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Different Varieties of Dining Table for your Home

Different Varieties of Dining Table for your Home

A place for hosting guests, a place for enjoying family mealtimes, a place to read morning newspapers and magazines, a place for early family discussions, and planning a trip or a party all these in one place, your dining table, so one needs to have a perfect table that matches their needs and style.  

A usable, durable and timeless dining table is an essential purchase for the  home. It serves as a dining and a place for small meetings, reading newspapers, or planning your next vacation. A different type of setting is required for each of the above events, and in all of them, the game of dining tables is a central element of any event. To suit your needs and lifestyle, we have got you covered. Explore a wide variety of dining sets and more from  @home by Nilkamal

So, let's start with the list of  dining table designs for your home:  

  1. Wall Mount Table 

Do not worry if you do not have a floor area because the walls will help you. If you are looking for a dining table for your kitchen but you have little space, you can choose our two-seater folding wall-mounted dining set for the wall. It is space-saving, foldable, flexible, and convertible, with a stylish wooden design for small sets.  

  1. 2 Chair Seating dining set 

Are you living in a small apartment? Fight in space? Isn't there a place that is entirely dedicated to food? No worries, you can create your style of a dining area with 2-seater dining tables from a huge Nilkamal grid. Ralph 2-seater dining set with storage space or Bonita 2 seater printed dining set are some of the good options for you. They are stylish, functional, and easily available on the stock exchange. And if you're looking for something on your balcony or terrace, you can reach for the 2-seater Cora metal dining set. Perfect for couples or fewer members, it is stylish and creatively designed to increase the show of your dining room.  

  1. 4 Chair Seating dining table 

Are you someone who has just moved into a new home and is looking for a dining table that would fit perfectly into your compact dining room? Then you can end your search here! At Nilkamal, you will find many patterns and shapes that you can add to your interior. Here you can choose from round, square, or rectangular dining tables. This means that you can choose something that meets your expectations. With  4 chair sets, one can enjoy their family mealtime together, and it is most suitable for a nuclear family. It's spacious, beautifully crafted, and perfect looking.  

  1. Seating dining table with bench

This may not be the case, and if you have little space, you need to be less stylish. You never want a dinner set that your family must make. You want a dinner set that your family can use from day one. So, try a bench and dinner with your family in style this time. And if unwanted guests arrive, you can push them onto that beautiful bench until the end. A modernly designed  dining set with a  bench is a new game-changer in this category, perfect for huge family gatherings, and if you don’t need a bench for dining, you can use it for sitting and decoration purposes.  

  1. 6 Chair Seating dining set

Are you someone whose calendar is always full of parties and meetings, regardless of the weather? Then you don't want to choose a random dining set; you want something unique, whether it's size, shape, or design. Nilkamal offers various dining sets with 6 seats to choose from. They allow you to enjoy every party you host, with plenty of extra seats. With a 6 seater set, one can enjoy a huge family gathering easily, they have a wide variety and styles of  6 seater dining table, so one can choose as per their style and colour.  

  1. 4 Chair Seating dining set with bench

If you love interactive dining, then this style of dining set is for you. In addition, you can add more seats without moving the chairs. The dining set with 6 seats with one chair will give your interior an interesting touch and will also be inconspicuous for the visual appearance of your dining room. 4 chairs set with bench seating give you a spacious area for enjoying a meal together, with different styles and designs as per their vibe and looks.  

  1. 8 Chair Seating dining table

Do you live with your big fat family? And are you looking for a giant  8 seater dining table you could all dine with? Or do you have a royal dining room that you would like to add to the royal dining table? Check out  @home by Nilkamal to easily get options for  8 seater dining table. This massive dining table gives you a royal family feeling. It's spacious, perfectly crafted, and has a wide variety of designs so that you can choose your royal looks easily.  


Whatever your dining set requirements, you can easily find one and find something that suits your personality and works the way you want. Nilkamal gives you a wide variety of dining sets from 2 seaters to 4, 6,8 seater set, table with chair and bench combine, one can choose as per their need, their style and that perfectly matches their vibes. Moreover, Nilkamal hosts various sales and offers from time to time on different products. So you can grab huge discounts on dining sets. Shopping at our platform is quite easy - the friendly interface and the handy filters make searching for any product quite convenient. Buy your favourite set from @home by Nilkamal today!

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