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Easy Ways To Maximize The Beauty And Functionality Of The Bedside Table

Easy Ways To Maximize The Beauty And Functionality Of The Bedside Table

It’s the little things that add charm to the bedroom. And one of those small things is the bedside table. However, for most people, bedside table decor is an afterthought. Most people simply place a side table next to the bed and that’s it.

But just because it’s a small table, it doesn’t have to be boring and bare. In this blog, we’ll look at different ways in which you can enhance the look and feel of your bedside table. 

Bedroom decor essentials

Bedside table

Bedside tables  are small tables that you can place on the sides of the bed. These are mostly square, small, and compact. Some bedside tables have drawers and closed doors, while others may be open. Also called night stands, they are available in different colors and designs. Bedside table decor can help beautify your room instantly. 

Potted plants

Potted plants  are fresh, real, green plants in pots. For those who do not have the time to take care of real plants, potted plants are also available in plastic and other materials. When buying potted plants for your bedroom, you should consider the color of the pot and the type of plant. 

Table lamps

Table lamps are both functional and decorative. Not only do they add convenience by being a source of light that’s handy and right next to the bed, they also add warmth to the bedroom environment. This also helps you sleep better. 


Candles  add warmth when lit. Bedrooms and candles go hand in hand. Since bedrooms are supposed to be warm, dim, and cozy, candles can be the perfect decor addition. They can be placed on candle holders, which can be placed on bedside tables. Candles are a great idea for bedside table decor, especially for the master bedroom.

Aroma oil diffuser

When it comes to the bedroom, not only do you want it to look good, you also want all your senses to feel relaxed when in the bedroom. That brings us to the fragrance and smell in the bedroom. The best way to add pleasant fragrance in the bedroom is to have an  aroma oil diffuser.  You could palace it on the bedside table, too. What is more, diffusers are available in different designs and colors. You could choose one that matches the style and theme of the bedroom. 

5 ways to beautify your bedside table

#1 Freshen up the corner with potted plants

Plants can add instant life into any space. You can have potted plants on your bedside table too. If you’re going to place the pot on top of the table, you’d have to consider the size of the tabletop and how much weight you can place on it. Hence, it’s better to keep a small to medium sized potted plant

Conversely, if you want to place the pot on the floor, next to the side table, you can choose any size. A large potted plant in a fancy ceramic pot or on a planter stand would brighten up the corner.

#2 Add some light with a table lamp 

Bedrooms require the right kind of lighting – something dim, warm, yellow, and textured. Although you require bright white light in the bedroom, it’s almost incomplete without a warm yellow light. You can bring the warm light by placing table lamps on the bedside tables. 

Choose a lampshade of your choice. They are available in various materials and colors. Another key factor is the bulb. The intensity of the light that you choose will determine how bright or dim your bedroom lighting is. A table lamp on the bedside table makes it easy and convenient to switch the lights on or off while you’re in bed.

#3 Quirky bedside table decor

If you’re looking for some fun and colorful bedside table decor ideas, the sky’s the limit. From photo frames that capture fun memories to colorful drawings made by your kids to funny artifacts – you could place these on the side tables.

Since the bedroom is a personal space, you can add elements that match your personality by choosing personal objects and items for the bedside tables.

#4 Turn the bedside table into a photo gallery

Photographs of family members and friends can enliven any space in the house. You can have photographs in the bedroom too. One of the best places to keep photo frames is on the bedside table. Choose a couple of photo frames and slide in your family photographs. You could keep changing the photographs to update the bedside table decor.

#5 Keep the bedside table decor functional

Many people like to keep it simple. One of the best ways to use the bedside table is to keep it functional. Use it to keep your essentials such as reading glasses, phone, charger, a glass of water, a book to read, etc. All these items can be at your arms length when you sleep. You could even keep the  aroma oil diffuser  on the bedside table. So that you can enjoy a fragrant good night’s sleep.

Final thoughts

Your bedroom is your personal space and how you imagine it is completely up to you. We’ve shared some easy ideas to enhance your bedside table. You could try some of the ideas. You could also keep changing the bedside table decor from time to time. If you’re looking for furniture such as a bedside table or decor items such as potted plants,  candles,  etc. one of the best places to explore these items is  At-Home online furniture store.

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