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Why You Must Get Dohars For Your Bedroom

Why You Must Get Dohars For Your Bedroom

It’s always exciting to buy something new, especially when it is for your bedroom. Afterall, we spend one third of our lives sleeping. And so, everything in the bedroom has to be top notch. While we get the best bedsheets, the most comfortable mattress and pillows, matching curtains, we forget an important element – dohars or blankets.

Dohars and blankets are a necessity during cold weather. They keep us warm. Apart from that, blankets also help in enhancing the look of the bed and the bedroom. In this blog, let’s understand what are the different types of blankets and how you should select the perfect one for yourself.

What is a dohar?

A dohar is a type of blanket. Dohar is thicker than the usual blankets. Dohars have a layer of cotton between the top and the bottom layers. Dohars are perfect for the winter season or for those who sleep in the air conditioner. You will find a wide range of dohars and blankets online.

Why should you get dohars and blankets?

It keeps you warm and cozy

Blankets and dohars are a necessity in cold regions. They are also used on a daily basis, at times, all through the year in some places that have pleasant weather. For people who sleep in air conditioned rooms, blankets are a necessity. They not only keep you warm but also enable you to sleep comfortably.

They enhance the look of the bed

One of the best ways to style your bed is layering. The mattress is covered by a bedsheet, covered by a blanket and completed with a throw. Blankets and dohars that have beautiful prints and patterns on them enhance the way the bed looks and feels. Not just that, they add personality to the whole bedroom.

Blankets can be good gifts

We’re often left wondering what gifts to buy for our friends and loved ones. Ever thought a blanket could be a good gift? One that’s functional, too. Blankets are good options for gifting especially if the occasion is a festival or a housewarming ceremony. If it’s a kid’s birthday, look for fun kids blankets as gifts.

Cotton blankets can be used all year round

Now, it’s not necessary that people use blankets only during the winter season. You can use blankets throughout the year - whether it’s winter, monsoon, or even summer. While you would need thick and warm blankets in the winter, for the summer, you can look for thinner blankets. Thin blankets can keep you cozy and comfortable.

How to choose blankets?

Choose the right size

Blankets are available in different sizes, mainly single blanket and double blanket. The most basic way to choose the right size is to get a single size blanket for a single bed and a double size blanket for the double bed. You can use single size blankets on a double bed, but using a double size blanket on a single bed is quite difficult.

Select the right material

Dohars and blankets are made of different materials such as cotton, polyester, poly cotton, etc. Choose the material of the blanket based on your preference. Cotton blankets are good for those who have skin allergies. Polyester and poly cotton are easy materials to wash and dry and hence easy to maintain. You should pick the material that is most suitable to your skin and your preference.

Select blanket price

You’ll find blankets in a wide price range. Depending on the material, size, and quality of the blankets, you can find them starting at a few hundreds to a few thousands. At times, the blanket price determines how good a blanket is, but not always. Usually, the better the quality, the more expensive the blanket would be.

Choose blankets online based on your preference

When you buy blankets and dohars online, you can narrow down your search based on your preference. You can start your search based on the color, material, blanket size or blanket price. The best part is, you can easily compare different blankets and find the best one for yourself with less effort.

How to take care of blankets and dohars?

Blankets and dohars need to be taken care of, as most people use them for years. Here are some ways in which you can ensure that.

  • Wash the blankets often. It is best to buy blankets that can be washed easily. Wash your blankets as soon as you find them dirty or smelly.
  • Dry the blankets under sunlight and ensure they are completely dry. Because blankets are thick, they can collect and trap moisture in them. Make sure the moisture is gone.
  • Dust your blankets everyday. Blankets can gather dust and small particles. Hence, it is important to dust them every day.
  • One of the best ways to care for blankets is to get a cover for the blankets. You can find good quality cotton covers for blankets online.


Blankets are a necessity in most homes. If you’re booking to replace your old blankets for new, you can find a wide variety on At-home online store.

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