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Top Bedroom Makeover Ideas To Consider To Enhance Your Bedroom

Top Bedroom Makeover Ideas To Consider To Enhance Your Bedroom

What would you say if someone asked you your favourite place in the world? Home, right? It is indeed said that home is where the heart is. But at home, your bedroom is your safe space, your sanctuary! It is your happy place, where you sign off after a hectic day to land in your dreams! No wonder we invest so much time in its decoration and want everything to be perfect. 

When it comes to bedroom decoration, you will find several options are available to choose from. You can completely metamorphose your room following a particular theme or change its look and feel without having to redo the whole bedroom decoration

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Here is a list of top room decor ideas to make your dull and monotonous room look elegant and chic.

Adorn the walls with vibrant colours or transform them into a gallery

Concentrate on experimenting with the ceiling and walls of your room. Change the mundane white colour ceilings to turquoise, sea green, or shades of blue for a royal yet classy look. Choose lighter colour patterns like pink and peach to enhance the lighting. If you love bright and happy colours, dress up your walls with shades of purple or orange. You can always balance the dark colour palette with soft and colourful bedroom furniture

Another wall idea is to design your blank wall and convert it into an art gallery by hanging photographs, souvenirs, and DIY artworks. Abstracts and asymmetrical display designs are exemplary wall decor ideas. You can also hang arty calligraphy images for a wordy wall! If you prefer a single painting over a gallery, ensure it's oversized, as it creates graphic aplomb. Hang the artwork at eye level and make sure to add pendant light over it, so it does not look flat.

Add the visual element to your room with appealing headboards

Being behind the bed, a headboard is always forgotten while designing the room. It is as essential as bed design, and decorating it with curtains in unison with the room's colour palette adds to the space's tranquillity. Add silk and net curtains or sheers to give it a sophisticated and warm look.

If you are someone who always faces the issue of storage, you can go for storage headboards with wood cabinets with openable flaps. You can easily store your linens and blankets here, which define utility without compromising aesthetics. 

Giving a dramatic effect to your room, a slatted headboard or a panel headboard is a novel way to change the look of your room. A slatted headboard has metal or wooden ribs arranged in various ways, while panels are vertical or horizontal sections combined to form a headboard.

Fill the room with mirrors

Adding brightness and reflecting light into the room, mirrors are a great help when you want to make your space look bigger. Use it as a headboard to make your room lighter and shinier, or make it lean against the wall. Add beauty to the area by adding rattan elements, creating a blend of contemporary and rustic. Enhance the look of your room with an art piece mirror above the console table

Style your console table right 

Apart from mirrors and a dressing table, a console table is considered to be the best bedroom furniture. It acts as a nightstand as well as a great space for organising all your favourite accessories- scented candles, photo frames, potted plants, or glasses. Decorate it with an ornate lamp or a pair of traditional lamps, giving it a mesmerising look. 

While styling a console table, keep in mind to strike a balance between the magnitude and proportion of objects. For instance, pair vertical paintings with dwarf vases to achieve counterbalance.

Make room for the little champs

Every kid has a superhero or charming fairy they idolise and love. A Batman, a Harry Potter, the Hulk-themed room for boys, or a Cinderella or Snow white-themed room for your princess will make you witness a sparkle in their eyes. Put a Bat or a Superman poster on the wall or place a framed wizard broomstick near the bed to recreate the magical universe of Hogwartz. Elevate the magic quotient by putting cushions, curtains, and sheets in the matching theme and characters.

Throw in the quintessential love of kids, the cuddly stuffed toys. Have a big teddy near your daughter's bed to ward off that nightmare or a stuffed tortoise and hare for the kindergarten story to come alive. 

Are they blessed with artistically inclined kiddos? Celebrate their talent by displaying their art on tables, window sills, and walls. Create a collage of drawings they have made and use it as a wall hanging.

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Drown into the woody world

When in doubt, use wood! Room decor with wood can never go wrong. If you are old-school or traditional at heart, use wooden bedroom furniture sets that create a rustic and appealing look, giving the old-school vibes. Pair them with antique mirrors, handmade quilts, and heavy rugs to create a cosy countryside atmosphere.

The versatility of wood is its most prominent feature. If you are looking for modern decor for your room, you can go for wooden panelling and wooden beams. Make a statement with a wooden headboard. Go for geometric patterns, as they are not too feminine and will perfectly complement your classy woody room decor.

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The challenges involved in designing the bedroom may be a lot. Browse Athome to get the list of simple yet elegant ideas to amp up the look of your room. You can transform your room's look by incorporating a few elements like a console table, mirrors, wallpapers, vases, paintings, etc. Or you can opt for a particular theme with matching curtains, sheets, walls, ceilings, quilts, and the best bedroom furniture and go for a complete makeover.

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