton fibre. The type of weaving used and the cotton fibre density determine the sheets' thickness. The thread count of the cotton fibres is also important to know the fibre length. Longer threads give bed sheets of better quality that last longer. They are softer, and those with a thread count of 200 and more are superior to the other varieties. 

Types of Cotton Bed Sheets

  • Supima sheets: They are made from very long cotton fibres and are thus very soft to the touch. They can be long-lasting and do not fade away soon as they can retain the colouring dyes more efficiently. 
  • Egyptian sheets: They are designed from special cotton available in Egypt and are super soft to feel. The cotton fibres are finer and longer, giving them a super soft effect.
  • Sateen sheets: They are made from fibres that are initially treated with acid and lye. It seals the fibres and extends their durability. The sheets have a lustrous effect on them and are heavier than the other varieties.
  • Jersey cotton sheets: They are made from woven cotton fibres which give a stretchable effect to them. The fabric is thus resistant to wrinkle formation. 
  • Percale bed sheets: The  bedsheets are generally crispy to feel as they are made with a tight weaving style. Although made from regular cotton fibres, the strong weaving pattern gives them a fresh ironed effect. 
  • Flannel bed sheets: They are constructed from cotton fibres that are woven loosely. It gives the sheets a fluffy effect that can contain body heat and are thus ideal for the winter. 

Pros of Cotton Bed Sheets

Some advantages of  cotton-based bed sheets have been listed below to help you in deciding what type of sheets you should get.

  • The all-natural origin of the cotton fibres makes them ideal for those who have allergy problems or sensitive skin.
  • The breathable quality of the fabric makes them cool at all times and is therefore suitable for the summer season. 
  • Cotton is soft and gets softer with prolonged usage.
  • It is fairly easy to launder and dry the sheets from cotton fibres.

Cons of Pure Cotton Bed Sheets

Despite the many advantages of cotton bed sheets, there are some minor cons to consider.

  • The sheets are prone to wrinkles.
  • The material is expensive.
  • Since the fibres are natural, the threads break down faster.

Comparison of Cotton and Polyester Bed Sheets

The best way to decide between polyester and  pure cotton bed sheets is to look at the pros and cons of both materials. It is important to understand both fabrics' climate, thickness, durability and skin benefits. Polyester tends to be cheaper and more durable than cotton fabric, and it is also not prone to wrinkles and can be directly used after laundering and drying. Cotton sheets are natural and the  best bed sheets for those with sensitive skin and allergies. 

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The sleep pattern, weather conditions, skin type and budget are some points to be considered when selecting a variety of bed sheets. After all, comfort is the most important factor when it comes to getting complete sleep at the end of a long day. So consider the different pros and cons discussed and make an informed decision. There are  cotton bedsheet varieties,  polyester bedsheet varieties and blends of both available online  at-home where you can browse through. Buy  bedsheets online from the comfort of your home for hassle-free home delivery.  You can also shop for  living room furniture,  mattress,  wardrobes or more.

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