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Different Types Of Bedsheets And Which One’s Best For You?

Different Types Of Bedsheets And Which One’s Best For You?

Some are floral, some plain, others geometric, and some others abstract! We’re talking about bedsheets. Bed sheets can instantly enhance the bed and the bedroom. And the best part – there’s a sea of designs, colors, prints, patterns and textures to choose from. Let’s look at the different types of bedsheets available and which one is best for you.

Bedsheets of different materials

Cotton: Cotton is one of the most preferred materials for bedsheets. It is a naturally cool material, durable, and is easy to wash and maintain. Cotton bedsheets are available in different colors and designs. Those who are allergic to synthetic materials must go for cotton sheets.

Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic material commonly used to make bed sheets. It is a durable material that is easy to wash and dries fast. Due to the softness of the material, they are preferred by a lot of people who like their sheets soft.

Poly cotton: Poly cotton is a mix of cotton and polyester. This means it has the good qualities of both the materials. It is a durable material and available in different levels of softness depending on the thickness and weave.

Silk: Silk is a soft and smooth material. Silk is an expensive material and hence silk bed sheets are expensive, too. They are perfect for special occasions and festivals. There are different types of silks. You can easily find silk bedsheets online.

Satin: Satin bedsheets are the smoothest and softest. They also have a shiny look and hence add an exuberant vibe to the bedroom. Just as silk besdheets, satin bedsheets are also expensive and ideal for festivals and special occasions.

Different sizes of bed sheets

Single bed sheet: Single bedsheets are meant for single beds. They are smaller in size compared to double bed sheets. Single bedsheets are available in standard sizes. Every brand may have different sizes available within single bed sheets.

Double bed sheet: Double bed sheet is meant for double beds. There are different sizes of double beds and so, the sheets are also available in different sizes. Double bed sheets have to be chosen carefully so that they fit the bed properly. Ill-fitting sheets can ruin the look and comfort of the bed.

Bedsheet prints and designs

Floral: Floral prints can instantly enliven the bedroom. There are different types of floral prints available - bold, multicolor, small, tropical prints, etc. You can find a wide variety of floral print bedsheets online.

Geometric: Geometric print or abstract print bedsheets go well with modern and contemporary decor styles. These can be monochromatic or colorful. Geometric prints are characterized by lines, geometry, and different shapes.

Stripes and checks: Just like geometric prints, stripes and checks, too, match perfectly with modern and contemporary homes. They also go well with minimalistic rooms if they’re in neutral shades. Striped and checked bedsheets can be colorful or in neutral colors.

Bed sheet weaves and thread count

Bedsheets are made of different materials. Every material has a different texture and weave. This impacts the way it feels on the skin and its look. Some of the different types of weaves are: dobby, twill, percale and sateen.

The thread count of bedsheets refers to the number of threads used vertically and horizontally per square inch. The more the thread count, the better the feel of the bedsheet and its durability. When you buy bedsheets online, looking at the weave type and thread count can be a good indicator of its quality.

How to care for your bedsheets

Wash bedsheets regularly: You may not notice it on the surface of the bedsheet, but bedsheets tend to get more dirty than you’d think. Due to the weave and texture, bedsheets can gather a lot of dust and particles. These may not always be visible to your eyes. Hence, it’s important to wash bedsheets at regular intervals.

Dust your sheets everyday: One of the best practices to keep your sheets clean and sleeping habits hygienic is to dust your bedsheets on a daily basis. Everyday, before you go to bed or after you wake up in the morning, remove your bedsheet from the bed and dust it off. If it’s too much of a task to remove the sheet, simply dust it off with a clean duster. It’s easier to dust a single bed sheet than it is to dust a double bed sheet because of the size.

Follow wash instructions given on the bedsheet cover: When you buy a bedsheet online, you must read the washing and care instructions given along with the product. Some bedsheets might also have these instructions on the cover. Read it carefully and follow it. Some materials and types of prints require only cold water wash. Some materials aren’t suitable for a machine wash and you might need to do a bucket wash for them.

Over to you

Have you decided what type of bedsheets you’d be buying for your different rooms? We’re sure the above points will help you select the perfect sheets for your different bedrooms. If you’re ready to get started with your selection, At-Home has the widest range of sheets to choose from. Happy shopping!

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