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Compact and Simple Wardrobe Designs for Homes

Compact and Simple Wardrobe Designs for Homes

Decorative Ideas for wardrobe with space-saving features

If managing space has become a tough task for you, then these extraordinarily designed, concise closets are created for you. While residing in metro cities with limited space, it becomes extremely important to manage all the household elements in limited space houses while leaving free space for carrying out other activities. Major space acquiring elements are closets,  double beds,  and sofas. But nowadays, you can effectively utilize the space taken by this  furniture  with various options available at your doorstep. In this article, we will explore some effective space designs from which you can select the best one that suits your requirement: 

Modular style floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with in-built TV unit

This is a contemporary design with small cabinets at its top. These small cabinets will enable you to place all the objects that are not required frequently. The additional feature in this design is the inclusion of a TV unit which leaves space for photos and wall paintings on the wall. With divided sections on both sides of the TV unit, you can place your clothing collection in an organized manner. It will also save space in other rooms with the availability of  cabinets  over the long-top closet. You can comfortably entertain yourself with the TV unit while resting on your  double bed

Theme-specific closets over the door

Considered one of the best structures that utilize space economically, closets built over the door are non-bulky and easily can accumulate all your accessories in one stance. The door wall usually goes unutilized, but with this structure, you can make optimum utilization of your personal area. If you have an entrance door in the middle of the wall, then long cabinets can be created on both sides of the wall. 

Wardrobes with mirror panels interior middle

Small rooms usually face the issue of the lower presence of light due to smaller windows. This issue can be cured to a greater extent with mirror panels fixed in the middle of the closet door that will reflect more light in the room. Apart from reflecting light, the mirror panels also make an optical illusion of a bigger room. These one-sided bedrooms brighten up the room while providing you with the satisfaction of larger rooms. 

Double door bedroom designs

For organizing a limited area, you can select a closet design with two or three doors as they need a limited area for creation. This design can easily accumulate all your clothing collection comfortably, and you can also utilize the upper space of the door by building small cabinets over them.

A simple double-door closet

If the space constraint is higher, you can opt for a simple, compact design with a long cabinet. You can create compartments as per your choice with drawers in the middle. It's a traditional design with non-laminated wooden planks, which are ideal for bachelors. It would leave space for other accessories such as study tables, book cabinets, and other elements. It makes the room more spacious to carry out other activities. 

Closet with compact headboard

Headboards enhance the look of beds available in different designs. The space occupied by the headboard can be utilized by creating medium size cabinets on it. Instead of wasting space on an attractive headboard, you can use it for closets with sliding doors as they save space compared to pulling doors. Using light-coloured laminates would make them not noticeable. This won't disturb your sleep, providing you with a non-bulky feeling. The area left adjacent to your bed can be used for a dressing unit leaving room for a small table or sofa as per your choice. 

In-built a study table closet

Try this new compact closet design that has inbuilt study table space saving and is innovative at the same time. This design allows you to open the study table at one pull and close the same when not in use. An open bookshelf placed at the adjacent table brings your favorite books handy. This will utilize the space usually left between the bed and the  wardrobe,  and the sliding doors will enhance the bedroom's look. 

Attached is the seating to the cabinet

Depending on the mapping of the room, if the closet is created on a non-occupied wall, then the space left at the side of the closet can be utilized for making a small seating arrangement where you can relax on weekends with coffee and your favorite novel. Save further space by attaching a mirror on the middle door that will further save space in the dressing unit. The floor-to-ceiling closet is a perfect concise design that leaves room for free movement in the personal space. 

Sliding transparent door almirah

Even in small rooms, you can be creative by adding transparent  sliding doors  to make them elegant and eye-catching. You can also illuminate the cupboard by adding yellow lights to enhance its look further. It can be a perfect space to try something appealing without acquiring more space. 

Wardrobe Design with simple study table

If you don't want to block the complete wall with huge doors and want some space left where you can write about your whole day's experiences, then this design is for you. Blend the door laminates with the light shade wall color to simultaneously make your room illuminated and spacious. Instead of having a broad-width single-door division, you can divide the door into narrow-width double doors, making the job easier.  Browse  all these designs with  @home by Nilkamal  home decor and select the best one that suits your needs. 


With various alternatives available in the market, you tend to get lost. Pick the model that has all the qualities which you are looking for. At  @home by Nilkamal,  you will get designs with innovations and customization of your needs to provide you with every comfortable structure meeting your demands.  Check out  all these innovative models that are bound to become the highlight of your personal space at  @home by Nilkamal

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