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A to Z of Pebble Stones for Home Decor

A to Z of Pebble Stones for Home Decor

Home décor and its various accessories add beauty, splendour, life, and mood to a house, which otherwise will just remain as a structure of bricks, stones, and wood. The home décor market crossed 40,000 crores in 2020 (as per the TechSci research report). With rapid urbanisation and changing lifestyles, urban families are open to spending on home décor that reflects their lifestyle. Decorative pebble stones are an important home décor accessory that adds contemporary looks and style to living rooms and balconies. Pebble stones bring a natural, earthy feel and beauty to both the interiors and exteriors. Being aesthetically pleasing, they add that touch of sophistication and calming presentation, giving all the advantages that 21st-century families seek for their homes. Explore now from a wide collection of natural pebble stones, grey or multi-coloured, small or big sized, from @home by Nilkamal. 


How are pebbles formed?

For those who like to be informed about the background of the materials used for home décor, pebbles are rock pieces from sedimentary rock, formed naturally due to weathering by sun, wind, water, and other such geographical processes. The rubbing action of water renders the characteristic smoothness to these small rock pieces that can be held in hands. 

Pebble stones are usually found close to water bodies – lakes, river shores, river beds, and seashores.


Types of pebble stones:

Pebble stones can be categorised as:

  1. a) By size:
  • Up to 1”
  • 1-2”
  • 2-3”
  • 3” and above
  1. b) By how they are formed:
  • Natural
  • Tumbled
  1. c) By colour:
  • Teakwood pebbles
  • Red pebbles
  • Rainbow pebbles
  • Green pebbles
  • Pink pebbles
  • Black pebbles
  • Multi-coloured river pebbles 

Home dwellers and interior decorators plan their home décor keeping these categories in mind and matching or contrasting to their requirements. Check out the attractive range of pebbles online and decorative stones from @home by Nilkamal


Home décor ideas using pebble stones and decorative stones:

Pebbles are widely used in home décor. Pebble stones are largely used in home exteriors like patios, gardens, and poolsides. In-home interior applications include a showcase, mini-home aquarium, and pots with natural and artificial plants. 


1) Teakwood pebbles: They are smooth rounded pieces of stone made from the tumbling of small rock fragments. Normally round in shape, they are the perfect choice for landscaping purposes. Teakwood pebbles have wide-ranging applications. They are used for exterior and interior wall cladding, garden pathways, poolside, waterfalls, bathrooms, walkways, and plant decorations.


2) Red pebbles: Red pebble stones are made by tumbling Dholpur red sandstones. They can be used for creating designs in wall cladding, pathways, and various decoration purposes.


3) Rainbow pebbles: Rainbow pebbles are made by tumbling rainbow sandstone fragments of rocks. These rainbow pebbles exhibit streaks of multi-colour, giving them the ability to blend in any environment. Rainbow pebbles can suit and design or style. They are the perfect landscaping material for use at swimming pools, walkways, gardens, and waterfalls. 


4) Green pebbles: They are made by tumbling fragments of green gravel. They are excellent for landscaping and give a decorative accent to garden or outdoor patio areas. They are very versatile and add colour, texture, and shape to indoor and outdoor spaces. 


 5) Pink pebbles: Pink pebbles are made by tumbling Dholpur pink sandstones. Pink pebbles are widely used for indoor and outdoor purposes, besides being used to create designs in wall cladding and outdoor gardens. 


6) Black pebbles: They are found at the riverside. Black pebbles are resistant to weathering and therefore retain their original texture for a longer time. They are sorted, washed, and graded manually at the rivers. Decorative black pebbles are widely used in home interiors and exteriors, as they add colour and texture to the living spaces. Black pebbles are perfect for pots, gardens, paths, and outdoor rocky & water features. 


7) Multi-colored river pebbles: These are collected from the riverside. Coloured river pebbles are generally flat and sometimes round. Being multicolour, they have a wide-ranging application, giving a natural decorative look to spaces. Available at a very affordable rate, they also need minimal maintenance.


8) Decorative polished pebbles: Decorative pebbles are specially polished and glossy in appearance. They are made from white quartz, natural granite, and marble. These are widely used in home aquariums, interior decorations, fountains, pathways, pots, gardens, and landscaping. Because of glossy polishing, they come at a relatively higher price tag. Decorative pebbles are in high demand due to their varied applications.   


Decorative pebbles come in various colours and hues and for specific applications, which include:

  • White quartz polished for home decoration
  • Polished white pebbles for landscaping
  • Multi-colour mix Onyx pebbles
  • Smoky grey, highly polished pebbles
  • Mixed colour polished pebble stones for flower pots and aquarium fish tanks
  • Jet black polished pebbles
  • Red Jasper polished pebbles
  • Fancy natural Onyx Pebble Stone
  • Yellow marble polished pebble stones



Pebble stones and decorative stones are an integral part of home décor accessories. Urban home dwellers find these perfect for adding style, natural looks, and colour to their interior spaces and home exteriors. Whether for home fish aquarium, interior decorative designs, designs in wall cladding, flower pots, gardens, pathways, landscaping, or poolside, pebble stones blend in beautifully, significantly enhancing the feel and micro-environment. Pebble stones and decorative stones are available in various colours, sizes, and glossy finishes, to meet specific needs. Families planning to liven up their spaces using pebble stones can use their imagination and creativity for the purpose. Buy the chosen pebble stones and decorative stones from  @home by Nilkamal. Optionally, interior designers can also be consulted for design and ideas for pebble stone-based home decors. 

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