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    Bedroom Furniture To Elevate Your Home And Enhance Your Sleep

    Bedroom Furniture To Elevate Your Home And Enhance Your Sleep

    After the living room, we tend to spend the most amount of time in the bedroom. And that’s why, we must ensure our bedroom is made comfortable and cozy with the right kind of furniture. From the bed to the wardrobe to themattress, everything must be well-thought. 

    In this blog, we’ll talk about your options and how you could choose the best for your bedroom. So read on!


    The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. It not only has to be comfortable, but also strong and aesthetically appealing. Whether you choose aking size bed or a queen bed, a badly designed bed can ruin your sleep. Let’s look at your different options.

    King size bed

    King size bed is the largest size of beds. While you have standard king size bed sizes, different brands may have their own sizes. Hence, first determine the space you have available for a king size bed and then begin your search. It would make it much easier for you to pick the right size.

    If you’re looking to buy a king size bed, you could choose from king size bed with storage, 

    king size bed without storage, king size bed with headboard orking size bed without headboard, among other options.

    Queen size bed

    Queen size bed with storage

    Queen beds may have storage spaces for keeping bedroom linen, suitcases, bags, pillows, blankets, etc. Compartmentalized storage makes it easy for you to organize everything neatly. That way you can find things easily, too, when needed.

    Queen size bed without storage

    You could also go forqueen size beds without storage. Beds without storage look less bulky as they have the bottom area exposed and chances are you can even see the flooring. This gives an illusion of more space in the bedroom. 

    Queen size bed with headboard

    Headboards in beds provide support to the head and make the bed more comfortable. Moreover, queen size beds with headboards may also provide more space for keeping small objects and trinkets.

    Queen size bed without headboard

    Beds without headboards can be an option if you like your furniture to be less bulky.Queen size beds are available without headboard. They lend a neat and tidy look to the room.


    Most people keep theirwardrobes in the bedroom. When choosing a wardrobe, it’s important to pick one that matches the vibe of your bedroom. Moreover, one that fits perfectly in the room and does not make the room look cramped.

    3 door wardrobe

    Three door wardrobes are large and have ample space to keep things. Three door wardrobes have three doors and are bigger than two door and single door wardrobes. 

    Two door wardrobe

    Two door wardrobes are smaller than 3 door wardrobes. Whether you should buy a 2 door or a 3 door is a decision that should be based on your requirements. If you have a lot to store, you should go for a2 door wardrobe or something larger, as compared to a single door wardrobe.


    Once you’ve decided on the type of bed you want – king size bed orqueen size bed, you should begin your search for the right kind of mattress. 

    Apart from the size of themattress, which would depend on the size of the bed, there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind when buying a mattress online

    Mattresses are made of different materials – for example foam, coir,  spring,  etc. The material it is made of, determines its comfort level, bounce, and how it supports the spine and the neck. 

    Another factor to consider when  buying a mattress  is its thickness. Thickmattresses not only provide higher levels of comfort, but they also enhance the look of the bed. 

    Other bedroom furniture

    Among other  bedroom furniture,  think dresser, side tables, a lounge chair, etc. You can decide what other furniture you want to include in your bedroom apart from aqueen size bed and wardrobe, based on the space available. Here are some options:

    Dressing table

    Many people prefer to have a  dressing table  in the bedroom. If you don’t have space in your room, you should consider buying awardrobe with a mirror. It can double up as your dresser. Or else, look for a dresser.

    Side tables

    You could place side tables or night stands, as they’re also called, on the sides of your bed. These come handy for keeping essentials such as reading glasses, books, a jug of water, etc. 

    Lounge chair

    There might be times when you want to relax in the quiet of your bedroom but don’t want to lie down on the bed. For that, you could have a rocking chair or a lounge chair in your bedroom. 

    Over to you

    By now you must’ve planned how you want to set up your bedroom and the furniture you want to have. If you’re looking for modern bedroom furniture,  At-Home online store  can sort you out. Here, you’ll find trendy furniture designs of all kinds. The best part, all you need to do is pick what you like, place your order and just relax at home. 

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