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9 Unique and Quirky Living Room Ideas for Your Home

9 Unique and Quirky Living Room Ideas for Your Home

“Home is where the comfort is, but the living room is where the ultimate comfort lies” 

There are varieties of living room styles that you can incorporate into your hall according to your lifestyle and fashion preferences. From vintage styles, retro, and traditional, to aesthetic, modern, and rustic styles, there are a bunch of themes and styles one can follow to make a style statement in their living room. With the living room furniture from entertainment TV units to upholstered  sofas  and cabinetry, you can get the relaxation and lounging time you are looking after the hectic workday. These 9 unique and quirky living room ideas help you set up the cosy living room just the way you like it! 

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Must-Have TV Unit

Right from childhood to adulthood we watched a variety of TV show genres from cartoons and educational channels to music channels and adventure TV shows, etc, sitting on a chair or the sofa. For this,  entertainment units  help a lot in carrying TV to storing other items like flower vases, prize collections, stationery, files, books, newspapers, home décor items like god statutes and other DIY items, and many other things. However, there’s always combat over who gets the power of the ultimate weapon – the TV remote. These silly and memorable moments made up most of the family entertainment time which makes anyone laugh out loud. Explore the cool collection of sturdy and durable entertainment units now. 

But there’s another side to the  TV unit,  it is the book storage or bookshelves. If you are a bookworm, then you can invest in modern chic-looking  bookcases & shelves.  For the best of both worlds, explore the nilkamal exclusive range of  living room furniture collections 

Add Life to Your Living Room

Did you think how much life and brightness indoor plants bring to the living room? Not only do they add the lush greenery around the hall but also promote one’s physical and mental health. House plants like peace lily, cast iron plant, snake plant, pothos, spider plant, citrus tree, bonsai, rubber plants, mums, hanging potted plants, aloe vera, Chinese money plant, etc, will reduce indoor air pollutants thereby providing clean and breathable germ-free air. Level them on different heights and enjoy the cosy and welcoming look they instantly bring to your place.  

Peel and Stick Just Like That –The Magic Trio of Artworks, Wall Papers, and Wall Murals

To add a dash of drama to your hall, removable  wallpapers  can be found in most online e-commerce stores. These are available in a variety of sizes, prints, themes, patterns, etc. if you live in rented spaces; these come in handy and are within budget. To enhance the wallpaper effect, stick wall murals instead. These give you a realistic and quirky look. Then top it off with your favourite artwork. The final look will definitely amaze you. 

Pull Out Those Photo Albums

Create a gallery wall or  photo album  wall by creating a memorable collage of all your moments with your loved ones. You can also add custom cartoon stickers and motivational posters to reflect your personality.  

Added Cushioning With Throw Pillows and Couch Pillows

Cushions and throw pillows add a comforting factor to already cosy and cushioned sofa sets. Pool all your favourite couch pillows from solid plain colours to graphic cartoon prints. Enjoy the premium cafe vibes right from your living room’s sofa.  

Kids Play Area and Cozy Pet Space with Supportive Pet Bed

At this point, fur buddies are considered actual family members alongside kids. Caring for our kids lies in small details and little things. A kid’s play tent can enhance the playtime of your kids keeping them occupied and excited for hours. 

Pets can enjoy a cosy time in their pet space equipped with a cushioned pet bed. However, kids will be kids, and their naughtiness soon fills the hall with all the laughter coming from everyone.  

Bring the Balance between Bright Shades and Neutral Hues

Many prefer subtle colours, neutral hues, and monochromatic shades to their living room to keep it simple yet modern. However, check out these jaw-dropping and stunning ideas for adding a pop of colour to your hall that will blow your mind. Finding the balance between these contrary colour shades will add an attractive finishing look. 

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Don’t Forget About Carpets and Curtains

To keep the tiles and marble tiles safe, carpets come in handy. Add a striped thick rug or  patterned carpet  to complete the living room look. For added safety, you can place furniture coasters to avoid marks on the carpet. Finally, add blinds or curtains matching the theme of the living room or the complete opposite of plain blinds to keep it simple. Add the  center coffee table  with a  scented candle,  coffee coasters, and  flower vase  for a lovely coffee date with your loved ones.  

DIY Art and Craft for the Quirky Environment

Above all this, add your DIY arts and crafts to your living room to bring out the natural look of a hall. If needed, paint the walls with pretty patterns as a DIY project and make it as quirky as you are. Place your favourite chair at your favourite spot for the optimal lounging experience. Keep all your worries and tensions at bay, by enjoying the cosiness of your living room. For the cool home theatre experience, close the blinds and watch your favourite movie flicks with the help of a projector. 

You can also add the DIY projects of your kids to the gallery wall. Make a special place for pawsome buddies, for which they made a DIY project with their cute paws.  


These 9 innovative and unique living room ideas for your home will come in handy anytime, anywhere. If you are wondering where to get started with your living room or stuck at a certain point, refer to these and you are good to go. Give an irresistible makeover to your living room with these chic ideas. Buy living room furniture including sofas, TV units, cabinetry, and much more from  @home by Nilkamal.  Invest in the right  furniture  from home to office furniture that lasts long and is durable only on Nilkamal which has everything in store for every living space and style.  

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