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10 Wall Decoration Ideas with Repurposed Materials

10 Wall Decoration Ideas with Repurposed Materials

The ideal use for household garbage is to turn it into functional and ornamental products rather than tossing it away. Daily garbage production at home includes shoeboxes, coconut husks, old newsprint, glass containers, and plastic water bottles. These may all be creatively combined with brightening up the décor. Making the best possible use of trash simply refers to creating something creative and appealing from raw materials that would otherwise be useless. The effective tips to lessen one's environmental impact are recyclability, repurposing, and creating new ones from the old. One may adorn their home using recycled DIY goods.

Recycled Wall Decoration Ideas

  1. Candlesticks And Lamps Made From Bottles Or jars

Wines, fragrances, jams, espresso, and cucumber containers may all be repurposed in inventive ways. Simple table lights made of jars are available. A glass jar can be decorated by pasting the appropriate design on it, painting the bottle, or wrapping it in fabric. Hanging wall decor. Ensure to provide a hole for air passage if you close the lid. One simple solution is to put battery-powered fairy lights inside a bottle. Spray painting, stencilling patterns on dried leaves, or adhering decorations like laces, silk ribbons, sparkles, pearls, coloured threads, and sequins are just a few options for embellishing the bottles. You can even explore @home for amazing ideas.

  1. Tea Coasters Made Of Newspapers

Any tabletop would benefit from a set of fashionable and environmentally friendly repurposed newspaper coasters. A newspaper should be cut in half. Next, attach the tip of each article's stick roll to form the tubing. Take the stick out. Each newspaper tube should be flattened before being rolled into rings and secured at the ends with adhesive. Hanging wall decor To make a larger circle, roll many tubes, one after the other, attaching the end every time. Paint the entire surface once it reaches the correct size, then allow it to dry. Use old newspaper pages to make coasters by painting them using nail polish to render them somewhat resistant.

  1. A Vertical Garden Made Of Bottles Of Plastic

You can plant vegetation at home using recycled plastic bottles. Just use the cut-down bottle as a miniature planter after painting it. Build a miniature community garden on the terrace or by the living room window with plastic water bottles in various sizes. Pick plastic containers supporting the roof of liquid, flowers, and dirt. For draining, drill a few holes at the bottom. Choose a location that receives enough sunshine. Construct a shelf or a chicken wire grid to put the bottle on the ceiling. Check out garden tools and furnitures @home.

  1. Create A DIY Biosphere With Repurposed Glass Containers And Platters

Recycle broad containers with covers to create a calming green biosphere if you have some on hand. Specks and ashes should go at the bottom of the box, followed by the soil mix, and the plants should go on top. Choose flowers that would fit and thrive well based on the dimensions and form of the mason jar. Choose a dish aquarium for houseplants like Syngonium, peperomia, fittonia, button fern, or any little indoor plant. Make an island or fairy gardens outdoor spaces and embellish them with little ceramic creatures, pebbles, and coloured rocks. There are open and closed aquariums. Closed terrariums require little care, but some can go for extended periods without water.

  1. An Ice Cream Stick Picture Frame

Simplest waste-reduction suggestion for a picture frame. To make the frame, glue together a square of popsicles sticks. Create a square or rectangular frame by using two popsicles for each side. The Popsicle sticks may be coloured, and paper flowers produced from recycled magazine pages can be used to embellish them. You may create support to put it on a bookshelf or hang it from a ribbon to show it on a board. 

  1. Use A Tin Box To Organise Your Kitchen

Nowadays, many foods, including chocolates, biscuits, and sweets, are packed in tin cans. To maintain the room organised, repurpose those containers as organisers. After cleansing, spray-paint the tin or embellish it with lace, scotch tape, coloured papers, cloth, and more.

  1. Pebble Doormat

Select little pebbles that match the hues of the ceramic tile. Rocks may be stacked on an old doormat using high-quality glue. Without allowing any gaps, stack the boulders closely next to one another. For the most comfort, pick flat rocks.

  1. Repurpose A Discarded Tray Into A Stylish Tray Or DIY Wall Décor

Use your old plates to create appealing internet forums and lists for kitchens. On a used tray, spread cloth or cork. Or suspend a removable tray filled with paper towels. Old service dishes can be painted with geometrical or floral patterns, and the tray may be embellished with mosaic tiles or patterned textiles.

  1. An Eco-friendly Rakhi

A bracelet-type rakhi for the Raksha Bandhan occasion may be readily fashioned from leftover materials at home with a little imagination. Utilise leftover coloured thread, old woollen, or silk ribbon that arrives with presents. Cut used cardboard-like toothbrushes or pencil boxes to create the circular foundation of the rakhi. Colour the centre and add colourful pearls, tissue quilling, polka, and other decorations. Encourage kids to use the finest waste materials possible for their decorations.

  1. A Bird Feeder

You may recycle old shoeboxes or leftover dairy or juice cartons—frequently sent with internet purchases these days—to construct a bird feeder for your yard. The box's entrance and windows are drawn and then cut off. Keep a box large enough to accommodate the bird seed at the last of the carton. For the string or rope to suspend the bird feeder, make two tiny holes along either side of the head of the carton. The feeder is painted and ornamented.


These projects demonstrate that, despite their design for it, most things do not need to be discarded after only one usage. We can only expect that as people become more environmentally conscious and receptive to fresh reuse concepts, we now see numerous examples of creative recycling in the house and wall décor concepts. Buy @home to fulfil your desire.

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